PUENTES project KILLING THE DEAD now in development

In Development / Pre-Production January 2018

Nordisk Film & TV Fond backed five new feature films and documentaries in December. Three of them are produced by EAVE graduates.

  • CALL MUM by Lisa Aschan, producer: EAVE graduate Anna-Maria Kantarius
  • EXIT by Karen Winther, co-producer: EAVE graduate Heino Deckert
  • JOZI GOLD by Fredrik Gertten, Sylvia Vollenhoven and Adam Welz, producer: EAVE graduate Margarete Jangard


The Greek Film Center (GFC) has announced the support for the development of new film projects and short films in the framework of the of the SEE Cinema Network. Among the selected projects are the following films by EAVE graduates:

  • 6PM TRAFFIC by Racula David, producer: EAVE graduate Anamaria Antoci
  • ALIVE IN MOSCOW by Grigore Bechet, producer: EAVE graduate Anamaria Antoci
  • HOW I LEARNED TO FLY by Radivoje Andric, producer: EAVE graduate Maja Popovic


The Film Selection Committee of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation’s Film and Audiovisual Centre has revealed the titles supported in its final session of 2017.

  • AIR COMPRIMÉ by Antoine Giorgini, producer: EAVE graduate Benoît Roland  
  • ANIMALS by Nabil Ben Yadir, producer: EAVE graduate Benoit Roland
  • CLITOMANIA by Daphné Leblond and Lisa Billuart Monet, producer: EAVE graduate Isabelle Truc
  • HORSE BOY by Ari Folman, producer: EAVE graduate Diana Elbaum
  • LA TANCHE by Patrice Toye, producer: EAVE graduate Jacques Henri Bronckart
  • LA VIE DANS LES BOIS by François Pirot, producer: EAVE graduate Valérie Bournonville
  • LIDHJET by Pierre Penneman and Sandra Fassio, producers: PUENTES graduate Anthony Rey, EAVE MW graduate Julie Esparbes
  • MATRIOCHKAS by Bérengère Mc Neese, producers: PUENTES graduate Anthony Rey, EAVE MW graduate Julie Esparbes
  • NOOR by Jérôme le Maire, producer: EAVE graduate Isabelle Truc
  • NOS AUBES PERDUES by Eric D'Agostino, producer: EAVE graduate Aurélien Bodinaux
  • OLEG by Juris Kursietis, producer: EAVE graduate Isabelle Truc
  • OR BLANC by Isabelle Mayor, producer: PUENTES graduate Marie Besson
  • THE HIGHEST STEP IN THE WORLD by Olivier Pairoux, producer: EAVE graduate Annabella Nezri
  • UNE SOEUR by Delphine Girard, producer: EAVE graduate Jacques Henri Bronckart
  • FIRE NEXT TIME by Mati Diop, producer: Interchange graduate Judith Lou Lévy


The Estonian Film Institute and Cultural Endowment announced the final production and development grants of 2017:

  • 8 FACES OF LAKE BIWA by Marko Raat, producer: EAVE on Demand graduate Madis Tüür
  • MINDSCAPES OF FRED JÜSSI by Jaan Tootsen, producer: EAVE graduate Kristian Taska
  • THE CHILDREN OF TALSINKI by Moonika Siimets, producer: EAVE graduate and Estonian National Coordinator Riina Sildos
  • TRUE LIFE OF JOHANNES PÄÄSUKE by Hardi Volmer, producer: EAVE graduate Anneli Ahven
  • UNDERGODS by Chino Moya, producer: EAVE graduate Katrin Kissa


Ibermedia co-production support:


  • DESOBSESION, produced by PUENTES graduates Diana Bustamante and Juliana Vicente
  • CENIZA NEGRA, produced by PUENTES graduate Mariana Murillo
  • BLANCO EN BLANCO, produced by PUENTES graduate Giancarlo Nasi and Eva Chillon
  • PUENTES project HOGAR, produced by PUENTES graduate Alessandro Amato


  • PUENTES project KILLING THE DEAD by Hugo Giménez, producers: PUENTES graduates Gabriela Sabaté and Alexa Rivero is in development. After having received production funding by the Berlinale World Cinema Fund (WCF), the project has also been supported by the Cinémas du Monde production scheme.


  • NOBODY LIKES ME by Tomas Weinreb and Petr Kazda, producer: EAVE graduate Guillaume de Seille is in development. The film tells the story of Sara, an attractive 29-year-old single woman, who works at the army headquarters in Prague. While constantly surrounded by strong young men, she has not found a partner yet. When she meets the gallant and graceful Martin, she is fascinated by fim, but when she wants to take their relationship to a deeper and physical level, Martin shies away. He is hiding a deep secret. The film is produced by Czech production companies Black Balance and love.Frame, as well as France’s Arizona Productions and the postproduction studio Spoon and Bontonfilm from the Czech Republic. The Czech Film Fund gives development support.


  • FIRE NEXT TIME by Mati Diop, producer: Interchange graduate Judith Lou Lévy starts shooting in March. Written by Mati Diop and Olivier Demangel, the story is set in a working-class suburb of Dakar that stretches along the Atlantic coast, dominated by a futuristic-looking tower that is about to be officially opened. The construction workers have not been paid for months, so they leave the country via the ocean, in search of a brighter future. Among them is Souleiman, the lover of Ada, who is betrothed to another. Several days later, a blaze ruins the young woman’s wedding and mysterious fevers start to take hold of the local inhabitants. Little does Ada know that Souleiman has returned. Produced by Interchange graduate Judith Lou Lévy and Eve Robin for Les Films du Bal, FIRE NEXT TIME is co-produced by Arte France Cinéma, Cinekap (Senegal) and  Frakas Productions (Belgium). The feature, which has been pre-purchased by Canal+, TV5 Monde and Ciné+, is being supported by the CNC’s advance on receipts, Senegal’s FOPICA fund, La Francophonie’s Image Fund, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and Eurimages. The seven-week shoot will take place from March until early May 2018 in Dakar, Senegal.


  • BRITT-MARIE WAS HERE by Tuva Novotny, producer: EAVE graduate Nicklas Wikström Nicastro is in pre-production. The plot: A woman in her sixties, Britt-Marie lives in a miserable little town. She can’t stand disorganisation, and she wants everything to happen in accordance with her own mindset. She seems quite awkward socially, and her helpful suggestions are usually wrongfully interpreted as criticism. Britt-Marie still hides her imagination and dreams from everyone and one day decides to change everything – starting by divorcing her unfaithful husband of 40 years, taking new chances in life and starting from scratch. Maria von Heland and Øysten Karlsen are writing the script based on the best-selling novel by Swedish author Fredrik Backman. Pernilla August is playing the lead role. BRITT-MARIE WAS HERE is a Swedish-Norwegian co-production by Nicklas Wikström Nicastro and Gustav Oldén (SF Studios), with John M Jacobsen (Filmkameratene). The shoot is planned to start by April or May in Gothenburg, and the local release is expected by the end of December.

Page published 30 January 2018. Updated 31 January 2018.

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