Helene  Adler

Helene Adler

Producer , Gaea Produktion, Sweden

Serena Alfieri

Serena Alfieri

Delegate producer , Vivo Film, Italy

Alejandro Arenas Azorín

Alejandro Arenas Azorín

Producer , Les films du Worso, France

Germen  Boelens

Germen Boelens

Producer , Revolver Films, Netherlands

PW project: Play Dead

Roberto Cavallini

Roberto Cavallini

Producer , Albolina Film, Italy

MW project: Malditos (The Damned), PW project: Tinginys

Lucas  Czjzek

Lucas Czjzek

Producer & Business Development Lead , Golden Girl Films, Austria

Maarten  D’Hollander

Maarten D’Hollander

Producer , Krater Films, Belgium

PW project: Billie & Seb

Khosie  Dali

Khosie Dali

Producer , Miss K Productions, South Africa

PW project: Pieces Of Salma

Kesmat  El Sayed

Kesmat El Sayed


PW project: Berleen_

Ingvild  Evjemo

Ingvild Evjemo

Producer , 4 ½, Norway

PW project: Stone Life

Andrée-Anne   Frenette

Andrée-Anne Frenette

Producer , Terre Innue Inc , Canada

Ion  Gnatiuc

Ion Gnatiuc

Producer, DoP , Niște Filme, Moldova

Jelena Goldbach

Jelena Goldbach

Producer , ZAK Film Productions, Germany

B`EST project: Passing Clouds, PW project: Who Are You?

Maria  Golos

Maria Golos

Producer , Rozbrat Films, Poland

Gints Grube

Gints Grube

CEO/Producer , Mistrus Media, Latvia

PW project: Maria's Silence

James  Heath

James Heath

Producer , Mallinson Television Productions, United Kingdom

Daniel  Hegarty

Daniel Hegarty

Producer , Marmalade Films, Ireland

PW project: The Dead Zoo Gang

Petra  Ivanyi

Petra Ivanyi

Producer , Filmteam, Hungary

PW project: Chain Reaction

Regina  Jorissen

Regina Jorissen

Producer , 2Pilots Filmproduction, Germany

PW project: 33.000 days of Sylvester

Abdulrahman  Khawj

Abdulrahman Khawj

Producer , Last Scene Films, Saudi Arabia

Artem  Koliubaiev

Artem Koliubaiev

Producer , Mainstream Pictures LLC, Ukraine

Eva  Kuperman

Eva Kuperman

Producer , Stenola Productions, Belgium

Mehret  Mandefro

Mehret Mandefro

Producer , A51 Pictures, Ethiopia

PW project: Sunbirds

Basel  Mawlawi

Basel Mawlawi

Producer , Kinana Films, Sweden

PW project: Yalla Parkour

Mar  Medir

Mar Medir

International Promotion , Catalan Films & TV, Spain

Katerina  Mikhailova

Katerina Mikhailova

Producer , Vega Film, Russia

Maria  Møller Christoffersen

Maria Møller Christoffersen

Producer , Beofilm Pictures, Denmark

PW project: AKHI

Alyaa  Musa

Alyaa Musa

Filmmaker , Black Balance Artistic Production, Sudan

PW project: Becoming Omer Khairy

Emile Hertling  Péronard

Emile Hertling Péronard

Producer , Ánorâk Film / Polarama Greenland, Denmark

PW project: HOMO Sapienne

Magdalena  Petrovic

Magdalena Petrovic

Producer , LEWA productions, Croatia

Hanne  Phlypo

Hanne Phlypo

Producer , Clin d’oeil films, Belgium

PW project: Draw for Change!

Marja Pihlaja

Marja Pihlaja

Producer , Tekele Productions, Finland

PW project: Viva la Vida

Elisa Fernanda Pirir

Elisa Fernanda Pirir

Producer , Mer Film, Norway

PUENTES project: Resistir, PW project: Svik

Jeanne-Marie  Poulain

Jeanne-Marie Poulain

Producer , Art & essai, Canada

Vincent  Quénault

Vincent Quénault

Producer , Red Lion, Luxembourg

Bojana  Radulovic

Bojana Radulovic

CEO / Producer / Artist , CODE BLUE PRODUCTION, Montenegro

PW project: Fires

Amber  Ripley

Amber Ripley

Producer , Goodbye Productions, Canada

PW project: Elle

Nina  Robnik

Nina Robnik

Producer , Stara gara, Slovenia

PW project: The Lost Son

Nevena  Savic

Nevena Savic

Producer , Cinnamon Films, Serbia

PW project: Teen bull terrier

Dagmar  Sedlackova

Dagmar Sedlackova

Producer , MasterFilm, Czech Republic

PW project: Recognition

Paulo  Serpa

Paulo Serpa

Producer , Meus Russos, Brazil

Tobias Siebert

Tobias Siebert

Producer , BASIS BERLIN Filmproduktion, Germany

PUENTES project: Silver Mountain, PW project: A Day with Mr. Jules

Fani  Skartouli

Fani Skartouli

Legal Advisor & Producer , Faliro House Productions, Either/Or Productions, Greece

PW project: Glory B

Pedro  Soulé

Pedro Soulé

Producer and Manager , Kriolscope, Cape Verde

PW project: Solomon and the Machine

Anna  Stylinska

Anna Stylinska

Producer , Harine Films, Poland

PW project: Tam

Carles  Torras Pérez

Carles Torras Pérez

Producer , Zabriskie Films, S.L., Spain

PW project: Zo Ver Weg

Biljana  Tutorov

Biljana Tutorov

Producer, documentary filmmaker , WAKE UP Films, Serbia

PW project: The Last Nomads

Sezgi   Ustun San

Sezgi Ustun San

Producer , Sezzfilm, Turkey

PW project: The Reeds

Julie  Viez

Julie Viez

Producer , Cinenovo, France

PW project: The 67th Summer

Jakub  Viktorin

Jakub Viktorin

Producer , nutprodukcia s.r.o., Slovakia

Fabien  Westerhoff

Fabien Westerhoff

CEO - Partner, Sales and Production , Film Constellation, United Kingdom

Roy  Wol

Roy Wol

Founder/Writer/Producer , Studio Autonomous, United States of America

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