EURIMAGES supports 15 projects by EAVE graduates

In Development March 2022


The Executive Committee of the Fund has decided to support 23 feature films, including 7 documentaries and one animation, for a total amount of 5.516.000 EUR. Among the supported projects:

  • ARSENIE. AN AMAZING AFTERLIFE by Alexandru Solomon, producers: EAVE graduate and Romanian National Coordinator Ada Solomon, EAVE graduates Paul Thiltges, Adrien Chef
  • EAVE project NOT A WORD by Hanna Slak, producers: EAVE graduate Michel Balagué, Miha Cernec, EAVE+ graduate and TTB Head of Studies Christophe Bruncher
  • EBBA by Johanna Pyykkö, producer: EAVE graduates Andrea Berentsen Ottmar, Dyveke, Bjørkly Graver, EAVE participant Renée Mlodyszewski
  • EXCURSION by Una Gunjak, producers: EAVE graduates Sinisa Juricic, National Coordinator Bosnia and Herzegovina Amra Baksic-Camo, Adis Djapo, Elisa Fernanda Pirir
  • HUMAN / ANIMAL by Alessandro Pugno, producer: EAVE participant Daniele Segre
  • LOTUS by Signe Birkova, producer: EAVE FFF graduate Roberts Vinovskis
  • LUST by Ralitza Petrova, producer: EAVE graduate Katrin Pors
  • READ MY BREASTS by Anja Salomonowitz, producers: EAVE graduates Arash T. Riahi, Lucas Czjzek, co-producer: EAVE graduate Alba Sotorra Clua
  • SISTERS by Mika Gustafson, producers: PUENTES graduate Nima Yousefi, co-producers: EAVE graduates Marco Valerio Fusco, Maria Stevnbak Westergren, Venla Hellstedt, EAVE participant Jenni Jauri
  • THE EMPIRE by Bruno Dumont, co-producer: EAVE graduate Dorothe Beinemeier
  • THE END by Joshua Oppenheimer, co-producer: EAVE graduates Signe Byrge Sorensen, Monika Hellström Weston
  • THE FORGOTTEN HISTORY by Roya Sadat, producers: EAVE graduates Alba Sotorra Clua, Dutch National Coordinator Frank Hoeve
  • THE MECHANICS OF THINGS by Alessandra Celesia, producer: EAVE graduate Jean-Laurent Csinidis
  • THE RADICAL SELF by Johann Feindt, producer: EAVE+ graduate and EAVE group leader Titus Kreyenberg
  • THINGS THAT YOU KILL by Alireza Khatami, producer: EAVE graduate Mariusz Wlodarski


Film Fund Luxembourg

The Film Fund Luxembourg has announced the recipients of its first round of funding for 2022. The 18 projects include six fiction features, two animated features, three documentary features, one live-action series, one animated series, one documentary series, one docu-fiction series, two shorts and one VR work.

  • AU-DELÀ DES MURS by Julie-Schroell, producer: EAVE graduate Marion Guth
  • AUSSER OTEM by Eric Lahmène, producer EAVE+ Head of Studies Jani Thiltges
  • DOGBOY by Jaco Van Dormael, producer: EAVE graduate David Grumbach
  • GO WITH THE FLOH by Ali Samadi Ahadi, producer: EAVE+ graduate Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu
  • HOLLY by Fien Troch, producer: EAVE graduate Donato Rotunno
  • LE MONSTRE by Stéphan Roelants, producer: EAVE graduate Stéphan Roelants
  • LES SAISONS DE JANNET by Medhi Hmili, producer: EAVE graduate Donato Rotunno
  • THE GOLDEN RECORD by Stephen Korytko, producer EAVE+ Head of Studies Jani Thiltges
  • YOU CAN CALL ME MAX by EAVE graduates Nicolas Blies, Stéphane Hueber-Blies, Marion Guth, producer: EAVE graduate Marion Guth



Wallimage supports three fiction feature films and series in its 108th session.

Among them:

  • IO CAPITANO by Matteo Garrone, co-producer: TTB graduate Valerie Bournonville
  • ARCANES by Sarah Hirtt and Michèle Jacob, producer: EAVE graduate and group leader Diana Elbaum

Supported by

  • CHIENNES DE VIE by Xavier Seron, EAVE graduate Julie Esparbes
  • LE SYNDROME DES AMOURS PASSÉS by Ann Sirot and Raphaël Balboni, producer: PUENTES graduate Anthony Rey
  • THE OMEN by Baloji, producer: EAVE graduate Benoit Roland, co-producer: EAVE graduate Ellen de Waele


IDM Film Fund Südtirol-Alto Adige

Selected for production funding by the IDM Film Fund Südtirol-Alto Adige:

  • LA GUARDIA by Giulio Ricciarelli, producer: PUENTES graduate Alessandro Borelli
  • COSI COM’E by Antonello Scarpelli, producer: EAVE graduate Ingmar Trost
  • ZWEITLAND by Michael Kofler, co-producer: EAVE graduate Barbara Pichler


Slovenian Film Centre

Slovenia's Feature Film Production and Development Grants and Slovenian Minority Co-production Grants:

  • EAVE project THE LOST SON by Darko Stante, producer: EAVE graduates Nina Robnik, Miha Cernec, EAVE graduate and Slovenian National Coordinator Jozko Rutar
  • EVERYTHING THAT’S WRONG WITH YOU by Ursa Menart, producer: EAVE+ graduate Danijel Hocevar
  • KISMET by Ziga Virc, producer: EAVE graduate Bostjan Virc
  • LITTLE TROUBLE GIRLS by Urška Djukić, producer: EAVE graduate and Slovenian National Coordinator Jozko Rutar
  • UNGRATEFUL BEINGS by Olmo Omerzu, producer: EAVE graduate Jiri Konecny
  • YOUNG TESLA AND THE IDEA POACHERS by Petar Oreskovic, producer: EAVE graduate Sinisa Juricic, co-producers: EAVE graduates Bostjan Virc, Marko Paljic and Germen Boelens
  • THE HAPPIEST MAN IN THE WORLD by Teona Mitevska, producer: EAVE graduate Labina Mitevska, producer: EAVE+ graduate Danijel Hocevar

Page published 31 March 2022. Updated 1 April 2022.

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