EAVE ON DEMAND Shoot the book

Adaptation of Books: Co-Production and Financing Aspects

May 22, Cannes, France

The EAVE masterclass at the Shoot the book! Day, is organized by the Institut français and the SCELF (Civil Society of French Language Publishers), on Monday, May 22nd,  from 14:15 to 18:00 at the Adosom-Windsor (16 Avenue Windsor - 06400 Cannes). 

Playing on the passionate romance between cinema and literature, Shoot the Book! takes an original approach to the relationship between the two industries. 

The EAVE masterclasses will be given by EAVE graduate and group leader Roshanak Behesht Nedjad and EAVE film finance expert Linda Beath:

  • Adaptation of Books – Fiction and Non-Fiction from the point of view of Coproductions by Roshanak Behesht Nedjad – In Good Company (Germany) 

What is required when you adapt a book into a film in an international setup? Starting from which rights you have to acquire and for how long – and how they are split among the respective partners over to the time it needs to develop a script suitable for international coproductions.

What are the ingredients needed to finance adaptations. How can a coproduction be structured so that it becomes synergetic for both the producer and the author of the book, and how long does it usually take to finalise the film. What is the part a publishing house/an author can play during development, financing, production and launch and release of the film.

An overview about adaptation of books in coproductions.

  • Adaptation of Books – Financing Development and Production by Linda Beath – Ideal Filmworks (Italy) 

Time.  Money.  Producers.  Books.  How they work together to create good cinema. 

A detailed discussion of the financing of a film, from its development stages, through to the elements involved in packaging the film for production and its marketing for the release to the audience.

Development expenses and how film producers cover them:  the timeline from optioning books and ideas, through the various stages of scriptwriting, often takes four years, sometimes even longer. 

Development changes to pre-production, a high cost-high risk stage, when the film is readied to show financiers: national and local funders, television broadcasters, co-producers. national distributors, international sales agents and, increasingly Video on Demand platforms.

Production and post production can take a year and is the most expensive stage for a producer.   Financing budgets and financing plans vary widely so there will be high-medium-low examples of ways producers pay for cinematic adaptations of fiction and non-fiction books.

Finally, the release costs of a film are generally covered by distributors and international sellers.  An illustration of how money comes back to a producer following local releases and sales.

Page last updated 4 September 2017

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