BOTH OF YOUR MOTHERS by Giedre Zickyte is in post-production

In Production and in Post-production January 2024

In production

  • NINO DANS LA NUIT by Laurent Micheli, producer: EAVE graduate Benoit Roland is in production. In the adaptation of Simon and Capucine Johannin’s much remarked-upon novel, Micheli is exploring the turmoil of modern-day youth and their search for meaning in a daily life marked by precariousness. The story sees 20-year-old Nino Paradis successfully escaping an evening gone wrong, but after a failed attempt to join the Foreign Legion, he finds himself shambolically back at square one. Nino meets up with Lale, the woman who sets his heart ablaze, together with Malik and Charlie, his two partners in crime. From badly paid, rubbish odd jobs to nights full of drugs corresponding to all letters of the alphabet, Nino snatches a place for himself in a world which doesn’t seem obliging. But at what cost?

  • BALTIC UXO by Alexander Belinski and Agne Dovydaityte, producer: EAVE graduate and National Coordinator for Lithuania Dagne Vildziunaite, co-produced by EAVE graduates Elisa Pirir and Julia Cöllen is currently in production. The documentary is a brooding and meditative cinematic journey about the effects that the dumping of 1.6 million tons of unexploded military munition (UXO) into the Baltic and Northern Seas after WW2 has on nature and people around the Baltic. “The feeling we hope to convey to the viewer can be described by a simple life situation that many people have experienced: you are swimming in unfamiliar waters or maybe just a dark pond, and you have this uncomfortable feeling as if someone is about to grab your leg. It's so real that you might even start to feel something physically. This feeling of tension is born out of the innate fear of the unknown, primal instinct and one's imagination filling the gaps of the uncharted”, directors Agne Dovydaite and Alexander Belinski say. BALTIC UXO is produced by Lithuanian Just a Moment in co-production with Fünferfilm (Germany) and Staer (Norway). Dagne Vildziunaite and Karsten Krause are the producers. The project received financial support from the Lithuanian Film Centre, from Tax Incentive Lithuania and from MOIN Film Fund Hamburg.


In Post-production

EAVE graduate Raymond van der Kaaij has partially relocated to Tbilisi, Georgia and is now producing from both Georgia and his home country The Netherlands, has currently several films in post-production:

  • THE OCCUPANT by Hugo Keijzer, producer: EAVE graduate Raymond van der Kaaij wrapped shooting last winter in Georgia and Northern Ireland. The picture is currently in advanced stage of post-production. Sales are handled by Altitude Films with Orogen Media as lead financier. The film is produced by Raymond van der Kaaij for Revolver, Jay Taylor and Kwesi Dickson for Electric Shadow Company and co-produced in Georgia by Lasha Khalvashi for Artizm and Vladimer Khatcharava for 20Steps.
  • ELECTRIC CHILD by Simon Jacquemet, co-producers: EAVE graduate Raymond van der Kaaij, and EAVE + graduate Titus Kreyenberg. 
  • WHEN THE LIGHT BREAKS by Runar Runarsson, co-producer: EAVE graduate Raymond van der Kaaij is also in post-production. The story: ‘Young People Fighting Their Inner and Outer Demons.’ Runarsson serves as producer together with Heather Millard of Iceland’s Compass Films, in co-production with local banner Halibut, Revolver Amsterdam for Benelux, France’s Eaux Vives/Jour2Fête and Croatia’s MP Film.   MUY LEJOS (ZO VER WEG) by Gerard Oms, producer: EAVE graduate Raymond van der Kaaij is in post-production. The film, whose screenplay was penned by the director, tells of a journey, a rite of passage for Dani, who travels to Utrecht with his family to watch a sporting event. But before going back to Barcelona, he has a panic attack and makes the decision to stay in the Netherlands. Unable to give any rational explanation to his loved ones, he severs all contact with his past. From that moment on, he will have to survive, with no money, friends or place to call home, and with no ability to speak the local language, until he is finally able to find himself. MUY LEJOS (ZO VER WEG) is a Spanish-Dutch co-production staged by Zabriskie Films and Revolver Amsterdam. It has received support from the Creative Europe – MEDIA programme, the ICEC (Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries), the ICAA (Institute of Film Arts and Sciences) and the Netherlands Film Fund, and it boasts the involvement of TV3 (Televisió de Catalunya) and TVE (Televisión Española).

  • YUGO FLORIDA by Vladimir Tagic, producers: EAVE graduates Marija Stojanovic and Katya Trichkova is in post-production. Serbian filmmaker Vladimir Tagic has now come up with a personal story, written and directed by Tagic himself and inspired by the last seven months before his father’s death. Tagic’s alter-ego Zoran is a chronically fatigued night-shift worker on a reality-TV programme, where he closely follows sleeping participants on around 50 monitors. Zoran’s awkward and almost pointless life, also including a pothead roommate and an unavailable ex-girlfriend, is turned upside-down when his estranged and intolerable father is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Eventually, Zoran finds himself committed to helping him through his final weeks. Producer Marija Stojanovic, from Serbia’s Sense Production, defines YUGO FLORIDA as an arthouse drama that is aimed first and foremost at an audience of arthouse-film lovers. “However, judging by the example of Tagic's work so far, his treatment may be of interest to a wider audience as well,” adds Stojanovic. The co-production between Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Croatia is being backed by Bulgaria’s Contrast Films, with Katya Trichkova as head of production; Croatia’s Eclectica; and Montenegro’s Adriatic Western. Besides funding bodies from the aforementioned territories, the film was also financed by Creative Europe – MEDIA and Eurimages. It has a total budget of approximately €600,000. Editing is currently happening in Serbia, colour grading and mastering will be executed in Croatia, while the sound post-production will be completed in Bulgaria.

  • BOTH OF YOUR MOTHERS by Giedre Zickyte, producer: EAVE graduate Pille Rünk is in post-production. The film follows the last years of professor Irena Veisaite's life. A distinguished Germanist and theatre scholar, Irena, now in her 90s, is unapologetically modern, inspiring, building bridges between people of different ages, religions and nationalities. Her home is always full of different people and languages. BOTH OF YOUR MOTHERS challenges viewers to reflect on the enduring impact of war, the strength found in love and the potential for positive change even in the darkest moments of history. The narrative weaves together personal stories and historical events, honouring Irena’s legacy as a beacon of hope and a staunch advocate for understanding amidst the chaos of the past and present. “Irena was my friend despite the 52 years age gap. I was inspired by her unbreakable spirit and exceptional humanity. I was trying to understand how she could stay after surviving and witnessing such crimes, where the surroundings constantly reminded her of past horrors. Why did she decide to stay here and, most importantly, to forgive the past? How she, having lived through two horrible realities, Nazi and Stalinist, did not lose her love for people? Unfortunately, and sadly, Irena passed away during the film’s production. This film is going to be my farewell letter for Irena, for the woman who deeply affected me with her empathy, irrepressible intellectual curiosity, commitment to understanding the other and a vigorously open mind”, Giedre Zickyte said. BOTH OF YOUR MOTHERS is produced by Giedre Zickyte through Lithuanian Moonmakers and co-produced by Pille Rünk through Estonian Allfilm and Martichka Bozhilova through Bulgarian Agitprop. The project is supported by the Lithuanian Film Centre, Eurimages, Creative Europe MEDIA, the Estonian Film Institute, the Bulgarian National Film Center, Vilnius Goethe Institute, the Estonian Cultural Endowment and the Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT). The film was shot in Lithuania, Estonia and Poland during 2020-2023, and it will be completed and released in 2024.

Page published 31 January 2024.

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