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Edward Porembny – Producer/Director Edward Porembny was born in Poland and started his career in Paris, France, where he obtained a degree in Film and Art. He then moved to London where he moulded a successful career making documentaries and TV dramas, winning several awards in the process, for leading broadcasters around the world, including Channel 4, HBO, Canal +, ARTE, France 2, France 3, TF1, Al Jazeera, TVP or NRK. With Poland becoming part of the European Union, Edward went back to Poland and ventured into Cinema and TV production by opening production house, AMP Polska, which specialises in international co-production. Edward has worked with a large range of distinguished filmmakers including: - Jerzy Kapuscinski – one of the most successful broadcasters in Poland, Head of TVP 2. - Jenny Barraclough - one of the most distinguished filmmakers in Britain, winner of BAFTA, ACE and EMMY. -Timothy Burrill – Oscar nominated and \"Palme d\'Or\" winner, one of the most successful British film producers, member of the British Film Commission and an Honorary Advisor to the Script Factory, UK. Edward has attended Moonstone International, Strategic Marketing and Prime Packaging workshops and is an EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs) 2007 graduate. He is member of SCAM (Société civile des auteurs multimedia) in France, ZAIKS (Stowarzyszenie Autorów), ZAPA (Zwi?zek autorów i producentów audiowizualnych), SFP (Stowarzyszenie filmowców Polskich) in Poland and EDN (European Documentary Network) in Denmark. Edward is trilinguals: (Polish, French and English). Selected Filmography Madame Tyson aka Wrestling in Dakar – (90 minutes + 52 minutes) (2012-2013) Producer/Director. Those films we can describe as a Senegalese \'Rocky\' with a soul filled with African spirit, and great aesthetics directly taken from “Gladiator” by Ridley Scott. This is a co-production between AMP Polska, ARTE, Al Jazeera, TVP and Les Films du Tambour de Soie in France. It has been presold to 6 European countries. The film will be screened from March 2013. Here I am (Ju? jestem) – (70 minutes) (2010) Producer/Director. A creative documentary about that today we can make a baby in another that traditional way but our society and law are not yet ready for it. The film has been screened on HBO from May 2011. Men for Hire (Faceci do Wynajecia) – (54 minutes) (2008) Producer/Director. A creative documentary on ‘men for hire’ shot in Warsaw, Berlin and London. A co-production between HBO and AMP Polska - Poland. First screened on HBO Poland in March 2009. This film had the best viewing numbers from all documentary productions that has been produced until then by HBO Poland. Distribution territories: Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Albania, Moldavia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. Inheritance (90 minutes) (2006) Producer/Director Feature film starring Tomas Norström and Kristof Kolberger. A co-production between AMP Polska, Poland; Arcadia Moving Pictures Ltd, Blue Sky Motion Pictures Ltd and Audley Films, - UK; and TVP (Poland’s premier TV broadcaster). This modern Oedipal myth, a tale of voyeuristic sexual obsession, sees a middle-aged recluse reunite with a friend from his teenage years only to be shocked by modern day reality and horrified by the revelation that the porn star he becomes entangled with is his daughter. Selected for LA Polish Film Festival, Gdynia International Film Festival, Victoria New European Film Festival and Koszalin Film Festival. Trace TV Series (45 x 5 minutes) (2003) Producer/Director/Cameraman. A series of documentary films dedicated to urban trends and fashion, based on the idea of Trace Magazine. Trace TV, France. Aired on Trace TV and MCM. 24 Heures (24 hours) (2002) Producer /Director /Cameraman. This film/installation covers 24 hours in the life of a couple who have been living, working, eating, sleeping and making love together, inseparable, for over a year. Do you have to be an artist to be able to do that? (Arcadia Pictures, Shackwell Gallery). Exhibited and aired at the Shackwell Gallery and International ART exhibition circuit. Independence (26 minutes) (2002) Director/Cameraman. A documentary about the launch by the British Government of The Yarrow Project for people with learning disability. (Addiction Ltd). Aired on BBC Community Channel. The Incredible Concert (26 minutes) (2001) Director. A documentary about the company formed by famous French artist and performer Philippe Genty. (France 3, Margot Communication). Aired on France3. Sexopolo - My Butcher Runs a Porn Shop (52 minutes) (2000) Producer/Director. A docu-drama about Polish pornography. (Euromedia TV, TVP-2, BBC). Aired on TVP Poland. Selected for 41st International Krakow Film Festival. Death Leap (52 minutes) (2000) Producer/Director. A documentary about “Jumpers” from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Selected for the 15th Film Festival of Independent Cinema in San Francisco and Freaky Film Festival in Illinois. Co-production MBC, Arcadia Pictures and Carlton International. Aired on BY TV USA, Cineplex Thailand, Channel 4 Finland and Canal+ Poland. Resident Travelers (26 minutes) (1999) Director. A documentary about a gypsy circus in Paris. (France 3, Taxi Video Brousse). Aired on France 3. Angleterre Underground (52 minutes) (1998) Director. An Anglo-French co-production: Tilt-Productions, Lombard Productions, France 2, Channel 4. Aired on Channel 4 and screened internationally. It was selected by Time Out as one of the best documentary films of the year. New Barbarians (52 minutes) (1998) Director. The first film in a documentary series about underground cultures (France 2). Aired on France 2, TSR Switzerland, Canal + Espana,RTBF Belgium. Victor Victor (10 minutes) (1997) Director. With Tom Gres. A short film based on Julien Cendres’ banned poem “A la splendeur abandonnee”. The Legend of the Bison Grass Vodka (15 minutes) (1997) Director. A poetic exploration into the myths surrounding the mysterious Bison Grass (France 3, documentary series Faut Pas Rever). Aired on France 3 and screened internationally. Moonlighting (15 minutes) (1997) Director. A look at the life of one of the last remaining coalmining families of Silesia in Poland (France 3, documentary series Faut Pas Rever). Aired on France 3 and screened internationally. Space Traveler (26 minutes) (1996) Director. Co-production Canal +, La 5, CNN. Aired on Canal + France, Canal + Belgium, Canal + Spain. This documentary about astronauts won the top award of the 1992 International Film Festival in Lectoure, France. Rebels (15 minutes) (1995) Director. French TV Channel 1 - a documentary showing the illusory freedom of wild mustang horses in America. Aired on TF1 France, ADR Germany, Discovery Channel and screened internationally. Horse-men of the West (26 minutes) (1994) Director. Channel 1 – first of two documentaries with Frank Miller, Jan Wells and the cowboys of Padlock Ranch. Aired on TF1 France and screened internationally. Still Skating (15 minutes) (1994) Director. Channel 1 - Ushuaia. A documentary selected for the Arcachon Festival, awarded the 1st Janssen award for sport and adventure films of 1990 and distributed in video format as The Best of Ushuaia by Warner Home Video. Aired on TF1 France, TSR Switzerland, YLE FST Finland, RTBF Belgium, Japan, Germany, USA and screened internationally. Sitting Man (10 minutes) (1992) Director. A short film about Mustapha Badid, 100m wheelchair champion at the 1988 Seoul Paralympic Games. Co-production for France 3, SFP & Imago Star. Selected for short film festivals in Paris (Max Linder) and Nantes, where it received the “Meilleur” award. It was also shown at cinemas supporting La Citadelle, a feature directed by Mohammed Chouick and discussed on the program “Les Meilleurs” on France 3 Lille.

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