In development / pre-production May 2020

Wallonia-Brussels Federation Film and Audiovisual Centre

The Wallonia-Brussels Federation Film and Audiovisual Centre’s Film Selection Committee supports the following films by EAVE graduates in its first session of 2020.

  • EN FIN DE CONTE by Zoé Arene, producer: EAVE graduate Benoit Roland
  • SUR LE RIVAGE by Camille Mol, producer: EAVE graduate Julie Esparbes
  • LA CHALEUR DU FOYER by Joël Curtz, producer: EAVE graduate Benoit Roland
  • AU BORD DU MONDE by Amélia Nanni, producer: EAVE graduate Isabelle Truc
  • BAGARRE by Ann Sirot and Catherine Cosme, producer: EAVE graduate Julie Esparbes
  • SUNSHINE by Chloé Léonil, producer: EAVE graduate Anton Iffland Stettner
  • LE VENTRE IDÉAL by Thomas Gunzig and Adeline Dieudonné, producer: EAVE graduate Diana Elbaum
  • L’ENFANT BÉLIER by Marta Bergman, producer: EAVE graduate Jean-Yves Roubin
  • EAVE project L’ÎLE DE LA DEMOISELLE by Micha Wald, producer: EAVE graduate Anton Iffland Stettner
  • BRUXA by Cristèle Alves Meira, producer: EAVE graduate Sebastien Delloye
  • DODO by Panos H. Koutras, producer: EAVE graduate Valerie Bournonville
  • EARWIG by Lucile Hadzihalilovic, producer: EAVE graduate Jean-Yves Roubin
  • FORTERESSE by Jessica Woodworth, producer: EAVE graduate Diana Elbaum
  • SALE PUTTE by Myriam Leroy et Florence Hainaut, producer: EAVE graduate Annabella Nezri
  • SUR LE FIL DE ZÉNITH by Yveline Nathalie Pontalier, producer: EAVE graduate Aurélien Bodinaux
  • IRAK, LES BÉBÉS DE LA HONTE by Pascale Bourgaux, producer: EAVE graduate Isabelle Truc
  • UNE HISTORIE DE FRANC CFA by Katy Lena N'Diaye, producer: EAVE graduate Aurélien Bodinaux

Sundance Institute Documentary Fund

The following projects produced by EAVE graduates receive support by Sundance Institute Documentary Fund:

  • ALIS directed and produced by EAVE and PUENTES graduate Nicolas van Hemelryc
  • CHOCOBAR by Lucrecia Martel, producer: PUENTES graduates Benjamin Domenech, Santiago Gallelli
  • OUR LITTLE PALESTINE by Abdallah Al Khatib, producer: EAVE graduate Jean-Laurent Csinidis
  • REAS by Lola Arias, producer: EAVE graduate Gema Juarez Allen


The Norwegian Sørfond has granted support for six international co-productions with Norwegian minority producers. Among them:

  • EAVE project COSTA BRAVA, LEBANON by Mounia Akl, producer: EAVE graduate Myriam Sassine  
  • CU LI NEVER CRIES by Pham Ngoc Lan, co-producer: EAVE graduate Verona Meier
  • DAUGHTER OF RAGE by Laura Baumeister, co-producer EAVE graduate Dag Hoel
  • MOTHERHOOD by Meryam Joobeur, producer: EAVE graduate Sara Ben Hassen, co-producer: EAVE graduate Khalid Maimouni
  • NEW DAWN FADES by Gürkan Keltek, co-producer: TTB graduate Fernanda Renno

Romanian Film Centre

The Romanian Film Centre announced the grants for the first half of 2020. Among the funded productions are the following films by EAVE graduates:

  • FAMILIAR by Calin Peter Netzer, producer: EAVE graduate and Romanian National Coordinator Ada Solomon
  • CRISEEA IV by Vladimir Dembinski, producer: EAVE graduate Tudor Giurgiu
  • STARSEED by EAVE graduate Anca Damian

Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation

The Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT SA) has announced the 12 Greek and international co-productions of its latest round of financing.

  • MNIMOSYNI by Christos Dimas, producer: EAVE graduate Ioanna Bolomyti
  • QUICKSAND by Margot Schaap, producer: EAVE graduate Ellen Havenith, co-producers: EAVE graduate Katrin Kissa, Maria Dandraki
  • SUNDAYS by Alethea Avramis, producers: EAVE graduate Konstantinos Kontovrakis, EAVE + graduate Giorgos Karnavas
  • WINDOW TO THE SEA by Migual Angel Jimenez, producers: EAVE graduate Konstantinos Kontovrakis, EAVE+ graduate Giorgos Karnavas

DON’T GO FAR by EAVE graduate Garret Daly is in pre-production. Five-time Oscar-nominated producer Frank Marshall (INDIANA JONES) has boarded Mixed Bag Media’s project DON’T GO FAR, which tells the amazing true story of two young Irish stowaways. In 1985, two boys from Dublin, Keith Byrne aged 10 and Noel Murray aged 13, set out on a transatlantic adventure of a lifetime with far-fetched notions and little or no money. The close friends sneaked onto a ferry bound for Holyhead, took a train to Heathrow airport before eventually evading security to board an Air India flight destined for New York. Their only goal was to meet their hero, B.A. Baracus of the A-Team. The Irish schoolboys made headlines around the world when then were intercepted by police outside JFK airport igniting an investigation that involved authorities across several continents. Producer Garret Daly of Mixed Bag Media secured the rights to the story a number of years ago and has been working closely with Keith and Noel to develop the feature film ever since. The project has now caught the attention of legendary Hollywood producer Frank Marshall at The Kennedy Marshall Company, who has joined forces with the Irish production team to bring this captivating true story to the big screen. “We're delighted to be working to develop Don’t Go Far into a feature film,” said Marshall. “Not only is the story of Keith and Noel's stowaway adventure almost too incredible to believe, but it's also just the kind of uplifting and inspiring tale I think we could all use a bit more of right now.” EAVE graduate Garret Daly: “Our ambition from the start was to give this story the cinematic canvas it deserves to entertain a global audience.” The screenplay was written by Limerick-based screenwriter Conor Ryan and the project is in receipt of development support from Screen Ireland.

Page published 29 May 2020. Updated 8 July 2020.

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