PUENTES project LOS PERROS and TTB project WOMEN OF THE WEEPING RIVER now in post-production

In post-production March 2017

  • EAVE graduates Tom Dercourt’s and Sophie Erbs’ Cinéma Defacto currently has several films in the final stages of post-production. APRÈS LA GUERRE by Italy’s Annarita Zambrano, PUENTES project LOS PERROS by Chile’s Marcela Said and the co-production MOON HOTEL KABUL by Romania’s Anca Damian.


  • Ties That Bind project WOMEN OF THE WEEPING RIVER, producer: Ties That Bind graduate Karim Aitouna has finished post-production. A story of blood feud where women try to undo the cycle of violence while men seek vengeance. “The film is located in the island of Mindanao, a rarely shown community in contemporary Filipino cinema”, says Aitouna. “It addresses the sensitive issues of the blood feud in this region and the place of Muslim women living there. The filmmaker is a native Mindanaoan. I am convinced of the value of his film and his words, of his cinema’s strength and of his desires as a filmmaker. He can distill magic from his realism and manage to suggest a lot with very little. Beyond that, the story highlights two women’s efforts for peace and their generosity of feelings despite the pain that touches to the depth of their soul. The film shows that, unlike men, women possess a great strength to lead and to protect their destiny. It is a film honoring all these women who carry the future, the hope, the beauty, the love and work every day for a better life.”

Page published 29 March 2017.

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