EAVE project CENTRE OF THE EARTH supported by Hubert Bals Fund

In Development November 2020

 Creative Europe

EAVE graduates supported by Creative Europe for development of audiovisual content – including 3 EAVE projects developed at EAVE Producers Workshops:

  • BLOCK 5, producer: EAVE graduate Vlado Bulajic
  • CELEBRATION, producer: EAVE graduate Zdenka Gold
  • EAVE project BIG WOODEN EYES by Ivana Mladenovic and Adrian Schiop, producer: EAVE graduate and Romanian National Coordinator Ada Solomon and EAVE graduate Diana Paroiu
  • EAVE project MAYSOON by Nancy Biniadaki, produced by EAVE participant Christopher Zitterbart
  • EAVE project SOUVENIRS OF WAR by Georg Zeller, produced by EAVE participant Moritz Bonatti
  • ENTRELACS, producer: PUENTES graduate Estela Valdivieso Chen
  • GOODBYE BEAUTIFUL, producer: EAVE MW graduate Jovana Karaulic
  • ORLANDO, producer: EAVE graduate Marica Stocchi
  • LA BELLA ESTATE, producer: EAVE graduates Luca Legnani, Giovanni Pompili
  • LES IMMORTELLES, producer: EAVE graduate Laurine Pelassy
  • RASHID, JEUNESSE A SINJAR, producer: EAVE group leader Patrick Sobelman
  • RAVENGIRL, producer: EAVE participant Nicholas Sando
  • RIVIERA, producer: EAVE and TTB graduate Konstantinos Vassilaros
  • SOMMER DER FREUNDSCHAFT, producer: EAVE+ graduate Johannes Rexin
  • SOUL SISTER, producer: EAVE graduate and group leader Didar Domehri
  • THE GRAND TOUR, producer: EAVE graduate Filipa Reis!CP38Nr


 German Federal Film Board

The following films by EAVE graduates have been supported by the German-French Commission of the FFA

  • AEIOU – Das schnelle Alphabet der Liebe by Nicolette Krebitz, producer: EAVE graduate Jonas Dornbach
  • OHNE RÜCKKEHR / SANS RETOUR by Davy Chou, producer: Interchange and B´EST graduate Charlotte Vincent
  • DESERTS by Faouzi Bensaïdi, producer: EAVE graduate Nicole Gerhards
  • DIE KUH, DIE EIN LIED ÜBER DIE ZUKUNFT SANG / LA VACHE QUI CHANTAIT LE FUTUR by Francisca Alegría, producers: EAVE graduates Tom Dercourt and Sophie Erbs


 Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

  • TWO EYEDS by Ziya Demirel, producer: EAVE graduate Anamaria Aslanoglu receives support from the German-Turkish Co-Production Development Fund.


 Netherlands Film Fund

In the third round of the Netherlands Film Production Incentive of 2020 five films and one drama series by EAVE graduates receive funding.

  • CHICKEN BOY by Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson, producer: EAVE graduate Anton Mani Svansson
  • I AM ZLATAN by Jens Sjögren, producer: EAVE graduate Derk-Jan Warrink
  • PIECE OF MY HEART by Dana Nechushtan, producers: EAVE graduates Frans van Gestel, Arnold Heslenfeld, Laurette Schillings
  • SPLENDID ISOLATION by Urszula Antoniak, producer: EAVE graduate Floor Onrust
  • THE WOODCUTTER STORY by Mikko Myllylahti, producer: EAVE graduate Derk-Jan Warrink
  • ZENITH 2 by Joost van Hezik, producer: EAVE graduate Leontine Petit


 Hubert Bals Fund

Supported by the NFF + Hubert Bals Fund Co-production Scheme:

  • EAVE project CENTRE OF THE EARTH by Gabriel Mascaro, producer: EAVE graduate Rachel Daisy Ellis 
  • CHOCOBAR by Lucrecia Martel, producers: EAVE graduate Benjamin Domenech, co-producers: TTB graduate Mikkel Jersin, EAVE graduate Katrin Pors


 Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation

The Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT SA) has announced that it is supporting 17 Greek and international co-productions during its latest round of financing. Among the selected projects are:

  • ANIMAL by Sofia Exarchou, producer: EAVE graduate Maria Dandraki
  • AZURE by Stratis Chatzielenoudas, producers: EAVE graduate and Greek National Coordinator Konstantinos Kontovrakis, EAVE+ graduate Giorgos Karnavas   
  • BIVAK by George Drivas, producer: EAVE+ graduate Fenia Cossovitsa
  • DARKLING by Dusan Milic, producer: EAVE graduate Konstantina Stavrianou 
  • DEAR FUTURE by Christiana Cheiranagnostaki, producer: EAVE graduate Ioanna Bolomyti  
  • IRIS by Myrsini Aristidou, producer: EAVE graduate Konstantina Stavrianou 
  • KYUKA – JOURNEY TO THE MOON by Kostis Charamountanis, producers: EAVE graduate and Greek National Coordinator Konstantinos Kontovrakis, EAVE+ graduate Giorgos Karnavas
  • NYTHERINOS EKFONITIS by Renos Haralambidis, producer: EAVE graduate Vicky Miha
  • RIVIERA by Orfeas Peretzis, producer: EAVE and TTB graduate Konstantinos Vassilaros 
  • THE TEAM OF PELE by Marios Karamanis, producer: EAVE graduate Ioanna Bolomyti


 Estonian Film Institute

The Estonian Film Institute supports five new productions by EAVE graduates:

  • CAPTAIN VOLKONOGOV ESCAPED by Natalya Merkulova, Alexey Chupov, producer: EAVE graduate Katrin Kissa
  • JUHENDAJA by Alice Troughton, producer: EAVE graduate Esko Rips
  • LIFE OF IVANNA by Renato Borrayo Serrano, co-producer: EAVE graduate Pertti Veijalainen
  • MELCHIOR THE APOTHECARY by Elmo Nüganen, producers: EAVE graduate Esko Rips, EAVE+ graduate Kristian Taska
  • THE INVISIBLE FIGHT by Rainer Sarnet, producer: EAVE graduate Katrin Kissa


 Sundance Documentary Fund

Supported films by EAVE graduates:

  • WITNESSES FROM THE SHADOWS by Ousmane Samassekou, producer: EAVE graduate Estelle Robin You
  • THE MIRACLE OF ALMERIA by Moon Blaisse, producer: EAVE graduate Emmy Oost
  • MUSEUM OF THE REVOLUTION by Srdan Keca, producer: EAVE graduate Vanja Jambrovic
  • A NIGHT OF KNOWING NOTHING by Payal Kapadia, producer: EAVE CPI graduate Thomas Hakim

Page published 30 November 2020.

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