LOST AND FOUND by Fabrizio Maltese is in development

In Development March 2023

Finnish Film Foundation

The Finnish Film Foundation gave out €6.3 million production in March.

  • 1 HOLY LAND by Göran Olsson, producer: EAVE graduate Marja Pihlaja
  • CYCHOSIS by Kari Vidø, producer: EAVE graduate Aleksi Hyvärinen
  • FAT DANCE by Kirsikka Saari, producer: EAVE+ graduate Marianne Mäkelä
  • KEVLAR SOUL by Maria Eriksson-Hecht, producers: EAVE graduates Misha Jaari, Mark Lwoff, Lizette Jonjic, Verona Meier
  • NEVER ALONE by Klaus Härö, produced by EAVE+ graduate Ilkka Matila
  • THE ANDERSSON BROTHERS by Johanna Bernhardson, producers: EAVE graduates Annika Hellström, Kaarle Aho
  • THE GRUMP’S LOVE STORY by Mika Kaurismäki, producer: EAVE graduate Jukka Helle
  • UNELMA KOHTI by EAVE graduate Joonas Berghäll


Croatian Audiovisual Centre

Croatia Announces Minority Coproduction Grants of March 2023:

  • IN THE SHADOW OF HORNS by Ognjen Glavonic, producer: EAVE graduate, group leader and Croatian National Coordinator Ankica Juric Tilic
  • KISMET by Ziga Virc, producer: EAVE graduate Sinisa Juricic


Romanian Film Centre

The following grants were announced by the Romanian Film Centre (CNC) in March:

  • APARTAMENTUL 49 by Catalin Mitulescu, producer: EAVE graduate Marcian Lazar
  • TIMP INFINIT by EAVE graduate Tudor Giurgiu, producer: EAVE graduate Oana Giurgiu
  • MAGNUM OPUS by Bogdan Mirica, producer: EAVE and TTB graduate Radu Stancu
  • MONARH by Dan Radu Mihai, producer: EAVE and TTB graduate Radu Stancu
  • ATLASUL UNIVERSULUI by Paul Negoescu, producer: EAVE and TTB graduate Radu Stancu
  • ARHIVA ARHIVELOR by Alexandru Solomon, producer: EAVE graduate and Romanian National Coordinator Ada Solomon
  • MATRYOSHKA BY Maricarmen Merino Mora, producer: EAVE and TTB graduate Radu Stancu
  • EXTRA MUROS by Radu Jude, producer: EAVE graduate and Romanian National Coordinator Ada Solomon
  • PASAGERUL CLANDESTIN by Liviu Tofan, producer: EAVE graduate Tudor Giurgiu
  • SCURTE POVESTI DE DRAGOSTE by EAVE graduate Anca Damian
  • GROUND ZERO by Zhanna Ozirna, producers: EAVE graduates Oana Giurgiu and Dmytro Shukanov


Wallonia-Brussels Federation Film Centre

In its final session of 2022, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation Film Centre awarded aid to28 feature-length works. Among them:

  • LE SUCCESSEUR by Xavier Legrand, producer: EAVE graduate Anton Iffland Stettner
  • LE VENTRE IDÉAL by Jessica Woodworth, producer: EAVE graduate Peter Brosens
  • NINO DANS LA NUIT by Laurent Micheli, producer: EAVE graduate Benoit Roland
  • PLANÈTE B by Aude-Léa Rapin, co-producer: EAVE graduate Benoit Roland
  • OUR WILDEST DAYS by Vasilis Kekatos, producer: EAVE graduate Julie Esparbes
  • UN BON PÈRE by Nabil Ben Yadir, producer: EAVE graduate Benoit Roland
  • UNE PART MANQUANTE by Guillaume Senez, producer: EAVE graduate Jacques-Henri Bronckart


  • YELLOW LETTERS by Ilker Catak, producer: EAVE graduate Enis Köstepen is in pre-production. Scheduled to shoot in Hamburg and Berlin this coming autumn YELLOW LETTERS will be a tense drama focusing on a moral quandary, concerning an artist couple in Turkey who lose their jobs overnight due to arbitrary state action and start to live in exile. Together with their growing daughter, they fight for a life of dignity and for their ideals as artists and parents. Çatak wrote the screenplay alongside Ayda Çatak and Ennis Köstepen. Yellow Letters will continue the filmmaker’s collaboration with producer Ingo Fliess, of if… Productions, Part of  the co-production team are Paris-based Haut et Court, which is also distributing in France, alongside Alamode as the German co-producer and distributor. The Turkish producers are Nadir Öperli’s Liman Film, and Enis Köstepen and Mustafa Sönmez’s Tyger Film, both of which helped develop the project from the beginning. Further support in Germany comes from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM), the MOIN Film Fund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein and the German-Turkish Co-production Development Fund.

  • LOST AND FOUND by Fabrizio Maltese, producers: EAVE graduates Marion Guth and Cédric Bonin is in development. Fabrizio Maltese’s documentary highlights a blind spot of art history. In pop culture and art, the representation of the male body was turned upside down at the turn of the 1980s with the devastating onslaught of AIDS. Lost & Found looks for early evidence of how art, and contemporary dance in particular, responded to the trauma of the new disease.

Page published 30 March 2023.

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