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"During the EAVE Producers Workshop, we have been offering morning yoga sessions to our participants for many years. Thanks to Tanika, it is now also possible online. Tanika’s wonderfully calm, positive, and radiant energy and her careful and professional guidance are a wonderful way to start or end any day. Her restorative yoga classes help you to be focussed, restore body and mind in stressful times and give you an energy boost."

Kristina Trapp, EAVE CEO

"When I started with Yoga@EAVE, I never thought I’d be a yoga teacher. When I became a yoga teacher, I never thought I’d be teaching online. Now I’m very happy to connect EAVE yogis online from all over the world!"

Tanika Sajatovic, EAVE Coordinator

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You are most welcome to join the EAVE Yoga on THURSDAYS:

08:15 – 08:55 Berlin time on ZOOM

19:00 – 19:40 Berlin time on ZOOM



FREE online classes on September 17 & 24!

You just need to register to receive a zoom link.


From OCTOBER onwards, all EAVE graduates will have a discounted price:

SINGLE Class: 6 Euro

10X Class Card: 50 Euro


Restorative YOGA classes will connect you to your body and your breath in a gentle way. We will put emphasis on asanas allowing your body to recharge and reenergize, and asanas releasing the tension in the shoulders, back and neck. We will also practise simple breathing exercises to calm your mind and reduce stress. Yoga has the quality of being able to quiet your brain, soothe the nerves, and refresh and pacify your mind.


"Simply addictive! Soothes body and mind and gives you both calm and an energy boost."

Lise Lense-Møller, EAVE Head of Studies

"Yoga class with Tanika is a wonderful way to start a day with new energy and positive mindset. Tanika knows all the back-pains of film producers and the exercises do wonders for desk-chained professionals (like myself), so my muscles are grateful!"

Joanna Szymanska, SHIPsBOY (PL)

"I had never really taken to yoga but working with Tanika has been a revelation. I have so much more energy when I begin the day with Tanika's routines, and under the guidance of her own calm and radiant energy. Richly recommended!"

Elhum Shakerifar, Hakawati (UK)

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"Calm, clear instructions on how to move, stretch and breathe. It is such a pleasure to spend time following Tanika with her great smile, her positive attitude and her profound knowledge of this type of yoga."

Linda Beath, Ideal Filmworks Italia (IT)

"Tanika's yoga classes are an excellent way to start the week! Gentle and deep, she will never let you risk any injury; on the contrary, I would say Tanika's yoga classes are one of the most healing and calming experiences, body, mind and soul. Excellent to cut with the stress and be focused on here and now, connected with your body in a very kind and caring way. Absolutely recommended!"

Constanza Arena, CinemaChile (CL)

Additionally, there are free yoga videos available to practice at home or in the office suitable for all.



Hope to see you at the online EAVE Yoga sessions soon!



Page published 11 September 2020. Updated 30 September 2020.

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