PUENTES project CLARA SOLA receives funding

In development / pre-production March 2019


Eurimages has distributed about 4.4 million Euros of co-production support to 15 fiction film projects, 2 documentaries and 1 animation. Among them are 13 projects by EAVE graduates:

  • AVENGE by Marija Zidar, producer: EAVE group leader Danijel Hocevar
  • BIRDS OF A FEATHER by Hanna Bergholm, producer: EAVE graduate Mika Ritalahti
  • DARKLING by Dusan Milic producer: EAVE graduate Snezana Penev
  • GLASSBOY by Samuele Rossi EAVE + graduate Vincent Lucassen
  • HINTERLAND by Stefan Ruzowitzky, producers: EAVE graduate Oliver Neumann, EAVE+ graduate Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu
  • HOME by Franka Potente, producer: EAVE+ graduate Jonas Katzenstein
  • ILLYRICVM by Simon Bogojevic Narath, producer: EAVE group leader and Croatian National Coordinator Ankica Juric Tilic
  • I NEVER CRY by Piotr Domalewski, producer: EAVE graduate Jan Kwiecinski
  • LAMB by Valdimar Johannsson, producer EAVE graduate Hrönn Kristinsdottir
  • OTTO THE BARBARIAN by Ghitescu Ruxandra, producer: EAVE graduate Iuliana Tarnovetchi
  • THE INNOCENTS by Eskil Vogt, co-producers: EAVE graduates Mark Lwoff and Misha Jaari
  • THE MAN WHO SOLD HIS SKIN by Kaouther ben Hania, EAVE graduate Annabella Nezri
  • WHEN I’M DONE DYING by Nisan Dag, producer: EAVE graduates Dorothe Beinemeier, Müge Özen

Croatian Audiovisual Centre

The Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC) has announced the recipients of funding for the production of short and feature-length fiction and documentary films, as well as animated and experimental movies.

  • SLAV(E)S by Robert Zuber, producer: EAVE graduate Siniša Juri?i?
  • SUMMERHOUSE by Damir Cucic, producer: EAVE graduate Zdenka Gold
  • TRACES by Dubravka Turic, producer: EAVE graduate and Croatian National Coordinator Ankica Juric Tilic
  • YOUNG TESLA AND THE IDEA POACHERS by Petar Oreskovic, producer: EAVE graduate Siniša Juri?i?

Finnish Film Foundation

The Finnish Film Foundation supports 21 new projects, among them 11 fiction features, six feature-length documentaries, two short documentaries, one short animation and one animated series.

  • BIRDS OF A FEATHER by Hanna Bergholm, producer: EAVE graduate Mika Ritalahti
  • HAYFLOWER, QUILTSHOE AND THE FEISTY FIRST-GRADER by Lenka Hellstedt, producer: EAVE graduate Jarkko Hentula
  • HELENE by Antti J. Jokinen, producer: EAVE graduate Mikko Tenhunen
  • LIBRES! THIS TRAIN I RIDE by Arno Bitschy, producer: EAVE graduate Estelle Robin You
  • NORSKE BYGGEKLOSSER by Taneli Mustonen, producer: EAVE graduate Jukka Helle
  • O-2 by Margus Paju, producers: EAVE graduates Esko Rips, Jukka Helle, EAVE + graduate Kristian Taska
  • RISTO RÄPPÄÄJÄ JA VÄÄRÄ VINCENT by Maria Sid, producer: EAVE graduate Jukka Helle
  • SE MIELETÖN REMPPA by Taneli Mustonen, producer: EAVE graduate Jukka Helle
  • TALE OF A SLEEPING GIANT, produced and directed by EAVE + graduate Marko Röhr
  • THE GRAVEDIGGER by Khadar Ahmed, producers: EAVE graduates Mark Lwoff, Misha Jaari
  • THE RED RING, produced and directed by EAVE graduate Joonas Berghäll
  • VIILEÄ VOIMA by Sakari Suuronen, producer: EAVE graduate Mika Ritalahti

Norwegian Film Institute

The Norwegian Film Institute supports the following projects by EAVE graduates:

  • FLY WITH ME by Marja Pyykkö, producers: EAVE graduate and National Coordinator Norway Kristine Knudsen and EAVE graduates Venla Hellstedt and Elli Toivoniemi
  • JOURNEY TO UTOPIA by Erlend E. Moe, producer: EAVE Head of Studies Lise Lense-Møller

Swedish Film Institute

The Swedish Film Institute (SFI) has announced its February slate of funding, which comprises a total of eight films – two feature-length fictions, one feature-length documentary and five shorts. Among them:

  • I COME HOME AGAIN FOR CHRISTMAS by Ella Lemhagen, producer: EAVE graduate Sandra Harms
  • PUENTES project CLARA SOLA by Nathalie Alvarez Mensen, producer: PUENTES graduate Nima Yousefi

Film Fund Luxembourg

The Film Fund Luxembourg has announced the recipients of its latest slate of production and development funding.

  • ES SIEHT DICH by Jeff Desom, producer: EAVE graduate and Head of Studies Jani Thiltges
  • HIMBEEREN MIT SENF by Ruth Olshan, producer: EAVE+ graduate Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu
  • LES TÉMOINS VIVANTS Finally by Karolina Markiewicz, producer: EAVE graduate Paul Thiltges
  • ON THE EDGE OF TOURISM by Chris Poulles, producer: EAVE+ graduate Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu
  • PLAYBOY PRIEST by Arne Toonen, producers: EAVE graduate and Head of Studies Jani Thiltges, EAVE graduate Reinier Selen
  • SHOCK THE MONKEY by Blies Brothers, producer: EAVE graduate Marion Guth

In its first session of 2019, has selected 11 co-productions to receive funding. The projects include seven feature films, three documentaries and one television series. Among them are three films by EAVE graduates:

  • EAVE project MON LÉGIONNAIRE by Rachel Lang, producers: EAVE graduates Benoit Roland and Jeremy Forni
  • SANS SOLEIL by by Banu Akseki, producers: EAVE graduates Jean-Yves Roubin, Denis Vaslin
  • UNE VIE DÉMENTE by Ann Sirot and Raphaël Balboni, producer: EAVE participant Julie Esparbes

Screen Ireland

Screen Ireland supports the production of the following projects by EAVE graduates:

  • CALM WITH HORSES by Nick Rowland, co-producer: EAVE graduate Ed Guiney
  • EXTRA ORDINARY by Mike Ahern, Enda Loughman, producer: EAVE graduate Katie Holly, Ailish Bracken
  • SEND IN THE CLOWNS by George Kane, producer: EAVE graduate Macdara Kelleher
  • THE WINTER LAKE by David Turpin, producer: EAVE graduate Ruth Treacy
  • WILDFIRE by Cathy Brady, producer: EAVE graduate Martina Niland

HERSELF by Phyllida Lloyd, producer: EAVE graduate Ed Guiney is in pre-production. The first clapperboard for Phyllida Lloyd’s new project will slam at the end of April. The plot of the Dublin-set drama follows the story of Sandra, a young Irish mother of two daughters, who escapes her abusive boyfriend and fights back against a broken housing system. Sandra sets out to build her own home and, in the process, rebuilds her life and re-discovers herself. The movie is being produced by Ed Guiney and Andrew Lowe for Dublin-based Element Pictures, and Sharon Horgan for independent British firm Merman.
HERSELF has received financial support from BBC Films (UK) and Screen Ireland, with the Irish film agency having granted development support and two provisional offers of commitment to the production. The movie will be ready for an international release in 2020.

VICTIM by Michal Blasko, producer: EAVE graduate Pavla Janouskova Kubeckova and Jakub Viktorin is in pre-production. Loosely based on real-life events, the film follows Irina, an immigrant living in the Czech Republic. After her son ends up in hospital, he tells Irina and the police that a group of Roma carried out the attack. As other people increasingly show solidarity for Irina, her son’s account of how events unfolded starts to fall apart. According to the filmmakers, the story captures the current social climate and demonstrates the power of prejudice. VICTIM is being produced by nutprodukcia (Slovakia) and nutprodukce (Czech Republic), and co-produced by ESSE Production House (Ukraine). Creative Europe MEDIA, the Slovak Audiovisual Fund and the Czech Film Fund support the project. The producers are still looking for other co-production partners. Principal photography is planned to take place from the second half of October until mid-December. The project is set to be presented at the Cinéfondation Atelier 2019.
VICTIM`s producer Jakub Viktorin has been awarded a scholarship for EAVE Producers Workshop 2020. During the EAVE year, the producer will be focusing on the development of the project VICTIM.

Page published 27 March 2019. Updated 3 April 2019.

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