Festivals and Markets July 2020


 Revelations Perth Film Festival  (July 9 – 19)

  • ATLANTIS by Valentyn Vasyanovych, producer: EAVE graduate Vladimir Yatsenko 
  • PUSH by Frederik Gertten, producer: EAVE graduate Margarete Jangard

  • SIBERIA by Aberl Ferrara, producer: Interchange graduate Marta Donzelli

  • THE SOUND IS INNOCENT by Johana Ozvold, producers: EAVE graduate Jean-Laurent Csinidis


 Galway Film Fleadh (July 7 – 12)

  • IN TOUCH by Pawel Ziemilski, producer: EAVE graduate Anton Máni Svansson 

  • MY EXTRAORDINARY SUMMER WITH TESS by Steven Wouterlood, producers: EAVE graduates Marcel Lenz, Guido Schwab

  • POISSONSEXE by Olivier Babinet producer: PUENTES graduate Valérie Bournonville


FID International Film Festival of Marseille (July 22 – 26)

  • I WAS AT HOME, BUT by Angela Schanelec, line producer: EAVE graduate Jana Cisar, co-producer: EAVE graduate Natasa Damnjanovic


 Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (July 3 – 11)

  • BREAKING SURFACE by Joachim Hedén, producer: EAVE graduate Julia Gebauer

  • JUMBO by Zoé Wittock, producers: EAVE graduates Anaïs Bertrand, Pascaline Saillant, Annabella Nezri, Gilles Chanial

  • POISSONSEXE by Olivier Babinet producer: PUENTES graduate Valérie Bournonville 

  • SCHLAF by Michael Venus, producer: EAVE graduate Verena Gräfe Höft

  • SEA FEVER by Neasa Hardiman, producer: EAVE graduate Jean-Yves Roubin


 Sofia Meetings (July 3 – 8)

Second Film Projects

  • NENE by Mariam Khatchvani, producer: EAVE graduate Vladimer Katcharava

Plus Minus One Projects

  • THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO KIMON by Neritan Zinxhiria, producer: EAVE graduate Vasilis Chrysanthopoulos

  • THE HERD by Milko Lazarov, producer: EAVE participant Vesselka Kiryakova

  • THE WORKER by Eliza Petkova, producer: EAVE graduate Karsten Stöter

First Films First

  • LITTLE TROUBLE GIRL by Urska Djukic, producer: EAVE graduate Marina Gumzi

  • BABY by Kyritsis Nikolas, producer: EAVE graduate Maria Drandaki 

Projects in Bank

  • EAVE project DUE (TWO OF US) by Giuseppe Battiston, producer: EAVE graduate Marica Stocchi
  • HELLO by Stephan Komandarev, producer: EAVE graduate Katya Trichkova 
  • KIRIL'S LUCK by Milena Andonova, producer: EAVE graduate Katya Trichkova 
  • TRIUMPH by Peter Valchanov, Kristina Grozeva, producer: EAVE graduate Konstantina Stavraniou

Presentation of European Training Programmes including:

Mercedes Fernandez Alonso, TORINO FILM LAB, Italy
Violeta Kaminska, SCRIPTEAST, Poland
Antoine Le Bos, LESS IS MORE, France
Kristina Trapp, EAVE, Luxembourg
Stefan Arsenijevic, FIRST FILMS FIRST, Serbia


 Polish Days at New Horizons IFF (July 27 – 29)

Completed films

  • DEAR ONES by Grzegorz Jaroszuk, producer: EAVE graduate Agnieszka Kurzydło

  • LOVE TASTING by Dawid Nickel, producer: EAVE graduate Marta Habior

  • SWEAT by Magnus von Horn, producer: EAVE graduate Mariusz Wlodarski, sales: EAVE graduate Jan Naszewski


  • FEARS by Łukasz Ronduda, producer: EAVE graduate Kuba Kosma

  • FUCKING BORNHOLM by Anna Kazejak, producer: PUENTES and EAVE MW graduate Marta Lewandowska

  • GENTLEMEN OF ZAKOPANE by Maciej Kawalski, producer: EAVE graduate Agnieszka Dziedzic

  • I WANNA BE YOURS by Grzegorz Mołda, producer: EAVE graduate Izabela Igel

  • SORRY, POLAND by Kuba Czekaj, producer: EAVE graduate Anna Rozalska

  • TRACKERS by Maciej Mądracki, Michał Mądracki, Gilles Lepore, producers: EAVE graduate Beata Rzeźniczek

Works in Progress

  • ANATOMIA by Ola Jankowska, producers: EAVE graduates Łukasz Dzięcioł, Edyta Janczak-Hiriart

Marché du Film Online

  • WIKA! by Agnieszka Zwiefka, producer: EAVE graduate Katarzyna Slesicka

The POLISH FILM INSTITUTE – EAVE Scholarship award at the Polish Days 2020 goes to Anna Stylinska - congratulations!


 Transilvania International Film Festival Cluj-Napoca (July 31 – August 9)

  • 18% GREY by Viktor Chouchkov, producers: EAVE graduates Katya Trichkova, Boris Chouchkov, Marcel Lenz, Guido Schwab

  • ACASA, MY HOME by Radu Ciorniciuc, producer: EAVE graduate Monica Lazurean-Gorgan 

  • ADULTS IN THE ROOM by Costa-Gravras, producer: EAVE graduate Alexandre Gavras

  • ATLANTIS by Valentyn Vasyanovych, producer: EAVE graduate Vladimir Yatsenko

  • COLLECTIVE by Alexander Nanau, producer: EAVE graduate Bernard Michaux 

  • CORPUS CHRISTI by Jan Komasa, co-producer: EAVE graduate Patrice Nezan 

  • EAVE project SOLE
 by Carlo Sironi, producers: EAVE graduates Giovanni Pompili, Agnieszka Wasiak

  • FATHER by Srdan Golubovic, producers: EAVE graduates Danijel Hocevar, Adis Djapo, EAVE graduate and National Coordinator Bosnia-Herzegovina Amra Baksic Camo 

  • GIPSY QUEEN by Hüseyin Tabak, producer: EAVE graduate Danny Krausz 

  • INSTINCT by Halina Reijn, producers: EAVE graduates Frans van Gestel, Arnold Heslenfeld, Laurette Schillings

  • JUMBO by Zoé Wittock, producers: EAVE graduates Anaïs Bertrand, Pascaline Saillant, Annabella Nezri, Gilles Chanial

  • PATRICK by Tim Mielants, co-producers: EAVE graduates Jacques-Henri Bronckart, Peter Bouckaert, Frans van Gestel

  • PELICAN BLOOD by Katrin Gebbe, producer: EAVE graduate Vera Gräfe-Höft

  • IVANA THE TERRIBLE by Ivana Mladenovic, producer: EAVE graduate and Romanian National Coordinator Ada Solomon 

  • MALMKROG by Cristi Puiu, co-producers: EAVE graduates Milan Stojanovic, Anamaria Antoci, Labina Mitevska, Dan Wechsler

  • MARONA’S FANTASTIC TALE, produced and directed by EAVE graduate Anca Damian, co-producer: EAVE graduate Tomas Leyers 

  • ROUNDS by EAVE graduate Stephan Komandarev, producer: EAVE graduate Katya Trichkova 

  • SHINDISI by Dito Tsintsadze, co-producer: EAVE graduate Vladimer Katcharava  

  • THE BAREFOOT EMPEROR, directed and produced by EAVE graduate Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth, co-producers: EAVE graduates Frans van Gestel, Arnold Heslenfeld and Laurette Schillings

  • THE COUNTY by Grimur Hakonarson, producer: EAVE graduate Jamila Wenske

  • THE MONEYCHANGER by Federico Veiroj, producer: PUENTES graduate Hernan Musaluppi 

  • UPPERCASE PRINT by Radu Jude, producer: EAVE graduate and Romanian National Coordinator Ada Solomon

  • WOOD by EAVE graduates Ebba Sinzinger, Monica Lazurean-Gorgan, Michaela Kirst, producers: EAVE graduates Ebba Sinzinger, Monica Lazurean-Gorgan 


Frontières International Co-Production Market (July 23 - 26)

  • ELECTRIC CHILD by Simon Jaquemet, producer: EAVE graduate and group leader Didar Domehri, EAVE group leader and EAVE+ graduate Titus Kreyenberg 
  • THE WITCH'S BOY by Kyoko Miyake, producer: EAVE graduate Guillaume De Seille 
  • PUENTES project THE FEVER by Mateo Bendesky, producers: PUENTES graduates Agustina Costa Varsi, Daniel Pech

 Festivals cancelled or postponed

  • Odessa International Film Festival (September 25 – October 3)

  • European Film Festival Palic  (August 8 – 14)

  • Pula International Film Festival (July 13 – 21)

  • PriFest, Prishtina International Film Festival (August 25 – 30)

  • Durban International Film Festival (September 10 – 20) online

  • Jerusalem Film Festival (December 10 – 20)

  • New Horizons International Film Festival Wroclav (November 5 – 15)

Page published 30 July 2020. Updated 31 August 2020.

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