SPACE BOY now in production

In production August 2019

SPACE BOY by Olivier Pairoux, producer: EAVE graduate Annabella Nezri is shooting. The family adventure film tinged with nostalgia unfolds in 1986, a time when space exploration was in full swing. An exceptionally gifted dreamer, 11-year-old Jim, lives with his father, Graham, who is destined to become the first British scientist to go into space. But when Jim finds out that his dad has been lying to him and has aborted his mission, the little boy’s bearings are thrown into disarray. Luckily, Jim is able to count on Emma, a new classmate of his. Together, despite their polar-opposite personalities, they rise to a challenge that is crazy and exciting in equal measure, and which will gradually bring them closer together…

Space Boy is being produced by Annabella Nezri for Kwassa Films, in co-production with RTL Belgium.


MEMORY HOUSE by João Paulo Miranda Maria, producer: EAVE graduate and Group Leader Didar Domehri is in production. The story, written by the director, revolves around Cristovam, a native from the Brazilian hinterland, who works in a milk factory in a prosperous former Austrian colony in Brazil. He feels lonely and ostracised because of cultural and ethnic differences. One day, he discovers an abandoned house filled with objects that remind him of his origins. He slowly settles in this house. Curiously, more objects start to appear without explanation, as if the place were “alive”. Seeing no other way to stand the present, he turns into a man-animal. Emptied of his conscience, deprived of social contact and disconnected from his humanity, he regains his freedom by transforming into a half-man, half-beef creature. Produced by Maneki Films together with Brazil’s Bossa Nova, MEMORY HOUSE has secured backing from the CNC’s World Cinema Support, the Hubert Bals Fund Europe and the Fundo Setorial do Audiovisual.


A MERMAID IN PARIS by Mathias Malzieu, co-producers: EAVE graduates Sébastien Delloye and Labina Mitevska is shooting. The story kicks off in Paris, where heavy rains have led to a historic flood of the Seine along with a spate of mysterious disappearances. One night, Gaspard Snow, a melancholic musician, is lured by an enchanting voice – that of a wounded yet beautiful young mermaid. Eager to save her, Gaspard has no idea that he’s about to embark on dramatic adventures which, through the power of love and music, may well mend his broken heart. Produced by Grégoire Melin for Paris-based outfit Overdrive Productions and by for Belgian firm Entre Chien et Loup, A MERMAID IN PARIS will be co-produced by Macedonia’s Sisters and Brother Mitevski, and Wonder Films is on board as an associate producer. The feature, which has also received backing from the Manon and Cineaxe Soficas, will be filmed over a period of seven weeks in a studio in Macedonia and on location in France.

Page published 28 August 2019.

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