Selection Procedure

We aim to be transparent and unbiased in our selection process. EAVE TTB is keen to ensure the widest possible participation in our programmes and has a strong focus on securing as diverse a selection of people and projects as possible.  Diversity is viewed as a primary focus, not only with regards to nationality, geographic spread, race, age and gender, but also type of projects, experience and background. Our experience is, that the richer the pool of people and projects, the richer the overall experience of the participants and the more dynamic the group, the mutual learning exchange and inspiration.

TIES THAT BIND is open to applicants from all over Europe, i.e. all countries eligible for Creative Europe - MEDIA support and from the following countries in Asia: Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Mongolia, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia. The selected participants need to be established producers in their own countries and continents with a good working knowledge of systems of development, funding and distribution in their own territories and regions. They should have a solid national track record and wish to work on an international scale and to create long-term relationships between Europe and Asia.

All applicants need to have a proven industry track record of at least 5 years.

Producers can apply with or without a project. Projects should be feature films at development stage – i.e. with a well-developed treatment or 1st/2nd draft script. The European projects presented should qualify as European (according to the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-Production) and have the potential for co-production and circulation between Europe and Asia. The applicants must be the lead producer of the project being submitted and must have completed at least one film released in the last 3 years.

Participants without projects can either be European film professionals working in relevant fields(such as sales agents, distributors, festival and market representatives, fund representatives, etc.) or European producers without a project who wish to work at international level and to create long-term creative and business relationships with Asia. Out of the applications, 5 participants without a project are chosen.

The selection is based on the assessment of the applicants’ and their company’s track record and the level of professional background and suitability of the project for the workshop.

The selection committee also takes into account the following two criteria:
- the extent to which the applicant will benefit from her/his experience at TIES THAT BIND;
- the extent to which the applicant’s presence will be beneficial to the rest of the group/the other participants.

Priority is given to applicants working within independent and/or small and medium-sized companies.

The selection process will be carried out in 2 phases:

In the first phase, the Head of Studies and the 2 group leaders will evaluate each of the applications received. They will separately assess their evaluation according to a structured point system.

The final selection is conducted by the TTB Head of Studies and group leaders: in a joint call they will review and discuss all evaluations, and shape the final group of participants.

The final selection decision is commented upon and approved by the EAVE and FVG board.

EAVE TTB has set up a clear and transparent catalogue of selection criteria and a point system, making sure that each TTB applicant can upon request receive a personal explanation for his or her rejection.

The final decision will be taken 2 months before the event, after which the participants will be informed and will have to confirm their attendance within one week.

Page last updated 14 June 2024

Donate to the EAVE Alan Fountain International Scholarship Fund

A scholarship has been set up to honour the memory of Alan Fountain, former Head of Studies and President of EAVE, who passed away in 2016. Its goal is to enable one producer from outside the EU to participate in all three sessions of the EAVE Producers Workshop each year.

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