PUENTES project LA PECERA is shooting

In Production December 2021

  • OBJETOS by Jorge Dorado, producer: EAVE+ graduate Johannes Rexin is shooting. The film introduces us to Mario, who works in a huge lost-property warehouse, where he is entrusted with watching over all kinds of belongings – a collection that has built up over decades. This man, who some time ago decided to keep his distance from people, spends his free time investigating the origins of these items in order to provide their owners with lost fragments of their lives. Only the young policewoman Helena, who visits the warehouse on a regular basis, has been able to even slightly break through his defences. One day, a suitcase salvaged from the bottom of the river turns up at the warehouse: inside, he finds baby clothes together with human remains. Mario decides to lead his own investigation, and after following the trail revealed by the suitcase, he meets Sara, a young woman who has been trapped since childhood in the clutches of a human-trafficking ring. OBJETOS is a Tandem Films production that is being co-produced by Setembro Cine (PUENTES Head of Studies Fernanda del Nido) and La Maleta Perdida AIE on the Spanish side, together with Argentinian outfits Pampa Films and In Post We Trust, plus Germany’s Rexin Film. The co-production boasts the involvement of RTVE, Amazon Studios and ZDF, and funding from the ICAA, the INCAA, the Community of Madrid, ICO and CREA SGR.


  • LOTUS by Signe Birkova, producer: EAVE FFF graduate Roberts Vinovskis is shooting. The comical phantasmagory about a young woman in 1919 Latvia, who desires new challenges and expression of inner freedom tells the story of the German-Baltic Countess Alice Von Trot, an outsider who by overcoming physical and mental obstacles and prejudices, becomes an avant-garde filmmaker in Latvian silent cinema. Elements of various film genres and quotes from world cinema classics (Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles, Andrei Tarkovsky, etc.) will be included, as well as a special dedication to silent cinema. For greater authenticity, the silent film fragments will be shot with a 1921 film camera specifically acquired for this production. Instead of using digital cameras, LOTUS is filmed by an analogue 16 mm camera using Kodak film stock. The indoor scenes are being filmed at the filming pavilion of BBstudios, opened in the autumn of 2021 in Riga. The initial shooting period in December lasted four days. The remainder of the 30-day shooting schedule will recommence in the spring of 2022. The film is supported by the National Film Centre of Latvia.


  • PUENTES project LA PECERA by Glorimar Marrero Sanchez, producer: PUENTES graduate Camille Vandenbunder is shooting. The plot: After Noelia discovers her cancer has metastasized she reluctantly returns to her hometown, the island of Vieques that has been contaminated through 60 years of military practices.  While staying at her mother’s house and spending time with new and old friends, she gets to live in the self-determined way she needs.

Page published 17 December 2021.

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