STORM now in production

In production May 2019

STORM by Oliver Rihs, producer: EAVE graduate Ivan Madeo is shooting. The main character in Storm is idealistic lawyer Barbara Hug, who devotes her life to fighting back against the deplorable prison system in Switzerland in the 1980s. During her struggle, Barbara comes across an unexpected ally: international criminal Walter Storm, nicknamed “the jailbreak king”. One thing leads to another and the feelings that bind these unlikely partners will start to run deeper. STORM is an unconventional love story in which the fight for freedom and the characters’ emotions unashamedly intertwine. Besides the involvement of Zurich-based outfit Contrast Film as the majority producer, STORM is being co-produced by Germany’s Port-au-prince Films (Berlin) and Niama Film Stuttgart. ARTE, Swiss Television SRF, Bayerischer Rundfunk and Teleclub have also boarded this particular venture. The director of photography will be Felix von Muralt, while musician and electronic music producer Beat Solèr will compose the score.

MATTER OUT OF PLACE by Nikolaus Geyrhalter, producer: EAVE graduate Michael Kitzberger is in production. The film is about our garbage that is found in the most remote areas and about the people who try to dispose of it. MATTER OUT OF PLACE takes stock of the spread of man-made garbage into the remotest places on our planet and follows the desperate efforts to overcome the problem. Not only in the sea and on coasts, also in the Arctic, the jungle, high up on the mountains and deep inside the desert, garbage is found almost everywhere in various forms and dimensions, sometimes as whole car wrecks, old TV sets or simply construction rubble, but mostly in the form of disintegrated plastic particles a few millimetres in size. Humanity has handed out its visiting cards thoroughly. With support of: Österreichisches Filminstitut, ORF Film/Fernseh-Abkommen, Filmfonds Wien, Filmstandort Austria.

QUE HICIMOS MAL by Liliana Torres, producer: EAVE graduate and National Coordiantor Spain Maria Zamora is currently being shot in Northern Spain. The film reflects on relationship crises by blending reality and fiction, with the director-screenwriter herself starring as the protagonist. The film’s story tells of how “Lili has been in a steady relationship for a few years. Although everything seems to be running smoothly between her and her partner, there is an underlying despondency in her day-to-day life that is preventing her from being happy. Liliana will revisit her past in order to ask herself: what did we do wrong?” The movie therefore reflects on romantic relationships, the mistakes that couples make and the crises they go through. The film is a production by Matriuska, Avalon and Miss Wasabi. Support comes from TVE, the Regional Government of Galicia and TVG. Shooting kicked off in Galicia at the end of April and will take place on location in Seoane do Courel, Ourense and Vigo for three weeks, before heading to Mexico and Italy in September.

RIDERS by Dominik Mencej, producer: EAVE graduate Miha Cernec, co-producer: EAVE graduate Milan Stojanovic is shooting. The road drama about two best friends in their mid-twenties is the first feature by 32-years-old Slovenian director. The plot: Tomaž and Anton, who have grown up in a small village, decide to transform their mopeds into chopper-like bikes and go on a journey after watching the film Easy Rider. Anton wants to impress his girlfriend, who is studying in the capital and has not written to him in months, while Tomaž seeks religious answers to his visions and hopes that faith will guide him. RIDERS is produced by Miha Cernec through Staragara, in co-production with Croatia’s Antitalent, Bosnia’s Novi film BiH and Serbia’s SENSE production. The project is supported by the Slovenian Film Center, Film Center Serbia, Sarajevo Cinema Foundation, MEDIA – Single Development and the RE-ACT Developing Award. Studio Viba Film provides additional technical support. The project was developed at the First Film First. The shooting, which is planned to last for 33 days, will take place in Slovenia (Ljubljana, Slovenska Bistrica, Ra?e, Sladka Gora, Mala Nedelja, Jeruzalem) and Croatia (Split, Šibenik, Pak Obrovac, Baške Oštarije, Gra?ac) and is expected to be finished by 4 July 2019.

THE ENCOUNTER by Tatia Skhirtladze, co-producer: EAVE + graduate Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu is shooting. Against the backdrop of the Cold War, THE ENCOUNTER reveals intimate stories of four legendary female chess players from Georgia, who revolutionised women's chess across the globe and became Soviet icons of female emancipation. The film is both a rare look into the lives of Nona Gaprindashvili, Nana Alexandria, Maia Chiburdanidze and Nana Ioseliani, and a celebration of their lasting legacy.
‘’I am a woman who was born and grew up in the Soviet Republic of Georgia in the 1980s. Those were times of upheaval and historical transformation. The female chess players, who are in no respect weaker or less successful than men, were leading figures during my childhood. Chess was a symbol for women’s intellectual and personal freedom and empowerment. THE ENCOUNTER is a chess film that does not focus on the technique of the sport so much as the metaphor behind it – the struggles on the road towards self-fulfilment and the revolt against a powerful male-dominated system. By revealing the lives of the almost-forgotten champions beyond their titles and awards, the film establishes an emotional connection, letting the audience think things through for themselves,” Tatia Skhirtladze told FNE.
The film is co-produced by Berg Hammer Film (Austria) with Amour Fou Vienna from Austria, 1991 Productions from Georgia and Playground Produkcija from Serbia. It received a production grant from the Georgian National Film Center and it was also supported by Linda Jensen from Silver Bullet, BKA, Film Industry Support Austria, Austrian public TV station ORF, FIlm Center Serbia, EWA Network - Women in FIlm Award and Eurimages. Shooting is taking place in Tbilisi, Georgia and Rhodes. Two days of shooting are also planned in Vienna.

Page published 24 May 2019.

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