EAVE project THE HERD in post-production

In Production and in Post-production October 2022

In production

  • ZE by Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir, producer: Interchange graduate Charlotte Vincent and EAVE graduate Denis Vaslin is shooting her feature debut. Written by the director, the script centres on Ze who’s in his last year of high school; he is 17 years old and a shaman. One day he meets Marla, a delicate but distrustful young woman, who has come to visit Ze’s spirit because of her illness. For Ze, it is love at first sight. When Marla rejects his affection, Ze confronts for the first time the limits of spirituality, love and his own evolution…  Ze is a sober portrait of teenage life in today's Ulaanbaatar. Produced by Katia Khazak and Interchange graduate Charlotte Vincent for Aurora Films, ZE is co-produced by Guru Media (Mongolia), EAVE graduate Filipa Reis from Uma Pedra no Sapato (Portugal), EAVE graduate Denis Vaslin from Volya Films (The Netherlands) and in association with 27 Films Production (Germany). It is supported by the Aide aux Cinémas du Monde fund of the CNC, the fund for French-Portuguese cinema co-productions, the NFF+HBF Co-production scheme (which brings together the Netherlands Film Fund and the Hubert Bals Fund), the HBF+ Europe: Minority Co-production support (another programme initiated by the Hubert Bals Fund), the World Cinema Fund of the Berlinale, and Arte. The feature film has also benefited from the support of the ARRI, the MEDIA programme, the screenwriting assistance programme of CICLIC (Centre-Val de Loire region), and the Hubert Bals Fund. Winner of the Open Doors Hub Production Grant in Locarno in 2020, the project has also won two prizes at the Torino Film Lab: a CNC special mention in 2019, and a Post-production Award in 2021. Filming will take place from 24 October to 2 December.

  • THE WHITE FLASH by Laura Hermanides, producer: EAVE graduate Floor Onrust is shooting her debut fiction feature. The movie tells a true family story rooted in a very authentic, almost forgotten working-class environment in Amsterdam, pushed out of the city centre to the low-rise outskirts. The script focuses on 42-year-old Rick, who, after a long and torturous history of psychiatric problems, has finally received a confirmed date for the requested and much-desired humane termination of his life, which has been full of suffering. The question hovering over this difficult situation is whether his parents will be able to let him go, out of their love for him. The project was developed with the support of the Netherlands Film Fund in 2020 and applied for production support in 2021. The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts granted it, while the rest of the financing came from a crowd funding campaign, support from Swiss distributor Innovative EYE and from Family Affair Films itself.

  • LES MEUTES by Kamal Lazraq, producer: EAVE graduate and group leader Diana Elbaum is shooting. Written by Kamal Lazraq himself, the story thrusts us into the working-class suburbs of Casablanca where Hassan and Issam, father and son, are trying to get by day-to-day by way of petty crime or jobs for the local mob. But one night, they’re asked to kidnap a man… LES MEUTES is produced by Saïd Hamich Benlarbi on behalf of Barney Production, in co-production with Moroccan firm Mont Fleuri Production and Belgian outfit Beluga Tree. Supported by the CNC’s Aide aux Cinémas du Monde fund, the Institut Français, the Gan Film Foundation, the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie’s Film Fund for French-Language Films, the Doha Film Institute, the AFAC (Arab Fund For Arts And Culture), the Wallonia Brussels Fund and via an advance on receipts from the Moroccan Film Centre, this feature film will be shot in Casablanca and its surrounds.

  • AND by Yorgos Lanthimos, producer: EAVE graduate Ed Guiney is shooting. The plot of the new project, which remains under wraps for the time being, is based on a script developed by Element Pictures and Film4, and penned by the Greek helmer himself and his regular collaborator Efthimis Filippou. AND is being produced by US-based Searchlight Pictures, Ed Guiney and Andrew Lowe for Ireland’s Element Pictures, Kasia Malipan and Lanthimos himself. British firm Film4 is co-financing the picture.


In post-production

  • EAVE project THE HERD by Milko Lazarov, producer: EAVE graduate Veselka Kiryakova is in post-production. As per his previous works, Lazarov has chosen a remote setting for his film, with the villages of Karlukovo and Kamenno Pole - situated in the decaying north-western reaches of Bulgaria - serving as his main locations. The story focuses on Ali, his daughter Tarika, and her grandmother Chrysula, who are leading an isolated life in a village hut near the border. Tarika suffers from a rare bone malformation known as "butterfly wings", an abnormality passed down through the maternal line. Despite having lived in the area for a long time, enjoying a peaceful and harmonious relationship with their neighbours, the family have always been seen as strange. And then, out of nowhere, the animals in the village are struck down by disease, the river dries up, and sick boy Nikola dies after befriending Tarika. Driven by xenophobia and superstition, the villagers become increasingly suspicious and decide to deal with this unusual family themselves. Produced by Red Carpet, with 42film (Germany) and Amour Fou Luxembourg (Luxembourg) acting as co-producers, the film is funded by the Bulgarian National Film Center, MDM, ZDF/arte, Film fund Luxembourg and Eurimages.

Page published 28 October 2022.

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