Marketing Workshop in Tallinn 2014

Training on innovative marketing and distribution methods

Tallinn, September 18-19

In cooperation with EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs), the Estonian Film Institute organises in September 2014 a workshop on innovative marketing and distribution. The 2 day workshop consists of the following sessions:

Day 1 / open sessions 


  • 9h to 11h

Marketing b2b et b2c presented by Alvaro Vega (Doblesentido) TBC

This session is providing basic marketing knowledge usable by producers. During the first part, some hints and tips about the well-known "business to business (b2b) tools" will be introduced. In the second part, we will dig deeper by dealing with the "business to consumer (b2c) tools" that would allow producers to establish a professional marketing plan taking their core audience in account. The structure of the conference and powerpoint presentation is conceived to provide the participants a guide that they may use hands-on after the conference. The topic of how to work with marketing agencies will also be tackled.

  • 11h30 to 13h

Marketing online and how to use social media by Anya Rutsche (Piranya Marketing)

We will take a look at a myriad of oportunities for the movie to be promoted online, focusing on social media with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others. We will talk about how to find and reach your relevant target audience, as well as time and ressources needed for a good promotion strategy. Furthermore,  Anya will show some best cases of social media promotions from short films, documetary and animated movies. After the presentation, there'll be enough time  to discuss your own projects and ask questions.

  • 14h to 15h30

Festivals & publicity by Nikki Parker  (ROGERS & COWAN)

This presentation is about the cheapest part of a film’s marketing campaign: free publicity. If you understand how the media work and make the most out of a festival selection, you can save a lot of money on advertising costs. And besides, is a raving review not much more effective than a full-page ad?

  • 15h30 to 16.30

Festivals psychology by Tobias Pausinger

How to chose the right festival for your film and how to handle the strategic decisions involved with that ? When to involve a sales agent and what can you expect from them ? What are the latest trends in festivals and how do you approach them.

  • 16.30 – 18.00

Classical vs. alternative distribution – should we choose ? by Alvaro Vega (Doblesentido)


Day 2 / group work for selected projects


This day is dedicated entirely to the work on a selection of 6-8 projects. The format will be group work guided by Alvaro Vega. In an individualised and pragmatic way, the expert(s) will elaborate marketing strategies (including online marketing and social media) for every project together with the participants. This day is exclusively reserved for projects which have previously been selected by the experts. 

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Donate to the EAVE Alan Fountain International Scholarship Fund

A scholarship has been set up to honour the memory of Alan Fountain, former Head of Studies and President of EAVE, who passed away in 2016. Its goal is to enable one producer from outside the EU to participate in all three sessions of the EAVE Producers Workshop each year.

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