3 projects by EAVE graduates in post-production

In Post-production August 2022

  • CAPTURING SAMI by Adrian Voicu, producers: EAVE graduates Marcian Lazar and Katya Trichkova is in post-production. The screenplay focuses on Sami, a visual artist who shoots everything that captures his interest. One night, while thousands of people are protesting in Bucharest against a controversial change in the national health system, Sami attends a party where the same protests are the subject of an impromptu performance. As the event soon seems devoid of substance to Sami, the protagonist decides to go to the real protests. Here, he is surrounded by gendarmes who force him into a van where he witnesses terrifying violence against an innocent man. The drama is being staged by Romanian outfit Axel Film, represented by Marcian Lazar and by Bulgarian production company Contrast Films, represented by Katya Trichkova. The film’s is coming from the Romanian National Film Center. The Bulgarian National Film Center also supported the project. The shoot took place in Bucharest over 24 days scattered between the end of January and mid-March.


  • KOTLINA by Danis Tanovic and Aida Begic, producers: EAVE graduates Amra Baksic Camo and Adis Djapo is in post-production. The story of the five-episode crime drama: After a body of an unknown man is discovered in the garden of the National Museum in Sarajevo, chief inspector Edib Pasic and his young colleague Mido Zec are called upon to the crime scene. It seems to be one more insignificant case of no interest to the media, but a journalist from the Sloboda online magazine, Ajla Pasic, happens to be at the crime scene with a camera. On the same day, Edib’s war comrade Senci returns from prison. The disappearance of the corpse from the morgue and the hidden motives of the Museum’s employees lead Edib, Mido, Ajla and Senci into a web of corruption, pressure, personal failures, poverty, hopelessness and international crime. KOTLINA is produced by Amra Baksic Camo and Adis Djapo of SCCA/ together with Sedin Kahriman through BH Content Lab, BH Telecom’s platform for production of high-quality television. This is the first TV series produced by BH Telecom. The premiere of the series is planned for September 2022 on BH Telecom’s Moja TV.


  • BLACK VELVET by Liene Linde, producer: EAVE graduate Ieva Norveliene is in post-production. This Latvian/Lithuanian co-production is a partly autobiographical dramedy about a 30 year old woman Marta, a film director. Marta's life in a way embodies the struggles of the millennial generation: working and burning out in creative industries and navigating through various situations, both comical and deeply serious. The film is produced by Guntis Trekteris through Latvia’s Ego Media in co-production with Ieva Norveliene through Lithuania’s Tremora. The project was funded by the National Film Centre of Latvia and the Lithuanian Film Centre with a minority co-production grant. Other financing consists of pre-sales to local broadcasters and streamers. The film's release is planned for the autumn of 2023.

Page published 30 August 2022.

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