PUENTES 2015 / 2016

Two workshops in Montevideo and Locarno bringing together producers from Latin America and Europe to work together with leading experts, potential financiers, distributors and sales agents from both continents

W1 in Montevideo (UY), November 25 – 29, 2015
W2 in Locarno (CH), August 4 – 8, 2016

The seventh edition of PUENTES – EAVE’s Europe/Latin America Co-Production Workshop - comes to its culmination in Locarno. The second PUENTES workshop will take place in Locarno (Switzerland) from August 4 – 8, 2016, in the framework of the Festival del film Locarno.

This year’s edition will feature an open PUENTES session in cooperation with the Industry Days and the Open Doors Initiative of the Festival del film Locarno. Puentes Head of Studies and Group Leader Jean des Forêts (Petit Film, FR) will moderate a session on current and future challenges of European international film financing with prominent guests such as Roberto Olla (Eurimages, EU), Eva Diederix (Elle Driver, FR), Christophe Salvaing (Sofica Cinémage, FR) and Joseph Rouschop (Tarantula, BE), among others.

Another open PUENTES session will be held by Sarah Calderón (The Film Agency, ES) who will elaborate on different ways how to approach digital marketing strategies for film

During the second workshop in Locarno a special emphasis will be given to strategic company planningLinda Beath (Ideal Filmworks Italia, IT) will address the issues of strategic planning in two groups of 7 participants each, and the participants will learn how to think strategically about their companies.

The participants will also learn about revenue forecasting during the group session with Christophe Salvaing (Sofica Cinémage, FR) who will give feedback on the revenue forecasts of their projects. 

The PUENTES participants started to develop their projects under the guidance of leading industry experts during the first workshop in Montevideo, Uruguay (Nov 25 – 29, 2015) in partnership with Ventana Sur. 

During the second workshop the participants will continue to develop and package their projects exploring sources of finance as well as examining marketing and distribution networks across both Europe and Latin America. Furthermore, the participants will meet the decision makers during both sessions.

In addition to the producers with project and for the second year now, PUENTES welcomes professionals without projects from sales, distribution, festivals and markets in the workshop group, allowing them to build a unique professional network across the both continents.

We are also happy to announce the latest news that PUENTES 2015 project DOLORES by Gonzalo Tobal (Rei Cine, Argentina) won the second prize of $20.000 at the Sam Spiegel International Film Lab in Jerusalem, Israel.  

Furthermore, PUENTES project BROKEN YEARS, produced by Ozcar Ramírez González (Arte Mecánica Producciones, Mexico) has been selected for IFP NO BORDERS co-production market in NYC in the framework of a special partnership between IFP and EAVE. 

Another recently awarded PUENTES 2015 project AMAZONA by Clare Weiskopf (CasaTarántula, Colombia) won a honourable mention at the Bogota Audiovisual Market (BAM) and Senal Colombia's broadcasting and marketing support. 

Full list of Workshop 2 experts: 

The PUENTES participants will work in Locarno on the development and financing of the selected projects under the guidance of top industry professionals from both continents, such as:

  • Linda Beath, Ideal Filmworks Italia, Italy
  • Sarah Calderón, The Film Agency, Spain
  • Jean des Forêts, Petit Film, France
  • Eva Diederix, Elle Driver, France
  • Fernando Epstein, Mutante Cine, Uruguay
  • Jorge Goldenberg, Script Consultant, Argentina
  • Miguel Machalski, Script Consultant, France
  • Roberto Olla, Eurimages, EU
  • Joseph Rouschop, Tarantula, Belgium
  • Christophe Salvaing, Sofica Cinémage, France

Full list of participants:

The following participants from Europe and Latin America will meet again in Locarno:

  • Sebastian Barriuso, Creative Artisans Media, Cuba/Canada. Project: 1989, director: Sebastian & Rodrigo Barriuso
  • Lorenzo Benítez, 3boxmedia, Spain
  • Agnieszka Dziedzic, Koi Studio, Poland
  • Victoria Gutierez, Cinema23 / Premios Fénix, Spain/Mexico
  • Aranka Matits, Featurette, Germany
  • Carolina Mosquera, Cabecitanegra Producciones, Colombia. Project: Almost Never too Late, director: Alfonso Acosta
  • Giancarlo Nasi, Quijote/Rampante, Italy/ChileProject: Blanquita Bueno, director: Fernando Guzzoni
  • Ozcar Ramírez González, Arte Mecánica Producciones, Mexico. Project: The Broken Years, director: Gerardo Tort
  • Alexa Rivero, Altamar Films, France
  • Gabriela Sabaté, Sabate Films, Paraguay. Project: Killing the Dead, director: Hugo Gimenez
  • Tathiani Sacilotto, Persona Non Grata Pictures, Brazil. Project: A Bela America, director: Antonio Ferreira
  • Joséphine Schroeder, Pequén Producciones, France/Chile
  • Géraldine Sprimont, Need Productions, Belgium. Project: Uspantan, director: César Diaz
  • Nima Yousefi, Hob, Sweden. Project: Clara Sola, director: Nathalie Álvarez 

PUENTES is organised by EAVE in partnership with Mutante Cine, Ventana Sur, the Industry Days and the Open Doors Initiative of the Festival del film Locarno, and with the support of Creative Europe – MEDIA sub-programme of the European Union

For more information please contact: 

EAVE - Tanika Sajatovic, International Coordinator:

MUTANTE CINE – Agustina Chiarino, PUENTES Project Consultant:

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