BALAUR now in production

In Production September 2020

  • WOMEN DO CRY co-directed and produced by Mina Mileva and TTB graduate Vesela Kazakova is now filming until late November. The script sees the balance of a family of women, all revolving around a strict father, shaken by the announcement of Sonja’s seropositivity. Against a background of emotional pressure and hidden feelings, the female family circle joins forces to face their despair and pushes three sisters to reconnect with their father, in a Bulgarian society which does not know the word “gender” and where domestic violence is the norm.


  • YOU WILL NOT HAVE MY HATE by Kilian Riedhof, producers: EAVE graduate Jonas Dornbach, EAVE+ graduate Jean-Yves Roubin is in production. The film is an adaptation written by the director together with Jan Braren and Marc Blöbaum of the novel of the same name by Antoine Leiris, whose wife was killed in the 2015 Paris attacks. After the attacks, Leiris addressed an open letter to the killers, vowing that neither he nor his infant son would ever live in fear of terrorism. The film is being produced by Germany’s Komplizen Films together with French company Haut et Court. Support comes from the German Film Boards FFA, NRW, FSFH, BKM.


  • BAD BLOOD by Milutin Petrovic and Goran Stankovic, producer: EAVE graduate Snezana van Houwelingen is in production. The feature film and TV series based on the 1910 novel of famous classic Serbian writer Bora Stankovic are shooting at the same time. The feature film will be based on the first three episodes of the TV series. Both the feature film and the TV series derive from various literary works of the popular Serbian writer Borisav Stanković. The original script has been written by the Serbian filmmaker Vojislav Voja Nanović some 50 years ago while living in the U.S. Spanning four decades in the waning years of the Ottoman Empire, the series chronicles an era beset by major political change and turmoil, when peasants began rising up in strength to the detriment of wealthy merchant families. The story follows Trifun, the wealthy leader of the Christian minority, who, while trying to preserve his power, sets off a chain of events that causes harsh consequences for his family. Snezana van Houwelingen is producing both projects through the Belgrade-based This and That Productions. The production of both of them is supported by Film Center Serbia and MEDIA - Creative Europe. RTS – Radio Television Serbia, the Serbian national state broadcaster, is co-producing the series.


  • THE SLEEPING BEAST by Jaak Kilmi, producer: EAVE graduate Evelin Penttilä is now filming. The story follows a ten-year-old child called Kristjan, who finds himself up against his friends during one of their games, when Elmar, the tough guard of their make-believe playground, falls into a deep hole. Freeing the guard would mean abandoning his friends and being kicked out of their gang, but could a ten-year-old bring himself to do it? THE SLEEPING BEAST is produced by Evelin Penttilä for Estonia’s Stellar Film and Roberts Vinovskis and Dominiks Jarmakovics for Latvia’s Studija Locomotive. The feature is backed by the Estonian Film Institute, the Estonian Cultural Endowment, the National Film Centre of Latvia, the Tartu Film Fund and received development support from the European Union’s Creative Europe MEDIA programme.


  • BALAUR by Octav Chelaru, producer: EAVE graduate Radu Stancu finished shooting. The Romanian/German/Serbian co-production is set in a small town in Romania. Ecaterina, a beautiful 38-year-old religion teacher and wife of the local priest, has a new pupil in her classroom. He’s 16, he’s a problem child and he looks at her in a special way. Ecaterina tries to keep him under control, but she loses her own control in the process. After she sleeps with her student, he starts blackmailing her by confessing to her husband, the priest. Romania's deFilm is producing in coproduction with Germany's 42film and Serbia's EED Productions. The producers are Radu Stancu, Livia Rădulescu, Eike Goreczka, Christoph Kukula, Maja Popovic and Vladimir Vasiljevic. The project is supported by the Romanian Film Centre, Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, Film Center Serbia and the MEDIA Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


  • FAMILY by Austeja Urbaite, producer: EAVE graduate Zivile Gallego has completed shooting. The film tells a story about a French couple, Jacqueline and Leon, who adopt two Lithuanian children, Paulina and Rokas. In order to help the children adapt to their new environment, a medical student named Gabrielė comes from Lithuania to join them for the summer. For her it is a chance to briefly get away from her life, where she feels imprisoned. The relationship with the children gives her an opportunity to rediscover herself in a bright light, while her resistance to the parents’ methods of upbringing – in a dark light. Instead of helping the children create a life, the two women, full of maternal feelings, start an outright war for the children’s affection. The film is shot in Lithuanian and French. The picture received production funding from the Lithuanian Film Centre.

Page published 30 September 2020.

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