DANCING ON THE EDGE OF A VOLCANO is supported by Sundance Documentary Fund

In Development November 2021

World Cinema Fund

The World Cinema Fund (WCF) jury made its selection from 141 submitted projects from a total of 50 countries. Five of the selected films are produced by EAVE graduates.

Production Funding WCF

  • VIET AND NAM by Minh Quy Truong, producers: TTB graduate Bradley Liew, TTB group leader and National Coordinator Asia Bianca Balbuena 
  • PUAN by Maria Alché & Benjamin Naishtat, producer: PUENTES graduate Barbara Francisco, EAVE graduate Barbara Sarasola-Day, co-producer: EAVE graduate Giovanni Pompili
  • THE DAM  by Ali Cherri, co-producer: EAVE graduate Janja Kralj

WCF Europe

  • PUENTES project WHO KILLED NARCISO? by Marcelo Martinessi, producer: PUENTES graduate Sebastian Peña Escobar



Netherlands Film Fund

In the third round of the Netherlands Film Production Incentive and Co-production Fund of 2021 10 films and one drama series by EAVE graduates receive funding.

  • ABOVE THE DUST by Wang Xiaoshuai, co-producer: EAVE graduate Leontine Petit
  • RIFT IN THE ICE by Maja Milos, co-producer: EAVE graduate Denis Vaslin
  • THE SILENT TREATMENT by Caroline Strubbe, producer: EAVE graduate Tomas Leyers, co-producer: EAVE graduate Denis Vaslin
  • SKUNK by Koen Mortier, producer: EAVE graduate and Dutch National Coordinator Frank Hoeve
  • TORCH SONG by Jeroen Houben, producer: EAVE graduate Floor Onrust
  • REIMERSWAAL by Joram Lürsen, producer: EAVE graduate Leontine Petit
  • WILL by Tim Mielants, producer: EAVE graduate Tomas Leyers
  • THE GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS by Morgan Knibbe, producer: EAVE graduate and Dutch National Coordinator Frank Hoeve
  • ALL IN MOTHER’S LAND by Zhanna Agalakova, producer: EAVE graduate Raymond van der Kaaij
  • THE FORGOTTEN HISTORY by Roya Sadat, co-producer: EAVE graduate and Dutch National Coordinator Frank Hoeve
  • KALUNYO by Iglika Triffonova, co-producer: EAVE graduate and Romanian National Coordinator Ada Solomon

Supported by the NFF + Hubert Bals Fund Co-production Scheme:

  • TTB project TIGER STRIPES by Amanda Nell, produced by TTB graduate Foo Fei Ling, co-producers: EAVE graduate Fran Borgia, TTB graduate Yulia Evina Bhara and EAVE graduate, TTB group leader and German National Coordinator Jonas Weydemann.



Sundance Documentary Fund

  • DANCING ON THE EDGE OF A VOLCANO by Cyril Aris, producer: EAVE graduate Myriam Sassine is supported by the Sundance Documentary Fund: A country that experiences one disaster after another. A film crew that surmounts the insurmountable to shoot their vision of Lebanon’s future. A portrait of Beirut society in the aftermath of the August 4th 2020 port explosion, struggling to rebuild, resist, and ultimately find life again.



Wallimage, Wallonia’s regional investment fund, supports 7 new projects, among them.

  • ENNEMI PUBLIC, series by EAVE graduate Sébastien Delloye 
  • ALLAH N’EST PAS OBLIGÉ by Najjar Zaven, producers: EAVE graduates Anne-Laure Guegan, Geraldine Sprimont, Paul Thiltges
  • LA NUIT DU 12 by Dominik Moll, co-producer: EAVE graduate Henri-Jacques Bronckart
  • ORLANDO by Daniele Vicari, producer: EAVE graduate Donato Rotunno


Page published 30 November 2021.

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A scholarship has been set up to honour the memory of Alan Fountain, former Head of Studies and President of EAVE, who passed away in 2016. Its goal is to enable one producer from outside the EU to participate in all three sessions of the EAVE Producers Workshop each year.

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