LABOUR DAY by Mladen Djordjevic is in production

In Production February 2021

  • VASIL by Avelina Prat, producer: TTB graduate Vesela Kazakova is shooting in Valencia. The main topics tackled by this feature are immigration and the welcome offered to refugees, but it will also prompt reflection on how difficult it is to connect with others and how relating to other people can be a clumsy affair – especially if they are different, but also when it’s those who are closest to us. Above all, it’s the story of a friendship, and of how an unknown and seemingly strange individual can leave an indelible mark on us. VASIL is a Distinto Films (Spain) and Activist 38 (Bulgaria) production. It secured backing from the ICAA, the Valencian Cultural Institute, the Catalan Institute of Cultural Companies and the Creative Europe – MEDIA programme. It boasts the involvement of RTVE and Televisió de Catalunya.


  • WAKE ME by Marko Santic, producer: EAVE group leader Danijel Hocevar is shooting. The story: Rok, who suffers from a temporary loss of memory, decides to leave an idyllic tourist town and returns to his hometown. He remembers neither his girlfriend Rina nor his troubled past. While trying to protect his younger brother Jure from bad company and influences, he is forced to face his former life again. The 32-days shooting will take place in Slovenian towns of Jesenice, Bled, Kamnik and Ljubljana. WAKE ME is produced by Danijel Hocevar and Zala Opara through Vertigo in co-production with Living Pictures (Serbia), Jaka Produkcija (Croatia) and Hippocampe Productions (France). The film is supported by the Slovenian Film Centre, the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC), Film Center Serbia, Eurimages, MEDIA – Creative Europe and Société des auteurs, compositeurs et éditeurs de musique – SACEM; with in-kind support from FS Viba film studio.


  • BOWLING SATURNE by Arieh Worthalter, producer: EAVE group leader Patrick Sobelman is shooting. The story focuses on Guillaume, a police chief who inherits the family bowling alley upon his father’s death. He decides to entrust its management to Armand, his spurned half-brother. But Armand’s impulsive behaviour and his improbable approach to managing the bowling alley prevent Guillaume from fully devoting himself to an investigation into a series of murders of young women which are sweeping the town… BOWLING SATURNE is produced by Patrick Sobelman on behalf of Ex Nihilo and is co-produced by Belgium’s Les Films du Fleuve. Pre-purchased by Canal+ and Ciné+, the feature film also benefits from an advance on receipts from the CNC, as well as enjoying the support of the Normandy region, of Wallimage and of the SOFICA companies Cinémage and Cinécap.


  • LABOUR DAY by Mladen Djordjevic, producers: EAVE graduate and Serbian National Coordinator Milan Stojanovic, EAVE graduates Maria Drandaki and Anamaria Antoci is shooting. The plot follows a group of ex-workers from a recently closed factory, who, in their fight for personal dignity, reach out to the supernatural. “With this film, I wish to express my personal view on the painful topic of transition from a socialist into a capitalist society, but from what I believe is a fresh angle, combining socio-political realism with the elements of a psychological thriller,” says the director. The film is being produced by Milan Stojanovic for Serbia's Sense Production, Djordjevic for Serbia's Corona Film, Martichka Bozhilova for Bulgaria's Agitprop, Maria Drandaki for Greece's Homemade Films, Ivan Marinovic for Montenegro's Adriatic Western and Anamaria Antoci for Romania's Tangaj Production. LABOUR DAY was supported by Film Center Serbia, the Bulgarian National Film Center, the Greek Film Centre, Film Centre Montenegro and Eurimages.

Page published 25 February 2021.

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