ZONE LIBRE by Lisa Diaz is in production

In Production August 2021

  • ZONE LIBRE by Lisa Diaz, co-producer: EAVE+ graduate Antoine Simkine is in production. Written by the director in collaboration with Clara Bourreau, Anne-Louise Trividic and Chile’s René Ballesteros, the story plunges us into the summer of 1982. Garance is 11 years old and lives in a remote village in the Cévennes where her parents are attempting to lead an alternative existence. She roams her vast territory in the company of a gang of dishevelled children and, armed with her vivid imagination, arranges all kinds of political games for them, nationalising toys and setting up a pirate radio station, etc. It’s at this point in time that two Italian activists rob a bank in the area. It goes wrong but one of them manages to escape, with the full contingent of the police force on his heels. This stirs up political squabbles between Garance’s parents, Simon and Marie. Indeed, the latter seems to despair that their hopes for radical change in the world are slowly ebbing away. Garance learns that the Italian fugitive is hiding in a barn not far from their home. Surely coming to his aid would help to continue the revolutionary fight, and would allow her to become an apprentice activist herself? Produced by Colette Quesson on behalf of À Perte de Vue Film and co-produced by Antoine Simkine for Les Films d'Antoine, ZONE LIBRE benefits from a CNC advance on receipts and from production support courtesy of the Brittany and Occitanie regions.


  • THE MELTING by Veerle Baetens, co-producers: EAVE graduates Jacques-Henri Bronckart, Ellen Havenith is shooting. THE MELTING tells the story of Eva, who, several years after a scorching summer that had become completely uncontrollable, returns to her native village to face her past and leave there a message that will remain forever. The book The Melting (Het Smelt) has been translated into more than nine languages, including English, French, German, Spanish and Danish. This first novel, harsh and upsetting, had the effect of an explosion and has imposed its young writer, Lize Spit, as one of the rising stars of Belgian literature. Bart Van Langendonck from production company Savage Film handles the production of the film. French-speaking Belgian company Versus Productions and Dutch company PRPL are co-producing.


  • SEA SPARKLE by Domien Huyghe, producer: EAVE graduate Marleen Slot is in production. Flemish debut director Domien Huyghe has just kicked off filming on his feature film, which he developed with his sister Wendy Hughe. The two of them lost their father at a very early age and drew inspiration from their personal experience for this movie, which was shot in Ostend, where they grew up. It’s a live-action, fiction film which is geared towards young (and not-so-young) audiences, and which explores environmental themes, as well as the subject of grief. The film follows Lena, a young adolescent and talented sailor whose father died at sea. She is determined to prove that her father wasn’t responsible for the boat accident which caused his death, alongside that of two other fishermen. She is convinced that a mysterious underwater creature, driven out of the abyssal depths by global warming, is haunting the waters of the North Sea. Lena will do everything she can to prove the existence of this beast and the innocence of her father. SEA SPARKLE is produced by Dries Phlypo on behalf of A Private View in co-production with Viking Film.


  • TIGER by Andrei Tanase, producer: EAVE graduate Anamaria Antoci is in production. The story, written by Tanase, follows veterinarian Vera working at a local zoo, who, after a personal tragedy, has distanced herself from her husband Toma, a children’s theatre director. When she finds out that Toma is cheating on her, Vera has a nervous breakdown and causes the new tigress Rihanna to escape. Looking for the tigress in the woods Vera starts to doubt her perspective on her marriage and the world in general. EAVE graduate Alexa Rivero is co-producing through Altamar Films (France) together with EAVE graduate Konstantina Stavrianou from Graal (Greece). Producer Anamaria Antoci said that the most challenging aspect of her project was working with a real tiger.The project is supported by the Romanian Film Centre, Aide aux Cinémas du Monde CNC - Institut français, the Greek Film Centre, ERT, Eurimages, the Creative Europe - MEDIA Sub-programme and TorinoFilmLab.

Page published 31 August 2021.

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