Richard  Bolger

Richard Bolger

CEO, Producer, Hail Mary Pictures, Ireland

Puentes project: The Northwest Scourge (El Azote Noroccidente)

Fred Burle

Fred Burle

Producer, One Two Films, Germany

Carolina  Denegri

Carolina Denegri

Producer, Animalita, Peru

Puentes Project: The Saints

Anette  Dujisin-Muharay

Anette Dujisin-Muharay

County Manager - Portugal, Filmin Portugal, Portugal

Federico Eibuszyc

Federico Eibuszyc

Producer, Pucara Cine, Argentina

Puentes Project: La Rosa de Cobre (The Copper Rose)

Mauricio Escobar

Mauricio Escobar

Producer, La Danta Films, Guatemala

Puentes Project: Beatriz, La Sin Ventura

Carlos  Hernandez Vazquez

Carlos Hernandez Vazquez

Producer, MANDARINA CINE, Mexico

Puentes Project: Toda una Vida

Christina Liapi

Christina Liapi

Festivals & Marketing, Heretic Outreach, Greece

Mercedes  Martínez-Abarca

Mercedes Martínez-Abarca

Film Programmer & Industry ConsultantNetherlands

Sebastián  Peña Escobar

Sebastián Peña Escobar

Producer, La Babosa Cine, Paraguay

Puentes project: Quién mató a Narciso? (Who killed Narciso?)

Britta Rindelaub

Britta Rindelaub

Senior Producer, Alva Film Production, Switzerland

Puentes Project: Reinas

Nadine   Rothschild

Nadine Rothschild

Markets and Studies Manager , Unifrance , France

Ignacio  Vuelta

Ignacio Vuelta

Producer/ Partner, 93 Metros SL , Spain

Puentes project: The Anatomy of the Horses

Judith  Weiler

Judith Weiler

Butterfilm, Germany

Puentes project: Sigmund’s Container

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