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Transforming companies, new business models: EAVE+ in Luxembourg!

The 11th edition of EAVE+ takes place from September 21-26, 2021 at Hostellerie Grünewald in Luxembourg. We are thrilled to be able to hold the event on site, gathering 14 experienced producers from 10 countries and 8 seasoned industry professionals to discuss the structure of their companies, best management practices and new business models.  

(Find the full list of participants at the end of the press release)

EAVE+ will tackle the most pressing issues for producers who want to run a sustainable company:

Transforming Companies, new business models and company constellations , which we will explore via a series of inspiring company case studies by Jonas Katzenstein (augenschein Filmproduktion, DE), Petri Kemppinen (Aurora Studios, FI) and Ada Solomon (HI FILM, RO).

« Life changing: I now have a clear plan for our company to last and not only survive. »

Britta Rindelaub, Alva Film Production, Switzerland, EAVE+ 2020

During group work, plenary sessions, case studies and one-to-one meetings, the EAVE+ workshop will tackle the business requirements of running a sustainable film company.

Top-notch business and management coaches and industry professionals will explore topics ranging from cash management tools, leadership skills, long term company strategies, negotiations with financiers and partners, distribution models and revenue streams to raising corporate financing from private investors.

EAVE Finance Expert Linda Beath (Ideal Filmworks, IT) and Marc Bordure (FR), General and Financial CFO of the French production company AGAT FILMS & Cie / Ex Nihilo, will explore the topic of how to develop an efficient slate of projects. Marc Bordure will also tackle questions related to company finance, and Linda Beath will dig deeper into the topics of company formats, platforms today and company development policies.

Katriel Schory (IL) will elaborate on the role of the producer as a leader when it comes to creative teams, but also their companies and businesses.

Management coach Michael Comyn (Fearless Organization, IE) will work with the producers in individual meetings on team leadership and management skills.

EAVE+ Head of Studies Jani Thiltges (Samsa Film, LU), will lead group discussions following each plenary session and analyse the individual company cases of the selected participants.

Additionally, participants will be able to go into more detail into the topics which are most urgent and most important to them and to their particular companies, during one-to-one meetings with the EAVE+ pedagogical team and with each other.

Some comments from previous editions:

« EAVE+ was everything I expected it to be, and even more. It gave me the opportunity to connect with experienced colleagues and talk openly about the challenges of running a production company. »

Maarten Schmidt, Storyhouse, Belgium

« It is a fantastic opportunity to gain some perspective on your business. I learnt to be more strategic and less reactive. »

Elias Ribeiro / Urucu Media, South Africa

The selected participants for the 11th edition of EAVE+ are:

  Allfilm: Pille Rünk, Estonia

  Golden Girls Film / FlairFilm: Peter Drössler, Austria

  Golden Girls Film / FlairFilm: Sabine Gruber, Austria

  Ici et Là Productions: Christophe Bruncher, France

  La Ruelle Films : Eric Ruel, Canada

  napafilms: Liisa Karpo, Finland

  napafilms: Marianne Mäkelä, Finland

  SPOK Films: Jozko Rutar, Slovenia

  Tasse Film: Aija Berzina, Latvia

  Telescope Animation Studios: Reza Memari, Germany

  Telescope Animation Studios: Maite Woköck, Germany

  This and That Production: Goran Stankovic, Serbia

  This and That Production: Snežana van Houwelingen

  Way Creative Films: Julia Gebauer, Sweden


EAVE+ takes place once a year in Luxembourg with different experts and curates the most urgent, contemporary topics for each session according to industry needs.

EAVE+ is supported by the Creative Europe - MEDIA sub-programme of the European Union and the Luxembourg Film Fund.

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CHANGE - Co-production training course: Selection announced

EAVE, IMS and CPH:DOX, set up new programme supporting European Eastern Partnership countries & announce the selection

We are proud to announce CHANGE - a brand new collaboration with CPH:DOX, the world leading documentary film festival supporting independent and innovative filmmaking, and IMS, International Media Support, promoting journalism and documentary film to strengthen the capacity of media to reduce conflict, strengthen democracy and facilitate dialogue.

The partners’ goal being to increase equality and access to the international film market, the programme wants to stimulate inter-regional co-production and to connect projects, filmmakers and producers from the European Eastern Partnership countries (EaP) with the European film professionals gathered annually at CPH:DOX.

We are proud to announce the selected participants of CHANGE - Co-production training course for documentary projects in development from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine.

The first workshop of CHANGE - Co-production training course in Kyiv, Ukraine in October 2021 will combine masterclasses and group work sessions, as well as individual meetings for the 8 selected producer-director teams. The same participants will continue to work together in the second workshop in January 2022 in Tbilisi, Georgia. The programme will culminate with a third module and presentation of the projects to the international industry at CPH:DOX in Copenhagen in March 2022.

The selected projects are:

  • 9-month Contract, prod. Anna Khazaradze, dir. Ketevan Vashagashvili, 1991 Productions, Georgia
  • Cadillac Dreams, prod. Elene Margvelashvili, dir. Elene Mikaberidze, Parachute Films, Georgia
  • Ever Since I Knew Myself, prod & dir. Maka Gogaladze, FORMO, Georgia
  • Hamlet: The Cook of Cosmic Station, prod. Nare Leone Ter-Gabrielyan, dir. Anzhela Frangyan, Fermata Film, DoKino, Armenia
  • Nagorno Karabakh, Life After the War, prod. Yelizaveta Petrosyan, dir. Mariam Ohanyan, Legal Gender Cultural Foundation LIZA, Armenia
  • Redhat, prod & dir. Parvana Rahimova, Fikirdöküm, Azerbaijan
  • Still Water, prod. Karina Kostyna, dir. Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuck, Tabor, Ukraine
  • Confidential project


The objective of the programme is to improve the participants’ skills in defining the content, core and goals of the film projects; in regional and international collaboration and co-production, financing structures and production environment; and in preparing for the encounter with the international market.

As EAVE CEO Kristina Trapp states: “CHANGE reflects some of EAVE’s core values, such as gender equality and inclusion, We encourage social responsibility and see our graduates as agents of change, contributing to the public debate leading to potential social, political or cultural change. Furthermore, we are delighted to team up for this programme with such renowned and knowledgeable partners as IMS and CPH:DOX. »

“I’m impressed about all the participants and by the level of their projects – and really looking forward to being part of this learning process. I hope this will be the start of some strong lasting partnerships”, says Henrik Underbjerg from IMS.

Said Katrine Kiilgaard, Head of Industry & Training, CPH:DOX: “CPH:DOX shares fundamental values with both IMS and EAVE and has worked with both organisations individually for many years to advance documentaries as a tool for change. We are thrilled to venture into a this new collaboration, aiming to support documentary colleagues from the Eastern Partnership Countries to strengthen their craft as well as their international networks.”




  • EAVE, European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs, is Europe’s leading training, development, and networking organisation for producers. In addition to our flagship programme, the renowned European Producers Workshop, we are involved in a variety of programmes in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Russia, Africa and the Middle East. Founded in 1988, EAVE’s objectives are to provide professional training opportunities and to bring producers from different regions of the world together with the aim of facilitating co-production relationships. EAVE’s unique international network comprises over 2,300 producers and key decision-makers.


  • CPH:DOX is a world leading documentary film festival supporting independent and innovative filmmaking and presenting the best and brightest in contemporary non-fiction film. The festival is known and widely respected for radically changing the documentary landscape with a focus on challenging the genre with cross over to other art forms, and for advancing art as an active voice in civil society. It runs a strong industry platform with the co-production and financing forum CPH:FORUM, CPH:MARKET, the CPH:CONFERENCE and the talent development programme CPH:LAB.


  • IMS, International Media Support, is promoting journalism and documentary film to strengthen the capacity of media to reduce conflict, strengthen democracy and facilitate dialogue. Our work is geared towards helping locally-based public interest media operating in armed conflicts, humanitarian crises and rapid political change, both positive and negative, to provide the public and “civic organizations” with public interest content they can trust and use. We work in more than 40 countries across four continents with a staff of about 150 people. CHANGE is made possible by the New Democracy Fund.

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Donate to the EAVE Alan Fountain International Scholarship Fund

A scholarship has been set up to honour the memory of Alan Fountain, former Head of Studies and President of EAVE, who passed away on March 3. Its goal is to enable one producer from outside the EU to participate in all three sessions of the EAVE Producers Workshop each year.

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