GOOD FAVOUR now in Belgian cinemas

In Cinemas September 2020

In French cinemas

  • EAVE project SOLE by Carlo Sironi, producers: EAVE graduates Giovanni Pompili, Agnieszka Wasiak. September 16.


In Belgian cinemas

  • GOOD FAVOUR by Rebecca Daly, producers: EAVE graduates Conor Barry, Benoît Roland, Monica Hellström, Signe Byrge Sørensen, Marleen Slot. September 4.


In UK cinemas

  • LITTLE GIRL by Sébastien Lifshitz, co-producer: EAVE graduate Monica Hellström. September 25.


In Dutch cinemas

  • DEUX by Filippo Meneghetti, co-producers: EAVE graduates Elise André and Donnato Rotunno. September 24.

  • ATLANTIS by Valentyn Vasyanovych, producer: EAVE graduate Vladimir Yatsenko. September 17.

  • UN FILS by Mehdi M Barsaoui, producer: EAVE graduate Myriam Sassine. September 10.


In Swiss cinemas

  • CORPUS CHRISTI by Jan Komasa, co-producer: EAVE graduate Patrice Nezan. September 3.

  • THE MOLE AGENT by PUENTES graduate Maite Alberdi, co-producers: EAVE graduates Fleur Knopperts, Denis Vaslin, Ingmar Trost. September 3.


In Austrian cinemas

  • YALDA, A NIGHT FOR FORGIVENESS by Massoud Bakhshi, producer: EAVE graduate Marianne Dumoulin, co-producers: EAVE graduate Nicole Gerhards, EAVE+ graduate Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu. September 25.

  • JUMBO by Zoé Wittock, producers: EAVE graduates Anaïs Bertrand, Pascaline Saillant, Annabella Nezri, Gilles Chanial. September 25.

  • DER SCHÖNSTE PLATZ AUF ERDEN by Elke Groen, producers: EAVE graduates Arash T. Riahi, Sabine Gruber


In German cinemas

  • MY EXTRAORDINARY SUMMER WITH TESS by Steven Wouterlood, producers: EAVE graduates Marcel Lenz, Guido Schwab. September 3.

  • CORPUS CHRISTI by Jan Komasa, co-producer: EAVE graduate Patrice Nezan. September 3.

  • PELICAN BLOOD by Katrin Gebbe, producer: EAVE graduate Vera Gräfe-Höft.September 23.


In Polish cinemas

  • HOPE by Maria Sødahl, co-producers: EAVE graduates Lizette Jonjic, Peter Possne. September 25.

  • AND THEN WE DANCED by Levan Akin, producer: EAVE FFF graduate Ketie Daniela


In Bulgarian cinemas

  • WILLOW by Milcho Manchevski, co-producer: EAVE graduate Hubert Toint. September 25.


In Estonian cinemas

  • THE LAST ONES by Veiko Õunpuu, producer: EAVE graduate Katrin Kissa, co-producers: EAVE graduates Mark Lwoff, Misha Jaari, Ellen Havenith. September 25.

Page published 30 September 2020.

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