DISCO BOY by Giacomo Abbruzzese is now in production

In Production September 2021

  • THE FOX by Matthias Luthardt, producer: EAVE graduate Philippe Avril is shooting. Written by Sebastian Bley and inspired by British author D. H. Lawrence’s novella The Fox, the story takes us back to autumn 1918 and to an isolated farm in the hills, not far from the peaks of the Vosges Mountains, on the Alsatian side of the divide. Young and pious Protestant woman Luise is still in shock from the sudden death of her mother when a French woman called Hélène, who is being followed by a German solider named Hermann, takes refuge in her home. Despite their many differences, the three of them will be forced to cohabit. And, little by little, the tension begins to rise…. Produced by Oliver Damian on behalf of German firm 27 Films Production and by Philippe Avril on behalf of France’s Les Films de L’Étranger, THE FOX is bolstered by the French-German co-production mini-treaty (steered by the CNC and the FFA), and is also supported by Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR)/ARTE, by the Grand Est, Berlin-Brandebourg (MBB) and Baden-Württemberg (MFG) regions. By the Eurométropole of Strasbourg, the Vosges’ departmental council and the Strasbourg-based companies Will Production and La Cinéfiliale.


  • DISCO BOY by Giacomo Abbruzzese, co-producer: EAVE graduate Maria Blicharska is shooting. Written by the director, the screenplay follows two destinies at odds with each other. After a painful journey through Europe, Alex, the Belarusian, joins the Foreign Legion in France and clings to a confused hope of a European identity. Jomo, the Nigerian, fights for the survival and durability of his people in the Niger Delta and is ready to die to defend his ideas. These two young people who are sacrificed and smashed together will, against all odds, meet and their destinies will merge to continue across borders, bodies, life and death.... Produced by Lionel Massol and Pauline Seigland for the Brittany company Films Grand Huit, DISCO BOY is co-produced in France by Division (Arno Moria) and Stromboli Films (Juliette Sol), in Belgium by Panache Productions (André Logie), in Italy by Dugong Films (Giulia Achili and EAVE graduate Marco Alessi) and in Poland by Donten & Lacroix (Maria Blicharska). Pre-purchased by Canal+ and Ciné+, the feature film also benefits from the support of the CNC, the support fund for Franco-Italian co-productions, Eurimages, the regions of Ile-de-France and Ile de la Réunion, the Breizh Film Fund, Sofica Cinemage, Cineaxe and Arte Cofinova, the Wallonia-Brussels fund and Movie Tax Invest, the Polish Film Institute and the Podkarpackie region. The 33 days of filming will take place until 9 October in Ile-de-France, then from 12 to 15 October in Poland (in the lower Carpathians) and finally from 20 to 29 October on the island of Reunion.


  • THE CHAPEL by Dominique Deruddere, producer: TTB graduate Valerie Bournonville has started shooting. The film follows the journey of Lia Rogiers, a young virtuoso pianist who takes part in the famous Queen Elisabeth Competition. During this real event, the 12 finalists are isolated in "the chapel" for seven days. All contact with the outside world is forbidden. Lia suffers from the stress of the competition and the isolation. Bad memories from the past resurface... Obviously, the world of classical music, and more particularly these international competitions, and the very particular setting of the Queen Elisabeth meeting, offer an ideal arena for a psychological drama under high tension. THE CHAPEL is produced by Bart Van Langendonck for Savage Film, and co-produced in Wallonia by Tarantula, with the support of the Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds (VAF),, the Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Streamz, Telenet and the Tax Shelter.


  • MATAR CANGREJOS by Omar Al Abdul Razzak, producer: PUENTES graduate Mayi Gutierrez is shooting. The action of the movie, based on a screenplay written by the director himself, unfolds on Tenerife (Canary Islands) in the 1990s. Dolphins, parrots, prickly pears and two siblings. Eight-year-old Rayco is fascinated by Michael Jackson’s arrival on the island, and by a hermit who lives in a cave by the sea. Meanwhile, 13-year-old Paula is grappling with the imminent eviction of her grandmother, who drifts from one abandoned hotel on the coast to the next. “I grew up on the Canary Islands: I arrived when I was barely two months old, and I lived there until I turned 18 and went to Madrid to study film,” remarks the director. “I never thought about going back… until my son was born. Twenty years later, I feel like I have to go back to Tenerife to tell unknown stories about the place I come from, my homeland and my family.” At the project stage, the movie took part in the SGAE Foundation’s Script Creation Lab, the second edition of La Incubadora/The Screen run by ECAM and the first edition of the Match! Me programme run by the Locarno Film Festival. MATAR CANGREJOS is a production by Tourmalet Films (Spain) in co-production with IJswater Films (Netherlands). It has secured funding from the ICAA, the Canary Islands government, TEA Island Council of Tenerife and Creative Europe – MEDIA. It also sees the involvement of Televisión Canaria.


  • FORTRESS by Jessica Woodworth, producer: EAVE graduate Peter Brosens, co-producers: EAVE graduate and group leader Diana Elbaum, EAVE graduate Denis Vaslin is in production. Geraldine Chaplin and the Netherlands’ Jonas Smulders have joined the cast. Filming on the drama got underway this week in Sicily, and will run until October 5. Woodworth has written the screenplay for the film, adapted from Dino Buzzati’s 1940 Italian novel The Tartar Steppe. It is about a young solder, hungry for battle, who embeds himself in an isolated fort where men wait in vain for an enemy to strike. The film will be shot in black-and-white on Super 16mm film.


  • MAY LABOUR DAY by Per Zalica, producers: EAVE graduate and Macedonian National Coordinator Labina Mitevska is shooting. The film tells the story of Armin, who returns from Germany for the Labour Day holidays, only to find out that his father Fudo has been arrested. Now, Armin has to forget about celebrating the good news (he just got married) and deal with the newly arisen problems. This black comedy is produced by Pjer Zalica, Aida Huseinovic and Rusmir Efendic of Forum Association from Bosnia and Herzegovina in co-production with Propeler Film (Croatia), Sisters and Brother Mitevski (North Macedonia), Backroom Production and Bas Celik (Serbia), as well as Aba Film and Artikulacija (Montenegro). The film is supported by Film Fund Sarajevo, the Ministry of Culture and Sport of Kanton Sarajevo, Eurimages, Creative Europe MEDIA, the North Macedonia Film Agency, the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Film Center Serbia, the Film Centre of Montenegro, and the Bosnian and Herzegovinian Radio Television. Shooting is taking place in Sarajevo from 24 August to 20 September 2021.


  • GONDOLA by EAVE graduate Veit Helmer is currently shooting in the Georgian mountains. This German/Georgian coproduction is the second project by Helmer with Georgia’s Natura Film as a minority coproducer, after THE BRA. This love story between two cable car operators stars Georgian actresses Nini Soselia and Niara Chichinadze, alongside Zviad Papuashvili and Mathilde Irrmann. The screenplay of GONDOLA was completed in March 2021 and within three months only several financiers from Germany and Georgia came on board. Veit Helmer Filmproduktion is producing in co-production with Tsiako Abesadze through Natura Films. The project is supported by Eurimages, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Sky Deutschland, as well as Saarländischer Rundfunk, Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln and Bayerischer Rundfunk from the ARD network. The film is shot with a full Georgian crew. Shooting started last week and the 36 shooting days will wrap at the end of September 2021.

Page published 30 September 2021.

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