TTB Project FRUIT GATHERING by by Aung Phyoe receives funding

In Development June 2021


Europe's Eurimages Fund supports 49 feature film projects, including 6 documentaries and 3 animation films. Among them 30 projects - including 2 projects developed at EAVE Producers Workshop - produced & co-produced by EAVE graduates:

  • A CUP OF COFFEE AND NEW SHOES ON by Gentian Koçi, co-producer: EAVE graduate Konstantina Stavrianou
  • ANXIETY by Slawomir Fabicki, producer: EAVE graduate Karsten Stöter, EAVE+ graduate Violetta Kaminska
  • BACHMANN & FRISCH by Margarethe Von Trotta, producers: EAVE+ graduates Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu, Bettina Brokemper
  • BANZO by Margarida Cardoso, producer: EAVE graduate Filipa Reis
  • BLACK BOX by Aslı Özge, producer: EAVE graduate Ivan Madeo
  • CLOSE by Lukas Dhont, producers: EAVE graduates Laurette Schillings, Jacques-Henri Bronckart
  • EAVE project L'AMOUR SELON DALVA by Emmanuelle Nicot, producer: EAVE graduate Julie Esparbes
  • EAVE project THE LOST DREAM TEAM by Jure Pavlović, producer: EAVE graduate Bojan Kanjera
  • DANDELION NECTAR by Anna Kuznetsova, producer: EAVE graduate Natalia Drozd, co-producer: EAVE graduate Jussi Rantamäki
  • DARK PARADISE by Triin Ruumet, co-producer: EAVE graduate Jérémy Forni
  • MOTHERHOOD by Meryam Joobeur, producer: EAVE graduate Sara Ben Hassen, co-producer: EAVE graduate Khalid Maimouni
  • LE PARADIS by Zeno Graton, producer: TTB graduates Valérie Bournonville, Judith Nora
  • HELLO by Stephan Komandarew, producer: EAVE graduate Katya Trichkova
  • INFINITY POOL by Brandon Cronenberg, producer: EAVE graduate Karen Harnisch
  • IRAQ, CHILDREN OF SHAME by Pascale Bourgaux, producer: EAVE graduate Isabelle Truc
  • MAY LABOUR DAY by Pjer Žalica, co-producer: EAVE graduate Miha Cernec
  • MISTY - ERROLL GARNER by Georges Gachot, producer: EAVE+ graduate Harry Flöter
  • MR. K by Tallulah H. Schwab, producers: EAVE MW graduate Sanne Sandaert, EAVE graduate Sinisa Juricic
  • RED by Camiel Schouwenaar, co-producer: EAVE graduate Marcel Lenz
  • RIFT IN THE ICE by Maja Milos, producers: EAVE graduate Denis Vaslin, co-producer: EAVE group leader Danijel Hocevar
  • SEA SPARKLE by Domien Huyghe, producer: EAVE graduate Marleen Slot
  • STRANDZHA by Pepa Hristova, producer: TTB graduate Julia Cöllen
  • THE BOOK OF EVERYTHING by Ineke Houtman, producer: EAVE+ graduate Maarten Swart
  • THE EDITORIAL OFFICE by Roman Bondarchuk, producers: EAVE graduates Darya Bassel, Tanja Georgieva
  • THE HAPPIEST MAN IN THE WORLD by Teona Strugar Mitevska, producer: EAVE graduate Labina Mitevska
  • THE INVISIBLE FIGHT by Rainer Sarnet, producer: EAVE graduate Katrin Kissa
  • THE MAN FROM ROME by Jaap van Heusden, producer: EAVE graduate Maria Tsigka
  • THE MAN WITHOUT GUILT by Ivan Gergolet, producer: EAVE graduate Miha Cernec
  • THEY SHOT THE PIANO PLAYER by Fernando Trueba, executive producer: EAVE participant Fabien Westerhoff
  • UNDER THE NAKED SKY by Lilian Sijbesma, producer: EAVE, PUENTES and TTB graduate Raymond van der Kaaij
  • WINDLESS by Pavel G. Vesnakov, producers: EAVE graduate Veselka Kiryakova, EAVE graduate Alessandro Amato


Institut Français – Aide aux cinémas du monde

Funded by l’Aide aux cinémas du monde:

  • TTB project FRUIT GATHERING by Aung Phyoe, producer: TTB graduate Thaiddhi
  • PUMA by Marcela Said, producer: EAVE graduate Sophie Erbs


IDFA Bertha Fund

  • ALIS by Clare Weiskopf and EAVE graduate Nicolas van Hemelryck, producer: EAVE graduate Nicolas van Hemelryck, co-producer: EAVE graduate Radu Stancu is one of six films that receive backing from the IDFA Bertha Fund Europe-International Co-production funding scheme.


Finnish Film Foundation

The Finnish Film Foundation has granted production support to 7 feature films and documentaries made by EAVE graduates.

  • FOUR LITTLE ADULTS by Selma Vilhunen, producers: EAVE graduate and Finnish National CoordinatorElli Toivoniemi, EAVE graduate Venla Hellstedt
  • DANDELION NECTAR by Anna Kuznetsova, co-producer: EAVE graduate Jussi Rantamäki
  • SISTERS by Mika Gustafson, co-producers: EAVE graduate and Finnish National CoordinatorElli Toivoniemi, EAVE graduate Venla Hellstedt
  • THE INVISIBLE FIGHT by Rainer Sarnet, co-producer: EAVE graduate Aleksi Bardy
  • SUPERPOSITION by Karoline Lyngbye, producer: EAVE graduate Leila Lyytikäinen
  • THE LAST OF THE SEAGULLS by Tonislav Hristov, producer: EAVE graduate Kaarle Aho
  • WIND BLOW ME AWAY by Sunna Nousuniemi, producer: EAVE graduate Joonas Berghäll


Netherlands Film Fund

  • THE NIGHTS STILL SMELL OF GUNPOWDER by Inadelso Cossa, producer: INDABA graduate Thomas Kaske, co-producer: EAVE graduate and Dutch National Coordinator Frank Hoeve is backed by Netherlands Film Fund and IDFA Bertha Fund Co-Production Scheme.


Hubert Bals Fund

Projects selected for Hubert Bals Fund’s HBF Script & Development:

  • IN THE SHADOW OF THE HORNS by Ognjen Glavonic, producer: EAVE graduate Dragana Jovovic

Projects selected for the NFF+HBF Co-production Scheme by the Netherlands Film Fund and HBF:

  • THE CITY IS A BATTLEFIELD by Mouly Surya, co-producers: TTB goup leader and National Coordinator Asia Bianca Balbuena, TTB graduate Bradley Liew, EAVE graduate Denis Vaslin
  • THE STATION by Sara Ishaq, co-producer: EAVE graduate Derk-Jan Warrink supports five films by EAVE graduates:

  • LAST DANCE by Delphine Lehericey, producers: EAVE graduates Géraldine Sprimont, Anne-Laure Guégan
  • EAVE project L’AMOUR SELON DALVA by Emmanuelle Nicot, producer: EAVE graduate Julie Esparbes
  • LE PARADIS by Zeno Graton, producers: TTB graduate Valérie Bournonville, EAVE graduate Hans Everaert
  • THE WALL by Philippe Van Leeuw, producers: EAVE participant Maria Møller Christoffersen, EAVE graduate Gilles Chanial
  • THE SILENT TREATMENT by Caroline Stubbe, producers: EAVE graduate Tomas Leyers, Denis Vaslin, Fleur Knopperts


Croatian Audivisual Centre

The Croatian Audiovisual Centre supports the production of the following films by EAVE graduates:

  • BE REALISTIC, DEMAND IMPOSSIBLE by Vanja Juranic, producers: EAVE graduates Vanja Jambrovic, Tibor Keser
  • DOMACINSTWO ZA POCETNIKE by Goran Stolevski, producer: EAVE group leader and Croation National Coordinator Ankica Juric Tilic
  • GOD WILL NOT HELP by Hana Jusic, producer: EAVE group leader and Croation National Coordinator Ankica Juric Tilic
  • ILLYRICUM by Simon Bogojevic Narath, producer: EAVE group leader and Croation National Coordinator Ankica Juric Tilic
  • LEARNING TO WALK 2 by Jelena Novakovic, producers: EAVE graduates Vanja Jambrovic, Tibor Keser
  • POD SRETNOM ZVIJEZDOM by Peter Kerekes, producers: EAVE graduates Vanja Jambrovic, Tibor Keser

Page published 29 June 2021. Updated 5 July 2021.

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