The EAVE Producers Workshop’s 2022 edition has kicked off on-site in Luxembourg!

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In partnership with Film Fund Luxembourg, we were thrilled to welcome for the first time this year the selected 55 producers and professionals from 35 countries to develop the 31 selected documentary, feature film and series projects, as well as their careers, company structures and entrepreneurial skills at the EAVE Producers Workshop 2022.

The first of 3 residential workshops took place from March 4–11 at the Légère Premium Hotel Luxembourg. Workshop 2 will take place in Pärnu (Estonia) in June and Workshop 3 in Barcelona (Spain) in October.

Some highlights of this week:

  • Introduction to Series Development and Production: EAVE graduate Yvonne Donohoe (Blinder Films, IE) shared her experience and insight on what it takes to move into producing series.
  • Content and Strategy – the Producer’s Role from Development to Audience: EAVE Head of Studies Lise Lense-Møller (Magic Hour Films, DK) devoted her plenary session to the specific questions and challenges related to the role of a producer from early development until the release of the film.
  • Become a PMD/marketing expert: Sarah Calderon (The Film Agency, ES) runs a special ‘marketing incubator programme’ in the groups and over the whole year, offering an intense PMD marketing training in cooperation with the EAVE Marketing Workshop.

Various plenary sessions around script development strategies, legal aspects of development, company planning, film finance, documentary film production, were part of the schedule.

The participants started their EAVE journey under the guidance of EAVE Head of Studies Lise Lense-Møller (Magic Hour Films, DK), the four group leaders, Ankica Jurić Tilić (Kinorama, HR), Michael Kitzberger (Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion GmbH, AT), Riina Sildos (Amrion, EE) and Jani Thiltges (Samsa Film, LU); the script consultants Jacques Akchoti (FR), Martin Daniel (USA), Clare Downs (UK), TV series consultant Ossi Nishri (IL), and documentary expert Sylvia Stevens (Faction Films, UK).

They were joined by the EAVE specialized experts - for Finance and Company Planning: Linda Beath (Ideal Filmworks, IT), Marketing: Sarah Calderon (The Film Agency, ES), Pitching: Sibylle Kurz (DE) and Legal Issues: Katrine Schlüter Schierbeck (The Law Factory, DK), who shared their expertise in plenary and group work sessions as well as individual meetings.

All plenary sessions were open for interested local professionals.

EAVE expresses special gratitude for the support of Workshop 1 to:
Film Fund Luxembourg; CREATIVE EUROPE Desk Luxembourg - MEDIA sub-programme; Légère Premium Hotel Luxembourg.

EAVE is supported by the Creative Europe - MEDIA sub-programme of the European Union, Film Fund Luxembourg, Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée, Fondo Audiovisivo Friuli Venezia Giulia, PACT – the Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television, the Polish Film Institute, Doha Film Institute, Telefilm Canada, SODEC, IDM Südtirol Alto Adige, Fonds Jeune Création Francophone, Projeto Paradiso, TRT - Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, VIPO | Visual Industry Promotion Organization, Berlinale Co-Production Market and the partners who have hosted the workshops since 1988.


The selected participants for the EAVE Producers Workshop 2022 are:



Johannes Schubert, Schubert Film



Maarten D’Hollander, Krater Films

Magalie Dierick, Cassette for timescapes

Elisa Heene, Mirage



Ticiana Augusto Lima, Tardo

Simone Oliveira, Globo Filmes



Elodie Pollet, Films Exterieur Jour

Frances-Anne Solomon, CaribbeanTales Media Group



Ivan Perić, Focus Media



Julie Zackova, Unit and Sofa



Signe Skov Thomsen, Hansen & Pedersen



Filipp Kruusvall, Estonian Film Institute

Elina Litvinova, Three Brothers



Jenni Jauri, Tuffi Films

Mikko Peltonen, AVEK - The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture



Lamia Chraibi, Moon a Deal Films

Nicola Ofoego, France TV Distribution / Maremako / Mondex et Cie.

Clara Vuillermoz, Point du Jour-Les films du balibari



Julia Cöllen, Fünferfilm

Maximilian Haslberger, Amerikafilm

Roxana Richters, Chromosom Film



Effie Skrobola, View Master Films

Danae Spathara, Heretic



Claudia Sümeghy, JUNO11 Pictures



Yulia Evina Bhara, KawanKawan Media



Tamryn Reinecke, Pale Rebel Productions



Luigi Giuseppe Chimienti, Disparte

Daniele Segre, Redibis Film



Eiko Mizuno-Gray, Loaded Films



Mais Salman, Nomadic Film House



Sarah Bamberg, Film Fund Luxembourg



Ilja Roomans, Docmakers

Noortje Wilschut, Family Affair Films



Marija Dimitrova, List Production



Renée Mlodyszewski, Oslo Pictures / True Content Entertainment



Rashid Abdelhamid, Made in Palestine Project



Alemberg Ang, Daluyong Studios



Marta Szarzynska, KINHOUSE STUDIO

Joanna Zielinska, dFlights



Carla Fotea, microFILM

Anda Iulia Ionescu, Tangaj Production



Katja Lenarčič, Vertigo

Igor Masera, Slovenian Film Centre



Tshego Molete Khanyile, Zinc Pictures

Tamsin Ranger, Big World Cinema



Sergio Grobas, Mayo films



Siri Hjorton Wagner, [sic] film

Niklas Larsson, SF Studios Production

Linda Mutawi, Atmo

Theo Tsappos, Swedish Film Institute



Nadine Lüchinger, Filmgerberei



Halil Kardaş, Filmcode Production



Reece Cargan, Bombito Productions



Keith McQuirter, Decoder Media



Tapiwa Chipfupa, Ambidextrous Pictures

Page published 1 March 2022. Updated 31 March 2022.

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A scholarship has been set up to honour the memory of Alan Fountain, former Head of Studies and President of EAVE, who passed away on March 3. Its goal is to enable one producer from outside the EU to participate in all three sessions of the EAVE Producers Workshop each year.

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