Selection Procedure

The selection process will be carried out in several phases:

A pre-selection phase based on application files is conducted by EAVE`s CEO and Head of Studies, in which the most eligible candidates are  pre-selected, thus narrowing down  the number of candidates to approximately twice the number of the final selection (i.e. 100-110).

After the thorough process of pre-selection, 4 external experienced script consultants read and evaluate the submitted pre-selected project treatments and scripts.

EAVE’s Head of Studies and EAVE CEO will review the project evaluation, and EAVE Head of Studies will continue with an interview round of all pre-selected applicants, in order to select the final 56 participants.

The level of expertise of the participants will be assessed through: their original application; the selection interview on their career and their motivation towards EAVE and the wider European audiovisual landscape; input from the EAVE National Co-ordinator. Following the interviews with pre-selected candidates a selection of 56 candidates will be made. Final approval comes from the EAVE board.

Each applicant can receive a personal evaluation checklist upon request.

Selection interviews are carried out from October to early December. The final decision will be taken mid-December after which the participants will be informed by email and have to confirm their attendance before mid-January.

All applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Relevance of profile and track record of the applicant (at least 5 years of experience within their own national industry and at least one finalized film (documentary, feature film, animation) as lead producer or similar relevant experience in the industry)
  • Relevance of profile and proven track record of the applicant’s company (companies stemming from the EU, from countries associated to the Creative Europe MEDIA Programme or countries outside of Europe according to the relevance of the geographic zone and profile of the applicant with special attention to low capacity countries; quality of the company employing the applicant - track record of the company and development strategy -, past records of the company within the Creative Europe MEDIA Programme(s). Priority is given to companies situated in areas or regions with small production capacity and/or reduced geographic or linguistic markets – especially from the new member states)
  • Co-production and networking interest, benefit for the other participants
  • Long term career goals / professional motivation for integration, contribution and collaboration with the film industry
  • Personal motivation to participate in the programme and to understand the mechanics of (co-)production more deeply. Extent to which the individual reasons for applying can be met by the programme
  • Suitable time schedule of the applicant in terms of other productions or obligations in the workshop year
  • Suitable timing in terms of the applicant’s career
  • Sufficient knowledge of English
  • Willingness to share and contribute to the workshop, engage in the other participants’ projects
  • innovative business approaches or expertise in areas of relevance to other participants

N.B. Only one person per company can apply in the same application round.

If the applicant is applying with a project, the project will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Potential for the international market and co-production
  • Artistic quality (professional standards, clarity, originality, technical writing craft etc.)
  • Projects in line with EAVE’s core values (tolerance, human rights, diversity etc; not supporting projects of blatantly pornographic nature, projects advocating violence, or projects inciting a violation of human rights)
  • Suitable stage of development (early development, not having been over-exposed in terms of participation at co-production markets and other training programmes

N.B. The projects brought to the workshop are never the lead criteria for selection.

EAVE consciously chooses to admit projects with a variety of requirements, formats and  genres in order to have a large and diverse pool of project “case studies” for all participants to learn from.

We aim to be transparent and unbiased in our selection process. EAVE is keen to ensure the widest possible participation in our programmes and has a strong focus on securing as diverse a selection of people and projects as possible.  Diversity is viewed as a primary focus, not only with regards to nationality, geographic spread, race, age and gender, but also type of projects, experience and background. Our experience is, that the richer the pool of people and projects, the richer the overall experience of the participants and the more dynamic the groups, the mutual learning exchange and inspiration.

Page last updated 29 May 2024

Donate to the EAVE Alan Fountain International Scholarship Fund

A scholarship has been set up to honour the memory of Alan Fountain, former Head of Studies and President of EAVE, who passed away in 2016. Its goal is to enable one producer from outside the EU to participate in all three sessions of the EAVE Producers Workshop each year.

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