PUENTES project CLARA SOLA is in production

In production February 2020

PUENTES project CLARA SOLA by Nathalie Alvarez, producer: PUENTES graduate Nima Yousefi, co-producer: PUENTES graduate Géraldine Sprimont is currently being shot in locations of Vara Blanca, Costa Rica. The story is set in a remote village in Costa Rica, where Clara, a special 32-year-old woman, takes off on a journey to break free from social and religious conventions and become the master of her sexuality and newfound powers. Sweden’s Hobab is handling production along with Pacífica Grey from Costa Rica, Need Productions from Belgium and Laidak Films from Germany, as well as US company Resolve Media who is backing the project. CLARA SOLA is supported by Berlinale’s World Cinema Fund, IFFR Hubert Bals Fund, Swedish Film Institute, Costa Rica’s Centro de Cine, Fédération Wallone-Bruxelles, among others. The 7 weeks of shooting should wrap by end of March.

THE GREAT TRAM ROBBERY by Slobodan Sijan, co-producer: EAVE graduate Borislav Chouchkov is in production. The film tells a story from the golden age of Belgrade in the roaring 1920s, set against a backdrop of a court intrigue and communist plotting in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The main character is a historical figure, the poet, visual artist, film critic and director BoŇ°ko Tokin, who gathers a group of idealistic young artists in an attempt to make the first avant-garde film in the Balkans. The film is produced by Marko Paljic through Gargantua Films in co-production with Croatia’s Maxima film and Jaako dobra produkcija, Slovenia’s Studio Virc, Montenegro’s Artikulacija Film, Czech Sirena film, Bulgaria’s Chouchkov Brothers and Romania’s Micro Film. The film is supported by Film Center Serbia, the Croatian Film Centre, the Slovenian Film Center, Film Centre of Montenegro, the Czech Film Fund / the Czech Film Commission, the Bulgarian National Film Center, the Romanian Film Centre (CNC) and Creative MEDIA Europe.

WOLF by Nathalie Biancheri, producers: EAVE graduates Agnieszka Wasiak, Mariusz Wlodarski is in production. Written and directed by Biancheri, WOLF is a high concept art house drama about a boy Jacob, who believes he is a wolf trapped in a human body. His family sends him to a clinic where he meets other patients identifying as other species, including Wildcat. The film is produced by Feline Films (Ireland) in co-production with Lava Films (Poland). The film received minority co-production funding from the Polish Film Institute and it is also supported by Eurimages and Screen Ireland.

Page published 29 February 2020.

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