Two workshops in Locarno and Montevideo bringing together producers with feature projects from Latin America and Europe to work together with leading experts, potential financiers, distributors and sales agents from both continents.

W1 in Bellinzona (CH), August 8-14
W2 in Montevideo (UY), November 29 - December 4

PUENTES in Montevideo and Buenos Aires! 

The fifth edition of PUENTES – EAVE’s workshop for producers from Europe and Latin America - comes to its culmination in Montevideo and Buenos Aires. The second PUENTES workshop will take place in Montevideo (Uruguay) from November 29 – December 4, 2013, organised with our partners from Mutante Cine.

Following the workshop and thanks to our special partnership with VENTANA SUR (December 3-6, 2013), the producers selected for PUENTES and EAVE ON DEMAND Montevideo will attend the market in Buenos Aires where they will meet potential partners and decision makers for the projects they have been developing at PUENTES throughout the year.

The PUENTES participants started to develop their projects under the guidance of leading industry experts from both continents during the first workshop in Bellinzona, Switzerland (August 8-14) in partnership with the Festival del film Locarno. In the second workshop in Montevideo, Uruguay, the participants will continue to develop and package their projects exploring sources of finance as well as examining marketing and distribution networks across both Europe and Latin America. 

Parallel to the PUENTES workshop, a tailor-made EAVE ON DEMAND session in Montevideo will be organised for 10 selected Uruguayan producers. In addition to their ‘à la carte” workshop, the producers will have the opportunity to network with the Puentes participants and attend VENTANA SUR together.

The selected producers will work on the development and financing of their projects under the guidance of top industry professionals from both continents, such as: 

  • Sarah Calderón, The Film Agency, Spain
  • Fernando Epstein, Mutante Cine, Uruguay
  • Jean des Forêts, Petit Film, France
  • Alan Fountain, EAVE, UK
  • Christoph Friedel, Pandora Film Produktion, Germany
  • Jorge Goldenberg, Script Consultant, Argentina
  • Miguel Machalski, Script Consultant, France
  • Michel Ruben, Dynamo, Colombia
  • Fabien Westerhoff, HanWay Films, UK

The following 10 producers from Europe and Latin America will meet again in Montevideo:

  • Marie Besson, Eklektik Productions, Belgium; project: The Blood of Your Blood, director: Stefano Pasetto 
  • Marcela Esquivel Jiménez, La Feria Producciones, Costa Rica; project: August, director: Armando Capó Ramos
  • Barbara Francisco, Pasto, Argentina; project: The Black Frost, director: Maximiliano Schonfeld
  • Danielle Guirguis, Smarthouse Films, The Netherlands; project: La Holandesa, director: tbd
  • Mayi Gutiérrez, Tourmalet Films, Spain; project: The Present, director: Rodrigo Sorogoyen
  • Tatiana Leite, Bubbles Project, Brazil; project: Other Times, director: Christiane Jatahy
  • Marta Lewandowska, Amondo Films, Poland; project: Dark Fields, director: Joaquín del Paso 
  • Tobias Siebert, DIE BASISberlin Medien, Germany; project: Silver Mountain, director: Luigi Falorni
  • Eduardo Villalobos, El Remanso Cine, Chile; project: The Light Untamed, director: Alejandro Fernandez Almendras
  • Arturo Yépez Z, Carnaval Cine, Ecuador; project: Such is Life in the Tropics, director: Sebastián Cordero

(additional information about the producers below).


PUENTES is organised by EAVE in partnership with Industry Days and the Open Doors Initiative of the Festival del film Locarno, Mutante Cine and Ventana Sur, with the support of MEDIA Mundus.

For more information please contact: 

EAVE - Tanika Sajatovic, International Coordinator: 

MUTANTE CINE – Agustina Chiarino, PUENTES Project Manager:

Additional information about the PUENTES producers:

Belgian producer Marie Besson is managing the Eklektik Productions that has produced twenty documentaries, a dozen shorts by promising Belgian directors, two feature films and a theatrical stand-up show between 2005 and 2013. They are currently working on 3 feature films including Stefano Paseeto's The Blood of Your Blood.

Marcela Esquivel Jiménez is a director and a producer in Costa Rican La Feria Producciones whose goal is to develop ideas into high-level international co-productions. They produced Red Princesses by Laura Astorga - world premiere at the Berlinale 2013, Let Me Tell You The Story by Milagro Farfán – awarded Best Documentary at the Costa Rica Film Festival. Now they have three films in development, August by Armando Capó Ramos is one of them.

Argentinean producer Barbara Francisco created her own production and distribution company Pasto in 2010. They have produced and distributed Santiago Mitre’s The Student (Special Jury Award – Festival del film Locarno) and Maximiliano Schonfeld’s Germania (Special Jury Award BAFICI). They are currently in pre-production of The Fire by Juan Schnitman, along with BD CINE. They are developing The Black Frost, the second film by Maximiliano Schonfeld (Arté Award at BAL, Jerusalem Film Lab).

Dutch producer Danielle Guirguis set up her own Amsterdam based production company Smarthouse Films that specialises in feature films, documentaries and branded films. Smarthouse Films is commercial arthouse and vice versa, embracing music, arts and graphic design and linking them into the world of film to serve a global audience.

Spanish producer Mayi Gutiérrez established Tourmalet Films, an independent production company based in Madrid, together with 4 partners. They are developing and producing shorts, documentaries and feature films. Founded in 2011, their goal is to produce thought-stimulating cinematic works.

Brazilian producer Tatiana Leite created an independent production company and audiovisual collective Bubbles Project that develops and produces audiovisual projects, including films, TV series and film festivals. Their main focus is arthouse cinema and they are currently developing 3 features films.

Polish producer Marta Lewandowska is the main producer in Amondo Films that was established in 2010. Currently they are in post-production of their first feature Hel and they started the development of two feature film projects. The company’s focus and long term goal is to create the ground in Poland to produce international co-productions of arthouse and independent cinema.

Tobias Siebert from Germany is CEO and Producer of DIE BASISberlin Medien, a Berlin based film production company for arthouse film, feature documentaries and high quality TV projects. With an international focus they have gained production experience in over 25 countries. Supported by their own post-production facilities they make films possible.

El Remanso Cine came to life under the needs of creating an expression of reality. It does not want to become exclusive or out of the ordinary. On the contrary it seeks the stories close to reality and human contexts to frame them in a distinctive way; films that go beyond mere entertainment and confront people with their own realities. That is why El Remanso Cine, a Chilean production company, has been created by Alejandro Fernandez A., a director and scriptwriter, and Eduardo Villalobos, a producer.

Carnaval Cine was formed in 2013 by Sebastián Cordero, Arturo Yepez Z. and Andres Crespo. The mission of the company is the development of serious filmmaking based on particular and entertaining stories with transcendent themes and unique storytelling. Currently Carnaval Cine is developing Such is Life in the Tropics by Sebastián Cordero and is in charge of the theatrical and DVD distribution of the film Europa Reportby Sebastián Cordero in Ecuador.

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