THE GOOD DRIVER by Tonislav Hristov is in post-production

In Post-production August 2021

  • THE GOOD DRIVER by Tonislav Hristov, producer: EAVE graduate Kaarle Aho is in post-production. The plot freely develops characters and situations already known from Hristov’s feature-length documentary success The Good Postman (2016). In the script, written by Kaarle Aho, Tonislav Hristov and Konstantin Bojanov, the lead character Ivan is a Bulgarian taxi driver, who tries to repair his damaged reputation in front of his Finnish family, but constantly finds himself in difficult situations. Two friends from his childhood, a bodyguard and a single mother working as a waitress, also show up. “Kaarle Aho is not only my long-time Finnish coproducer, with whose support I made my most successful documentaries, but also a great writer. On the other hand, the Bulgarian director Konstantin Bojanov also proved himself in creative writing. The idea was to show the life difficulties of a middle-aged little man, born and grown up in a remote Bulgarian village during communism, and the risks he undertakes while trying to survive among the new challenges of democracy”, Hristov told FNE. The feature is being staged by Finnish production company Making Movies Oy represented by Kaarle Aho and by Hristov’s Soul Food (Bulgaria). The project is supported by the Finnish Film Foundation, the Bulgarian National Film Center and Eurimages.

Page published 31 August 2021.

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