THE DEER now in development

In Development / Pre-Production February 2017

  • THE MAN WHO SURPRISED EVERYONE by Alexei Chupov and Natalya Merkulova, co-producers: EAVE graduates Katrin Kissa and Guillaume de Seille and
  • MISTER PICHIN’S LAST JOURNEY by Søren Kragh-Jacobsen, producers: EAVE graduate Aet Laigu, EAVE+ graduate Bo Ehrhardt are supported by the Estonian Film Institute.


  • LA TRÊVE 2 by Matthieu Donck, producers: EAVE graduates Anthony Rey, Julie Esparbes is one of foeur Projects supported in the framework of Wallimage’s first session of 2017. Hélicotronc is producing the series, this time with a more substantial budget, and this second season will likely involve pretty much the same cast and crew as the first.


The Film Fund Luxembourg has announced the recipients of its latest round of funding, after the meetings held in early February. A total of 13 new audiovisual projects, including fiction features and short films, documentaries, animated titles and TV series receive Funding. Among them:

  • THE BEAST IN THE JUNGLE by Clara Van Gool, producer: EAVE+ graduate Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu
  • FASHION GEEK by Maryam Goormaghtigh, producer: EAVE graduate Donnato Rotunno
  • DE BESCH by Thierry Faber, producer: EAVE graduate and Head of Studies Jani Thiltges


The German-Italian Co-production Development Fonds supports six projects. Two films by EAVE graduate are among them:

  • DICIOTTI RIGORI – EIGHTEEN PENALTIES by Stefano Casertano, producer: EAVE graduate Joachim Ortmanns
  • CHIEF WHITE ELK by Giuseppe Leonetti, producer: EAVE graduate Heino Deckert


  • VITA AND VIRGINIA by Chanya Button, co-producer: EAVE graduate Katie Holly is in pre-production. Based on Dame Eileen Atkins’ internationally acclaimed play, the film will be an account of the passionate relationship between literary innovator Virginia Woolf and her lover Vita Sackville-West. In the roaring 1920s, Virginia, wife of Leonard Woolf, is at the apex of the literary world with the success of her novel Mrs Dalloway, but is prone to mood swings. She finds a fan in the vivacious Vita, who begins an epistolary courtship with Virginia while travelling in the Middle East. Upon her return the women consummate their relationship and Virginia goes on to write her masterpiece Orlando, where an androgynous hero inhabits multiple lifetimes as both a man and a woman. 


  • THE DEER by Bogdan George Apetri, producer: EAVE graduate Oana Iancu is in development. The screenplay written by Iulian Postelnicu and Apetri centres on Florin, a 36-year-old police detective from a small provincial town. He will end up in a messy situation that will make him see theft and murder in a different light. THE DEER is an action film with scenes of explicit violence. The budget amounts to approximately €1.1 million, with €280,000 coming from the Romanian National Film Center. According to Iancu, the budget is 70% in place. Shooting is expected to start next winter.


  • IN THE BEAT OF A HEART by Tudor Giurgiu, producer: EAVE graduate Bogdan Craciun is in pre-production. The upcoming feature film tells the story of a Adrian, a poet, illegal immigrant in Spain, in 2005. Rafael, a dealer of second hand cars, offers him to be a guard at his auto dealership. During the rituals of the magical night of San Juan, Adrian’s life changes forever when he meets Maria, a Spanish woman, bass player in a jazz band. They fall in love. The film is an impossible love story between two strangers. Filming will begin this fall.


11 new projects of Libra Film Production and sister company Hai Hui Entertainment have received funding from the Romanian National Film Center (CNC). The films in development are:

  • AND THEY MAY STILL BE ALIVE TODAY by Tudor Cristian Jurgiu, producer: EAVE graduate Bogdan Craciun. When Vlad is jealous Clara is sure of herself. When Clara is enthusiastic, Vlad is bored. When Vlad is happy, Clara is depressed. When Clara is furious, Vlad is calm. Only when Vlad becomes Prince Charming, does Clara finally become his princess.
  • THE MOROMETE FAMILY 2 by Stere Gulea: A sequel to the well-known adaptation of the Romanian novel (The Moromete Family). In the 1987 great classic film, director Stere Gulea has managed to convey, through the character of Ilie Moromete, the archetype of the Romanian peasant. Filming is set to begin in the summer of 2017.
  • THE WIND SEEKER by Mihai Sofronea Selected for Transilvania Pitch Stop 2015; First feature Radu is living in a continuous inertia. One day he receives the implacable verdict that he has only few more months left to live. He chooses to run away from death, finding refuge in a small isolated village. He will learn step by step that the most important thing is not how long your life lasts, but how you choose to live it.
  • OCCASIONAL SPIES, a documentary by Oana Giurgiu (Aliyah DaDa) Special Mention, Balkan Documentary Center Discoveries 2016 A World War 2 little-known story about a group of ordinary young people transformed over-night in secret agents and sent by the British Intelligence in a suicide mission behind enemy lines, in German-occupied Eastern Europe.
  • ONE HOUR AT MAMAIA, a documentary by Tudor Giurgiu  1985, communist Romania, at the seaside. A 14 year old Romanian boy and a 13 year old Swedish girl meet and talk for about an hour. It is the beginning of a correspondence that will last for more than two decades. 26 years after, the two have the chance to meet again. The film will capture all the significant changes in Europe in the last 30 years, as seen by two young people in love, living in very different societies. 
  • OUBLIER BUCAREST by Eva Pervolovici (Marussia) A road trip along the centuries at the heart of one family, from the point of view of a boy. An adaptation of the autobiographical novel written by Romanian art historian Victor Ieronim Stoichiță and awarded the 2015 French Academy’s Prize for promoting the French language and literature.
  • OCTOBER by Cristian Pascariu Developed within the ScripTeast program, 2016; First feature A 18 year old teenager receives an odd request from his father: he asks him to try to convince his best friend, a 40 year old man, to not commit suicide.

Page published 24 February 2017.

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