Esko Rips

Esko Rips


Mini EAVE project: Secret Society of the Souptown
EAVE on Demand Tallinn 2014
EAVE+ 10th edition 2020

Company details

Position Producer/CEO
Company NAFTA Films


Founder member and CEO Esko Rips (1981) of Nafta Films has produced most of Nafta Films\' features, TV-series and commercials. He is a proven leader of a proven team of thirdteen young professionals, who have made a strongest mark on Estonian film production market to date. Before his current MA studies at the Estonian Film & Media School, he studied management and social sciences at the University of Tartu. He has gone through considerable extra curricular studies, workshops etc. Amongst others the Media Business School\'s post-graduate program \"Mega Plus\". Filmography (producer) 2014 Scientific documentary \"Stop Your Friends\" 2014 Short film \"Condolences\" 2013 Short film \"Olga\" 2012 Feature film (co-producer) \"Left Foot Friday\" 2011 TV-Series “IT Planet” 2010 Short film \"Näkilugu\" 2009 Short film \"Light Out\" 2009 Short film \"True Colours\" 2009 Scientific documentary „Formula of Fire\" 2008 Short film (co-producer) \"Black Peter\" 2007 Scientific documentary \"Why Did it Happen to Us?\" IN PREPRODUCTION: \"Secret Society of the Souptown\" WHAT HAPPENS IF ADULTS BECOME CHILDREN AGAIN? Secret Society of Souptown needs to save adults of their home town Tartu, which is under attack by a mysterious poison that has powers to turn adults back to children. Original Title: Supilinna salaselts Genre: Children\'s live action adventure film Lenght: 90 min Original source: Arri Alexa Producer: Esko Rips Co-Producer: Mikko Tenhunen - Lookout Films - FIN Executive Producer: Diana Mikita Director: Margus Paju Screenwriters: Mihkel Ulman EST, Christian Gamst Miller-Harris DK, Mika Keränen FIN (Best Estonian Children\'s Book of the Year 2010) Production budget: 1,3 million € Source: Estonian Film Institute & Estonian Cultural Endowment & the City of Tartu & Finland (SES) & YLE Number of days of shooting: 45 Planned premier: 2015

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