EAVE project MAMI WATA now in post-production

In post-production January 2021

  • MEDITERRANEO by Marcel Barrena, producers: EAVE graduate Konstantinos Kontovrakis, EAVE+ graduate Giorgos Karnavas is in post-production. The story takes us back to a voyage undertaken in 2015 by Oscar Camps and Gerard Canals, lifeguards on the Badalona coast, after seeing an image that sickened the world: the lifeless body of a young boy, washed up on a Mediterranean beach. Since that photograph was taken, hundreds of unsung heroes have saved the lives of more than 100,000 fellow humans, under the auspices of the NGO Open Arms. The film was inspired by these volunteers and their struggle to stem the tragedy unfolding at sea. In the words of Barrena, “MEDITERRANEO has been conceived as a sensitive, hopeful film that keeps you on the edge of your seat, without losing sight of what it means to tell the true story of this unthinkable reality that keeps on repeating itself, day after day, on our own beaches.” MEDITERRANEO is being produced by Lastor Media, Fasten Films, Arcadia Motion Pictures and Cados Producciones (Spain) and Heretic (Greece), in association with RTVE, Movistar+ and TVC. The project has received support from the ICAA, the ICEC and Creative Europe MEDIA Programme.


  • EAVE project OTHER PEOPLE by Aleksandra Terpinska, producer: EAVE graduate Beata Rzezniczek is in post-production. The film is an urban drama about Kamil, a wannabe-rapper who should be getting his life and career going but instead gets high, roams around the city and starts an affair with a bored, rich housewife Iwona. It’s a polyphonic story about isolated people dreaming of love in the big city. Claudia Smieja-Rostworowska and Beata Rzezniczek from Polish outfit Mandants produced the film in co-production with France’s Alcatraz Films, and Poland’s Moderator Inwestycje, Film Produkcja, Warner Bros. Poland, Mazovia Warsaw Film Fund and Abstraction Plan. The film is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute. EAVE graduate Jan Naszewski (New Europe Film Sales) handles the sales.


  • EAVE project MAMI WATA by C.J. Fiery Obasi, producer: EAVE graduate Oge Obasi has wrapped up shooting. The female-driven revenge thriller based on the Mermaid Goddess folklore of West Africa was shot on an Island in Lagos. The film received funding at the Durban International Film Fest.


  • SONGS FOR A FOX by Kristijonas Vildziunas, producer: EAVE FFF graduate Roberts Vinovskis is in post-production. The film tells the story of Dainius, a young rock singer who, after his lover’s death, locks himself away in solitude in a secluded country house surrounded by swamps. Hoping to meet his beloved in dreamland, he studies the art of lucid dreaming. The musician is eagerly assisted by a local boy exploited by moonshiners, whom he leads into this realm. A surrealist tale based on the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice is weaved inside the mind’s eye, and intertwined with the lethargic realism of post-Soviet small-town life. SONGS FOR A FOX is being produced by Uljana Kim for Lithuania’s Studio Uljana Kim, and co-produced by Roberts Vinovskis for Latvia’s Studio Locomotive and Kalev Tamm for Estonia’s Eesti Joonisfilm, with the support of the Lithuanian Film Centre, Eurimages, the National Film Centre of Latvia, the European Union’s Creative Europe – MEDIA programme, the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and pubcaster LRT.


  • YELLOW SULFUR SKY by Claes Olsson, producer: EAVE+ graduate Jukka Helle is in post-production. Based on a novel by Kjell Westö, the film promises to dig into decades-long relationships. The main character, Frej, meets Stella when he is around 17 or 18 years old. Their relationship goes up and down, like a roller-coaster. They love each other, then hate each other, and so on. But although their affection is undeniably strong, Frej and Stella encounter many difficulties along the way, and the fact that they come from two different worlds doesn't help. Stella comes from a very wealthy, upper-class family. Frej is from a lower class, and his father hasn't been very successful in his life. “I do see it as a film about class distinction and how we are all rooted in it,” says Olsson. “It's a part of your history, and it's difficult to get rid of. I come from a middle-class family, and I went to school with a lot of rich kids: I am familiar with this situation and this ‘social game’ that starts early on. Which is one of the reasons why this film may be about love and friendship, but I don't see it as your usual love story. I think it has more to do with why these bonds are so important and yet so difficult to hold on to.”


  • THE HATCHER by Grzegorz Molda, producer: EAVE graduate Izabela Igel is in post-production. Grzegorz Molda’s first feature revolves around a troubled youth and his hope for a fresh start. The story revolves around two characters. Marta is a tutor in a training flat, and Karol, her young charge, is serving his sentence in a young offenders’ institution. He wants a new beginning, and both his stay in the facility and Marta will help him to get back on his feet again. The film is being produced by Izabela Igel through Warsaw-based Harine Films, and received financial support from the Polish Film Institute as well as the Polish public broadcaster TVP.


  • GOLDEN LAND by by Inka Achté, producer: EAVE graduate Liisa Karpo is in post-production. Mustafe and his family, who, after 25 years in Finland, decide to go back to Somaliland after it's revealed that the land they own – or, rather, what it is hiding – may change their lives forever.

Page published 29 January 2021.

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