THE EXCURSION is in development

In Development January 2023

Film Fonds NL

In the fourth round of 2022 Netherlands Film Production Incentive invests in 10 feature films, 1 documentary and 2 animated feature films, 7 drama series, and 2 documentary series including 9 international co-productions. Among them, 4 projects by EAVE producers:

  • ALPHA by Jan-Willem van Ewijk, producer: EAVE graduate Frank Hoeve
  • GORILLAS by Daphne Lucker, producer: EAVE graduate Derk-Jan Warrink
  • SAID & ANNA by Hilt Lochten, co-producer: EAVE graduate Arek Gielnik
  • THE HOUSE OF DAVID by Boris Paval Conen, producer: EAVE + graduate Hanneke Niens
  • WHEN THE LIGHT BREAKS by Runar Runarsson, producer: EAVE FFF graduate Lilja Osk Snorradottir, co-producer: EAVE graduate Raymond van der Kaaij


Nordisk Film & TV Fond

In its December round of support, the Nordisk Film & TV Fond has allocated production support to four new feature films, three drama series and three documentaries. Among them:

  • THERE’S SOMETHING IN THE BARN by Magnus Martens, co-producer: EAVE graduate Kestutis Drazdauskas
  • STOCKHOLM BLOODBATH by Mikael Håfström, producer: EAVE graduate Helena Danielsson
  • LAURA by Fanny Ovesen, producer: EAVE graduate Marie Kjellson
  • WOODLINGS by Malene Vilstrup, Trylle Vilstrup, producer: EAVE graduate Maria Stevnbak Westergren


Czech Film Fund

Supported by the Czech Film Fund:

  • 33 STEPS by Simon Domcek, producer: EAVE graduate Jiri Konecny
  • THE GREEN BORDER by Agnieszka Holland, co-producers: EAVE graduate Maria Blicharska and Diana Elbaum


Slovak Audiovisual Fund

2 films by EAVE graduates in the framework of Ukrainian Films Now receive support by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund:

  • EDITORIAL OFFICE by Roman Bondarchuk, producer: EAVE graduate Katarina Krnacova
  • COMPANY OF STEEL by Yulia Hontaruk, co-producer: EAVE graduate Katarina Krnacova



MILK COW by Miroslav Sikavica, producer: EAVE graduate Miljenka Cogelja is in development. Co-produced by Croatia’s Zelena zraka in collaboration with Slovenia’s December, the Croatian production company Pipser is developing the first feature film by the reputable documentary filmmaker Miroslav Sikavica. The film is described as an intense, claustrophobic and darkly humorous study of traditional relationships, the mysterious disappearance of a dead man's savings puts a family to the test, and prompts a submissive widow to make a personal transformation. The project won the RE-ACT Development Award at the coproduction forum When East Meets West. The Croatian Audiovisual Centre granted project development in 2022. Filming will start in Novemver 2023.


THE EXCURSION by Miroslav Terzic, producers: EAVE graduate Snezana van Houwelingen and EAVE group leader Ankica Juric Tilic is in preparation. The story takes place during a school trip, where the students of eighth grade, collectively responsible for peer violence against their schoolmate who committed suicide, must face the consequences of their actions. Serbia’s This and That Productions is producing in co-production with Croatia’s Kinorama, Bulgaria’s Invictus and Italy’s Nightswim. The film has been supported by Film Center Serbia, the Bulgarian National Film Center, the Italian Ministry of Culture and the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC). The shooting is due to start in 2024.


Page published 31 January 2023. Updated 1 February 2023.

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