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PUENTES 2020 Workshop 2 is kicking off next Monday, March 8 at 14.00 CET!

Participants from Latin America and Europe will gather all together online, and will be part of the EAVE COMMUNITY, the brand new digital platform that connects its users in a virtual physical space and that EAVE will also use for its other programmes, such as the EAVE Producers Workshop which kicks off on March 7.

The EAVE COMMUNITY digital world was developed with Swiss company WYTH. The EAVE team, along with Elena Bertoni (Puentes local coordinator at FVG) worked closely with the developers in order to create an experience for its participants as close as the one they would get from an EAVE physical workshop.

As Kristina Trapp, EAVE CEO states: “For us it was crucial to transport the “EAVE spirit” and human factor to the online environment. The tight-knit professional network our participants get once they participate is one of the key assets for their future careers and the fuel for us to start developing EAVE COMMUNITY.”

As we have all been adapting to the online shift caused by the pandemic, EAVE has redesigned its workshop formats to offer the workshop participants a physical space in the virtual realm, where producers can connect and network in a more spontaneous manner.  Thus EAVE COMMUNITY offers a unique user experience where people can naturally meet and interact, adding the missing factor of the human connection.

The PUENTES workshop is designed in the platform as a hotel map, with different rooms that lead its users to the plenary sessions, individual meetings with the experts and to a library room. Participants can easily navigate the map, and have at their disposal a helpdesk in case they have any questions.

All of the pedagogical resources can be found in the library: from participants’ profiles and project presentations, to pedagogical tools and recorded plenary sessions - everything is just one click away.

In addition to the PUENTES hotel map, PUENTES participants will have access to the Producer’s Lounge, a space for networking with each other as well as meeting the participants of Producers Workshop taking place in parallel to PUENTES.

Following the first online workshop that took place in November/December, the second leg of PUENTES will welcome prestigious experts of the film industry such as Sébastien Beffa (Playtime, FR), Fran Araújo (Movistar +, ES) and Jani Thiltges (Samsa Film, LU), who will share their experiences and insights about the film industry. The plenary sessions will be moderated by the PUENTES group Leaders, Didar Domehri (MANEKI FILMS, FR) and Fernando Epstein (MUTANTE CINE, UY).

In parallel to the plenary week, EAVE is organising a local workshop – PUENTES ITALIA - in cooperation with their local Italian partners, MiBACT and the regional fund of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. PUENTES ITALIA is dedicated to Italian producers interested in co-producing with Latin America.

For the third consecutive year we are very happy to co-organize PUENTES ITALIA, a real bridge aimed to directly connect our producers and other Italian film professionals to the Latin American industry. It is a unique chance, especially now that Italy is part of the IBERMEDIA Programme, to explore the funding and co-production opportunities offered by this film landscape but also to better understand the market potential” added Alessandro Gropplero, FVG AUDIOVISUAL FUND.

In addition to the partnership with FVG and thanks to the strategic long-term cooperation with MiBACT, PUENTES is hosted every second year by a different Italian region, such as Roma Lazio in 2019 in cooperation with the Roma Lazio Film Commission and South Tyrol in cooperation with IDM Alto Adige in June/July 2021.

The group of selected 15 Italian producers and professionals from PUENTES ITALIA will be guided by Uruguayan producer Agustina Chiarino (MUTANTE CINE) and have a dedicated programme and meetings, with renowned experts like Aranka Matitis (Featurette, NL), Tatiana Leite (Bubbles Project, BR) or Juan Manuel Torres (Latido Films, ES).

All of the 29 PUENTES participants will have joint networking sessions where they will get a chance to meet each other and exchange their experiences and queries about co-producing with Latin America and/or Europe.

In addition to the networking session, the participants of PUENTES ITALIA and PUENTES will have as a special bonus the possibility to attend some of the plenary sessions of the other PUENTES programme.

The participants of both workshops will also benefit from a special mentoring offer with curated individual meetings according to their needs, profiles and projects.

Page published 5 March 2021. Updated 29 March 2021.

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A scholarship has been set up to honour the memory of Alan Fountain, former Head of Studies and President of EAVE, who passed away on March 3. Its goal is to enable one producer from outside the EU to participate in all three sessions of the EAVE Producers Workshop each year.

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