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We are delighted to close the year announcing the selection for the 2021 EAVE Producers Workshop!

52 producers from 37 countries  (see the complete list below) have been selected out of 220 applications from 52 countries.

As EAVE Head of Studies Lise Lense Møller puts it: “We … look for very different profiles… (and) do not choose participants based solely on merits or quality of project. We actively look for diversity - not just in terms of the usual: gender, age, race, nationality etc. - but also in terms of points of view, experience, focus (e.g on format or genre), company set-up etc. It is our opinion, that the more diverse the group we put together is in any given year, the richer the experience for the participants."

To read the full interview about this year’s selection go to:

 We are particularly grateful for the generous support of our 2021 scholarship partners:

  • The French CNC supports the participation of 3 international producers at the EAVE Producers Workshop, namely Realness alumna Mehret Mandefro (Ethiopia), DFI Producers Lab graduate Alyaa Musa (Sudan) and Ouaga Film Lab alumnus Pedro Soulé (Cape Verde).
  • Thanks to German regional fund MDM, Nevena Savić and Biljana Tutorov from Serbia will develop their skills at the EAVE 2021 course.
  • The scholarship provided by the Polish Film Institute was granted to Anna Stylińska, selected at the Polish Days in the framework of the New Horizons Film Festival.
  • PACT is offering a scholarship to one UK producer (James Heath) in the name and memory of EAVE expert Dorothy Viljoen.
  • Our partnerships with Telefilm Canada and SODEC made it possible for three producers from Canada (Andrée-Anne Frenette, Jeanne-Marie Poulain and Amber Ripley) to attend the programme.
  • The support of Projeto Paradiso makes it possible for Paulo Serpa from Brazil to participate.
  • The Italian regional fund Friuli Venezia Giulia supports two participants selected at When East Meets West: Ion Gnatiuc from Moldova and Jakub Viktorin from Slovakia.
  • IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige supports the participation of Roberto Cavallini from the region.
  • A brand new partnership with TRT - Turkish Radio and Television Corporation has made it possible for Sezgi Ustun San to participate this year.

In addition to those, a number of scholarships have been allocated by EAVE, in priority to participants from European low production capacity countries.

 Some achievements by EAVE producers in 2020:

  • 1 Academy Award
  • 2 Golden Globes nominations
  • 27 films by EAVE producers represent their country in the race for the next Foreign Language Academy Awards, including EAVE projects 200 METERS and STORIES FROM THE CHESTNUT WOODS
  • 17 films by EAVE producers were nominated for the European Film Awards
  • 9 European Film Awards, including Best European Film and Best European Documentary
  • 4 awards at Sundance
  • 12 awards at the Berlinale
  • 14 awards in Venice
  • 2 awards in Locarno, including the Pardo 2020 for the production of the best international project
  • 3 Hearts of Sarajevo, including for Best Feature Film, as well as 3 additional awards in Sarajevo

… and many more.


Thanks our partners, decision makers, experts, pedagogical team, and all the members of the EAVE family for their precious support.


Restorative Holidays!

We wish you all a peaceful and restorative holiday season and a good start into the New Year!  

The EAVE office is closed from December 21, 2020 - January 1, 2021

Your EAVE team will be back on January 4, 2021.


 The selected participants for the EAVE Producers Workshop 2021 are:



Lucas Czjzek, Golden Girls Film



Eva Kuperman, Stenola Productions

Hanne Phlypo, Clin d’oeil films



Paulo Serpa, Meus Russos



Andrée-Anne Frenette, Terre Innue

Amber Ripley, Goodbye Productions



Magdalena Petrović, LEWA productions



Dagmar Sedláčková, MasterFilm



Maria Møller Christoffersen, Beofilm Pictures

Emile Hertling Péronard, Ánorâk Film / Polarama Greenland



Kesmat Elsayed, See Media Production



Mehret Mandefro, A51 Pictures



Marja Pihlaja, Tekele Productions



Alejandro Arenas, Les films du Worso

Julie Viez, Cinenovo



Jeanne-Marie Poulain, Art & essai



Fabien Westerhoff, Film Constellation



Jelena Goldbach, ZAK Film Productions

Regina Jorissen, 2Pilots Filmproduction

Tobias N. Siebert, BASIS BERLIN Filmproduktion



Fani Skartouli, Faliro House Productions



Petra Iványi, Filmteam



Daniel Hegarty, Marmalade Films



Serena Alfieri

Roberto Cavallini, Albolina Film

Daniele Mazzocca, Notorious Pictures



Gints Grube, Mistrus Media



Vincent Quénault, Red Lion



Ion Gnatiuc, Niste Filme



Bojana Radulovic, CODE BLUE Production



Germen Boelens, Revolver Films



Ingvild Evjemo, 4 ½

Elisa Fernanda Pirir Ruiz, Mer Film



Maria Gołoś, Rozbrat Films

Anna Stylińska, Harine Films



Pedro Soulé, Kriolscope



Katerina Mikhailova, Vega Film



Abdulrahman Khawj, Cinepoetics Pictures



Nevena Savić, Cinnamon films

Biljana Tutorov, Wake Up Films



Jakub Viktorin, nutprodukcia



Nina Robnik, Stara gara



Nomakhosi Dali, Miss K Productions



Mar Medir, Catalan Films & TV

Carles Torras Perez, Zabriskie Films



Roy Wol, Autonomous Pictures



Alyaa Musa, Black Balance Artistic Production



Helene Adler, Gaea Produktion

Basel Mawlawi, Kinana Films



Sezgi Ustun San, Sezzfilm



James Heath, Mallinson Television Productions



Artem Koliubaiev, Mainstream Pictures


The 3 sessions of the EAVE 2021 Producers Workshop will take place in Luxembourg (online module March 5-12, on-site module April 12-19), Orléans, France (TBC) (July, dates TBC) and Catalonia, Spain (TBC) (November, dates TBC).


Best regards,

The EAVE team

Page published 17 December 2020. Updated 18 December 2020.

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