REDOUBT by John Skoog is in post-production

In Production and in Post-production February 2024

In production

  • CAP FAREWELL by Vanja d’Alcantara, producer: EAVE graduate Isabelle Truc, Denis Vaslin is in production. After exploring the steppes of Central Asia and the cliff landscapes of Japan in these two previous films, the director is now setting up shop in Belgium to follow Toni, a young 24-year-old woman who is released from prison and finds herself having to return home to live with her mother Betty, with whom relations are strained. Determined to reconnect with her daughter Anna, whom Betty has raised in her absence, Toni gets a job in her uncle’s brasserie nearby the port. But she soon finds herself mired once again in the smuggling shenanigans of her childhood sweetheart Max, who’s the reason she first went to prison, and who’s also Anna’s father. Pulled in all directions, Toni must fight to break free from this toxic environment and to take up her place as a mother and free woman. The film is produced by Isabelle Truc on behalf of Iota Production, who’ll soon be releasing Elodie Lélu’s first fiction feature RÉTRO THERAPY. CAP FAREWELL is co-produced by Canadian producers Robert Lacerte and Marc Daigle of ACPAV and by Denis Vaslin of Volya Films in the Netherlands. It enjoys support from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation Film and Audiovisual Centre, Wallimage, Magellan Films, UMedia, RTBF, BeTV, Proximus, SODEC, Téléfilm Canada, Canadian distributor Maison 4:3, the Netherlands Film Fund. The movie will be shot between 26 February and 5 April between Belgium and the Netherlands.



In post-production

  • THE SHADOW by Jaak Kilmi, producer: EAVE+ graduate Kristian Taska is in post-production. The story, penned by Indrek Hargla, zooms in on Juhan Liiv, a struggling poet and unlikely detective in Estonia, the “Wild West” of the Tsar's crumbling empire in the 1890s. Juhan is fighting crime and his own inner demons. He is considered mad and pronounced crazy. But by standing for justice and truth, at the end of the day, he comes out the sanest of them all. In the movie, he has to solve several gruesome murder cases behind which is – the witnesses say – the devil itself. THE SHADOW is being produced by Kristian Taska for Taska Film (Estonia), Tanel Tatter and Veiko Esken for Apollo Film Productions (Estonia), and Armin Karu for HansaFilm (Estonia). Tuuli Roosma, of Reede (Estonia), is co-producing. It has received backing from the Tartu Film Fund and was awarded development support from the Estonian Film Institute.

  • REDOUBT by John Skoog, producer: EAVE participant Caroline Drab, co-producers: EAVE graduates Kaarle Aho, Leontine Petit, Dan Wechsler, is in post-production. The picture draws inspiration from Karl-Göran Persson, a real-life farmer known as a good Samaritan on the verge of madness, who lived near the helmer’s home town of Kvidinge during World War II. After receiving a warning by the Swedish government of potential strikes by the Soviet army, he sets off to turn his house into a fortified shelter for fellow villagers. The story, however, will unfold during the second half of the 20th century, “post-World War II, but before the internet became something for everyone and before the fall of the Berlin Wall”. The movie was shot in two parts, with the first taking place in summer and the second set ten years later, in winter. REDOUBT is being produced by Erik Hemmendorff and Caroline Drab for Ruben Östlund’s banner Plattform Produktion (Sweden), in co-production with Film i Skåne (Sweden), Film i Väst (Sweden), SVT (Sweden), BCD Film (Sweden), Bufo (Finland), Lemming Film (Netherlands), No-Mad Films (Italy) and Paloma Production (Denmark), and in association with Bord Cadre Films (Switzerland) and Sovereign Films (UK).

  • BLUE BLOOD by Juris Kursietis, producers: EAVE graduates Alise Gelze, Evelin Penttilä and Vicky Miha is on post-production. When world-renowned German organist Anna uncovers her Latvian husband's involvement in a sprawling corruption scandal, her meticulously curated life alongside their prosperous family starts to unravel. The deepening contrast in their perspectives on corruption, shaped by their Western and Eastern backgrounds, intensifies, jeopardising the core of Anna and Andris' relationship. Will she be able to live with this new image of her husband? BLUE BLOOD is produced by Alise Gelze of Latvian White Picture and coproduced by Evelin Penttila of Estonian Stellar Film and Vicky Miha of Greek asterisk. The project is co-financed by Creative Europe MEDIA, the National Film Centre of Latvia, the State Culture Fund of Latvia, the Estonian Film Institute, the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and the Greek Film Centre.

  • YOUTH ETERNAL by Armands Zacs, producer: EAVE graduate Alise Gelze is in post-production. It is summer and a group of millennials is at a music festival, relishing their seemingly carefree lives, while their close friends, Ieva and Alex, are embarking on parenthood. Kitija is suffering from depression and fails to find support as the friends start to become more alienated from each other. Anna is trying to take care of her mental health by quitting weed, which turns out to be a challenge to her relationship with Kaspars, who grows it in their house. Unable to influence Martin's self-destructive lifestyle, Dainis starts to document it on video, becoming a participant and a creator of a reality show of his own. The friends start a wild journey into the new reality of becoming responsible for themselves and those around them. The project is produced by Alise Ģelze through Latvian White Picture and financed by the National Film Centre of Latvia and European REACT-EU Funding as part of the Union’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. YOUTH ETERNAL was shot by Estonian cinematographer Erik Pollumaa mostly in Riga and in the suburbs of Riga in the summer of 2023, and it has a Greek editor, Yorgos Zafeiris.

Page published 29 February 2024.

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