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EAVE is happy to announce a vast presence of EAVE graduates at the next edition of When East Meets West! The co-production forum, set to take place from January 21 – 24, 2024, brings back to Trieste over 500 film professionals from more than 50 different countries. Are you ready?

Follow here the activities by EAVE and check out the projects and companies by EAVE graduates presented at the popular co-production platform!

  EAVE SESSION (January 22)

‘Paving the Way for Equitable Co-Productions’ – Jan 22, 17:00-18:00

A session in collaboration with the EAVE Impact Think Tank, with speakers EAVE graduate Karen Harnisch (producer, Film Forge, Canada), EAVE graduate Heejung Oh (producer, Seesaw Pictures, Netherlands/South Korea) and Mohamed Saïd Ouma, (executive director, Documentary Africa), moderated by EAVE graduate Tamara Mariam Dawit (Gobez Media, Canada).

Explore the challenges and opportunities in fostering equitable co-production relationships, inspiring producers to embrace inclusive and innovative collaboration methods within Europe and globally.

  EAVE THINK TANK 2024 (January 20-21)

The annual EAVE Impact Think Tank will take place on January 20 & 21 and it will focus on equitable approaches to co-production. It will bring together key professionals from across the industry value chain in order to come up with concrete suggestions and innovative ideas for our future. The closed-door event is reserved for invited participants. The outcome of the Think Tank will be shared later on – stay tuned!

  EAVE SLATE (January 20 – 23)

This innovative programme combines the EAVE group work method with a series of plenary sessions and individual consultancies focusing on strategic company planning, potential risk evaluation and company diversification. EAVE SLATE selects companies that are developing a slate of audiovisual works. The main objective is to define realistic short-, medium- and long-term strategies for the selected companies and explain how to select the right projects for inclusion in the company slates.

EAVE SLATE Group leaders and Experts: EAVE graduates Ankica Juric Tilic, Michael Kitzberger, Agustina Chiarino, Sophie Erbs and guest experts EAVE graduates Luis Singer (Iconoclast, Germany), Giorgos Karnavas (Heretic, Greece) and Maria Møller Christoffersen (Beofilm, Denmark).

The selected companies for the EAVE SLATE are the following:

  • 80 Mundos | producer: Maria Eugenia Lombardi | Argentina
  • Campfilm | producer: EAVE graduate Sára László | Hungary
  • Casatarantula | producer: EAVE and PUENTES graduate Nicolas van Hemelryck | Colombia
  • Chullachaki Cine | producer: PUENTES graduate Enid Campos | Colombia
  • December | producer: EAVE graduate Vlado Bulajic | Slovenia
  • dispàrte | producer: PUENTES graduate Alessandro Amato | Italy
  • Enquadramento Produções | producer: PUENTES graduate Leonardo Mecchi | Brazil
  • Fünferfilm | producer: EAVE graduate Julia Cöllen | Germany
  • FILMOSKOPIJA | producer: Jordančo Petkovski | Serbia
  • Goldman Film | producer: EAVE graduate Edwin Goldman | The Netherlands
  • PIPSER | producer: EAVE graduate Milenka Cogelja | Croatia
  • Sisyfos Film Production | producer: Ashley Smith | Sweden

EAVE producers’ presence at the WEMW Co-production Forum

EAVE will award one producer with an EAVE Producers Workshop scholarship 2025!

  • COSMONAUTS by Leo Černic, producer: EAVE graduate and Slovenian National Coordinator Jozko Rutar
  • INVISIBLE, directed and produced by PUENTES graduate Jorge Forero
  • LA MANCHA by Lindsey Cordero, Armando Croda, producer: PUENTES graduate Clémentine Mourão-Ferreira
  • MADE IN MUD by Anna Llargués, producer: EAVE graduate Sergio Grobas
  • MARATHON by Peter Kerekes, co-producer: EAVE graduate Julianna Ugrin
  • REBELLION OF MEMORY by Joël Jent, producer: Interchange graduate Charlotte Uzu
  • SONIA by Péter Akar, Rita Balogh, producers: EAVE graduates Sára László, Marcell Gerő
  • CHANGE project STRANGE SEA by Lala Aliyeva, producer: CHANGE graduate Aysel Akhundova
  • THE BLUE SWEATER WITH A YELLOW HOLE by Tetiana Khodakivska, producer: EAVE graduate Darya Bassel
  • TURQUOISE MOUNTAIN by Barbora Chalupová, producer: EAVE graduate Julie Marková Žáčková
  • WOMANISER by Mina Mileva & Vesela Kazakova, producer: EAVE graduate Vesela Kazakova

Works in Progress


  • ABANDONED by Vytautas Puidokas, producer: EAVE graduate and CHANGE group leader Estelle Robin You
  • CHANGE project BLUEBERRY DREAMS by Elene Mikaberidze, produced by CHANGE graduate Elene Margvelashvili
  • DAD’S LULLABY by Lesia Diak, producer: EAVE graduate Monica Lazurean Gorgan
  • DECEMBER by Grzegorz Paprzycki, producer: EAVE graduate Maciej Kubicki
  • PAVILION 6 by Goran Dević, producer: EAVE graduate Hrvoje Osvadic


  • BEFORE MEMORY by Joaquín González Vaillant, producer: EAVE graduate and PUENTES group leader Agustina Chiarino
  • CARAVAN by Zuzana Kirchnerová, producer: EAVE graduate Dagmar Sedláčková
  • MAN OF THE HOUSE by Andamion Murataj, producer: EAVE graduate Bojan Kanjera
  • THE LAST SUMMER by João Nuno Pinto, producer: EAVE participant Andreia Nunes
  • THE REMNANTS OF YOU by Gala Gracia, producer: EAVE+ graduate Carlo d’Ursi
  • WEIGHTLESS by Sara Fgaier, producer: EAVE graduate Serena Alfieri


  • HUNGER STRIKE BREAKFAST by Marija Razgutė, producer: EAVE graduate Marija Razgutė
  • WHITE FLASH by Laura Hermanides, producer: EAVE graduate Floor Onrust
  • WISHING ON A STAR by Peter Kerekes, producer: EAVE graduate Vanja Jambrovic, TTB graduate Stefano Centini


ANIMA SPIRIT | Animation Inspirational Lab

  • EAVE graduate Milos Ivanovic | Set Sail Films | Serbia
  • PUENTES graduate Maria Carla Del Rio Betancourt | Fasten Films | Spain
  • EAVE graduate Danae Spathara | Heretic | Greece

COLD OPEN | Drama Series Inspirational Lab

  • EAVE graduate Vicky Miha | Asterisk* | Greece
  • EAVE graduate Effie Skrobola | View Master Films | Greece
  • EAVE graduate Magdalena Sztorc | Mozaika Films | Poland

EAST & WEST | Co-Production Inspirational Lab

  • EAVE graduate Bojana Radulovic | Code Blue Production | Montenegro
  • EAVE graduate Martin Rattini | Helios Sustainable Films | Italy

GENRE FILMS | Fantastic Film Inspirational Lab

  • PUENTES graduate Claudio Esposito | The Piranesi Experience | Italy
  • TTB graduate Maya Korn | Mhk Productions | United States
  • EAVE graduate Marko Paljic | Gargantua Films | Serbia

IMPACT ZONE | Outreach & Impact Inspirational Lab

  • PUENTES graduate Patricia Barbieri | Prana Filmes | Brazil
  • EAVE participant Patricia D’Intino | Good Kids | Hungary


  • EAVE graduate Tena Gojic | Dinaridi Film | Croatia
  • EAVE Marketing Workshop graduate Andraž Jerič | Temporama | Slovenia

VIRTUAL INNOVATION | Virtual Production Inspirational Lab

  • EAVE graduate Mario Adamson | Sisyfos Film Productions | Sweden
  • EAVE graduate Claudia Sümeghy | Juno11 Pictures | Hungary


  • LITTLE HOUSE by Nika Jurman, producer: EAVE+ graduate Katja Lenarcic
  • TOKOS by Ary Zara, producer: EAVE participant Andreia Nunes

  Meet EAVE at WEMW

EAVE CEO Kristina Trapp, EAVE Project Managers Tanika Sajatovic and Ana Ruiz Miralles

For more information, please visit:

Page published 19 January 2024. Updated 31 January 2024.

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A scholarship has been set up to honour the memory of Alan Fountain, former Head of Studies and President of EAVE, who passed away in 2016. Its goal is to enable one producer from outside the EU to participate in all three sessions of the EAVE Producers Workshop each year.

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