EAVE project PSYCHOBITCH wins ArteKino Festival

Awards January 2020

Trieste Film Festival

  • THE FATHER by Kistina Grozeva, Petar Valchanov, producer: EAVE graduate Konstantina Stavrianou won the

When East Meets West

Five awards for EAVE graduates at the Co-production Forum of When East Meets West at Trieste:

Film Centre Serbia Development Award

  • WOMEN DO CRY by Mina Mileva and EAVE graduate Vesela Kazakova, producer: EAVE graduate Vesela Kazakova

EAVE Producers Workshop Scholarship

  • Ion Gnatiuc of Niste Filme (Moldova), Project: ELECTING MISS SANTA by Raisa Razmerita

Pop Up Film Residency Award

  • EAVE project ORDINARY FAILURES by Cristina Grosan, producer: EAVE graduate Marek Novak

First Hand Fabulous Award and Flow Digital Cinema Award

  • EVERYTHING WILL NOT BE FINE by Adrian Pîrvu, Helena Maksyom, producer: EAVE graduate and Romanian National Coordinator Ada Solomon

Film Centre Serbia LSTAward

  • HOLY FATHER by Andrei Dascalescu, producer: TTB graduate Anda Ionescu

Selected Projects of RE-ACT – Co-Development Funding Scheme:

  • THE JUNGLE by Gregor Bozic, producer: EAVE graduate Marina Gumzi
  • THE LOST SON by Darko Stante, producer: EAVE graduate Miha Cernec
  • GOD WILL NOT HELP by Hana Jusic, producer: EAVE graduate Ankica Juric Tilic
  • HELLO ISABEL by Anja Kofmel, producer: EAVE graduate Sinisa Juricic

Les Arcs Film Festival

  • ATLANTIS by Valentyn Vasyanovych, producer: EAVE graduate Vladimir Yatsenko won the main award, the Flèche de Cristal at the Les Arcs Film Festival in December.
  • INSTINCT by Halina Reijn, producers: EAVE graduates Frans van Gestel, Arnold Heslenfeld, Laurette Schillings won Best Actress and the Prix Cineuropa
  • ECHO (BERGMAL) by Runar Runarsson, co-producer: EAVE graduate Dan Wechsler won the Interfilm Church Film Prize and was awarded Best Music
  • SYSTEM CRASHER by Nora Fingscheidt, producer: EAVE graduate and German National Coordinator Jonas Weydemann won the Prix du Public

French Critics Syndicate

The French Critics Syndicate handed out its awards for 2019:

  • DELPHINE ET CAROLE INSOUMUSES by Callisto Mc Nulty, producer: EAVE graduate Nicolas Lesoult was awarded Best French Documentary
  • ELECTRIC SWAN by Konstantina Kotzamani, producer: EAVE graduate Maria Drandaki won Best French Short Film


  • AND THEN WE DANCED by Levan Akin, producer: EAVE FFF graduate Ketie Daniela picked up the Swedish Guldbaggen Awards for Best Film, Best Lead, Best Script and Best Cinematography . The film also won the Greta, the annual award handed out by the Swedish Film Critic Association.
  • TRANSNISTRA by Anna Eborn, producer: EAVE graduate David Herdies was awarded Best Documentary Film
  • ANIARA by Hugo Lilja, Pella Kagerman, producer: EAVE graduate Annika Rogell won Best Director, Best Visual Effects, Best Actress in a Leading Role, Best Actress in a Supporting Role, and Best Actor in a Supporting Role
  • THE PERFECT PATIENT by Mikael Håfström, producer: EAVE graduate Helena Danielsson won Best Make-up and Best Costumes
  • SWOON by Mans Marlind, Björn Stein, producer: EAVE graduate Kristina Aberg won Best Original Score
  • 438 DAYS produced by EAVE graduate Karl Fredrik Ulfung won Best Sound/Sound Design

Tromso International Film Festival

  • ATLANTIS by Valentyn Vasyanovych, producer: EAVE graduate Vladimir Yatsenko won the main award, the Aurora Prize at the Tromso International Film Festival
  • COLLECTIVE by Alexander Nanau, producer: EAVE graduate Bernard Michaux was awarded the Don Quixote Prize

Max Ophüls Filmfestival

  • WAREN EINMAL REVOLUZZER by Johanna Moder, producer: EAVE Oliver Neumann was awarded Best Director at the Max Ophüls Filmfestival.
  • EIN BISSCHEN BLEIBEN WIR NOCH by EAVE graduate Arash T. Riashi won the Audience Award.

ArteKino Festival

  • EAVE project PSYCHOBITCH by by Martin Lund, producer: EAVE graduate Ruben Thorkildsen, co-producer: EAVE graduate Ditte Milsted won the ArteKino Festival, organised in December by Arte in conjunction with Festival Scope (and with backing from Creative Europe).


Premios Feroz

  • ADVANTAGES OF TRAVELLING BY TRAIN by Aritz Moreno, producer: EAVE graduate Merry Colomer won the award for Best Comedy at the Premios Feroz, handed out by the Spanish Association of Film Journalists.

Bavarian Film Awards

  • SYSTEM CRASHER by Nora Fingscheidt, producer: EAVE graduate and German National Coordinator Jonas Weydemann won the Bavarian Film Award in the category “Producers”.


IFFR Pro Awards have been handed out at the 39th Cinemart:

  • INFANTA by Natalia Garagiola, producer: EAVE graduate Benjamin Domenech won the Eurimages Co-production Development Award
  • A SHADOW CREEPS IN SILVER TREES by John Trengove, producer: EAVE graduates Cait Pansegrouw, Elias Ribeiro won the Filmmore Post-production Award
  • SLEEPWALKERS by Radu Jude, producer: EAVE graduate and Romanian National Coordinator Ada Solomon won the ArteKino International Prize
  • ELECTRIC SLEEP by Zeynep Dadak, producer: EAVE+ graduate and EAVE group leader Titus Kreyenberg won the new IFFR Pro Young Network Award
  • LA HIJA DE TODAS LAS RABIAS by Laura Baumeister, producer: PUENTES graduate Eva Chillon and
  • TTB project NINGDU by Lei Lei, producers: Ties That Bind graduates Ying Liang and Isabelle Glachant won the Dutch Post-production Award granted by the Netherlands Film Fund, the Hubert Bals Fund, and the Netherlands Post production Alliance

Lumière awards

  • IT MUST BE HEAVEN by Elia Suleiman, producers: EAVE graduates Martin Hampel, Laurine Pelassy won Best International Co-production at Lumière awards presented by The Advanced Imagining Society
  • ADULTS IN THE ROOM by Costa-Gavras, producer: EAVE graduate Alexandre Gavras won Best Music.

Page published 30 January 2020.

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