PUENTES projects KILLING THE DEAD & USPATAN in pre-production

In Development /Pre-production February 2018

The Estonian Film Institute supports feature film productions and minority co-productions in its first sessions of 2018. Among them are:

  • CLASS REUNION by René Vilrbe, producer: EAVE+ graduate Kristian Taska
  • DEAD WOMAN by Kadri Kousaar, producer: EAVE graduate Aet Laigu
  • GATEWAY 6 by Tanel Toom, producer: EAVE graduate Madis Tüür
  • MARIA’S CHILDREN by Zaida Bergroth, producer: EAVE graduate Evelin Soosaar-Penttilä
  • STONEHEART by Ilmar Raag, producer: EAVE graduate, group leader and Estonian National Coordinator Riina Sildos


The Film Fund Luxembourg has announced the recipients of its latest round of funding, after the meetings held in early February. A total of 19 new audiovisual projects, including fiction features and short films, documentaries, animated titles and TV series receive Funding.

Development support:

  • FANON by Jean-Claude Barny, producer: EAVE graduate Paul Thiltges
  • MIR GEINT D’WELT by Eric Lamhène, producer: EAVE graduate and Head of Studies Jani Thiltges

Production Support:

  • 7 LIVES by Jan Kounen, producer: EAVE graduates Marion Guth and Stephane Hueber-Blies
  • ALICE by Eileen Byrne, producer: EAVE graduate Paul Thiltges
  • DE BESCH by Christophe Wagner, producer: EAVE graduate and Head of Studies Jani Thiltges
  • MY IDENTITY IS MY EXPANSE! by Karolina Markiewicz and Pascal, producer: EAVE graduate Marion Guth and Stephane Hueber-Blies
  • WHERE IS ANNE FRANK by Ari Folman, co-producer: EAVE graduate and Head of Studies Jani Thiltges


  • THE STORY OF MY WIFE by Ildiko Enyedi, co-producer: EAVE graduate Jonas Dornbach is in development. An adaptation of the novel of the same name written in 1942 by Hungarian author Milán Füst, THE STORY OF MY WIFE introduces us to Jacob Störr, a hard-working Dutch sea captain. One day, he makes a bet in a café to marry the first woman who enters the place – and who should stroll in but Lizzy. Later, Störr's investigation to find out whether his wife is cheating on him or not brings him to the limits of life and death. Inforg-M&M Film together with Germany’s Komplizen, France’s Pyramide Productions and Italian outfit Dorje Film are producing the film. Backing comes from the Hungarian National Film Fund. Shooting is planned for next year in Budapest, Hamburg, Paris and the south of Italy.


  • PUENTES project KILLING THE DEAD by Hugo Giménez, producers: PUENTES graduates Gabriela Sabaté and Alexa Rivero is in pre-production with shooting planned for April. Production companies are Sabate Films (Paraguay), Altamar Films (Germany) and Zona Audiovisual (Argentina). The film receives production funding from the Berlinale World Cinema Fund (WCF) and gets support by the Cinémas du Monde production scheme. | 


  • PUENTES project USPANTAN by César Diaz, producer: PUENTES graduate Géraldine Sprimont is in pre-production. Guatemala nowadays: Ernesto, son of a political missing person, works for a Foundation that searchs and exhumes the corpses of the missing people left by the dictatorship. Through the search for the remains of his father, he'll unearth family secrets to discover his true identity. Produced by Need Productions (BE), Perspective Films (FR), La Casa de Produccion (GUA), the film received production support by Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Cinema du Monde and Eurimages. Shooting is planned for May in Guatemala.


  • PUENTES project DOGS IN ANARCTICA (aka AURORA) by Marcel Rasquin, producer: PUENTES graduate Claudia Lepage is in development. The story of sexual awakening between a boy and a woman in a forgotten and isolated beach town is co-produced by Kiko Martinez’ Nadie es Perfecto


  • LIFE THROUGH A DEAD MAN’S EYES by Jo Baier, producer: EAVE graduate Serge Bierset is in development. Zodiak Belgium is teaming up with American producer René Asch’s Berlin-based Films in Motion to co-produce the feature film about an aging Nazi concentration camp guard trying to evade capture by U.S. authorities. The story follows an escaped 84-year old Nazi SS death camp guard who, suspecting he’s in danger of being apprehended by U.S. authorities for war crimes, assumes an unlikely identity and hides in the most improbable place. Ash and Bierset are aiming to finance LIFE THROUGH A DEAD MAN’S EYES through the German Federal Film Board and Germany’s regional funds with support from the Belgium Tax Shelter and that country’s funds.


The Irish National Film Agency has published its slate of supported productions for 2018. The most notable supported Irish productions include:

  • A GIRL FROM MOGADISHU by Mary McGuckian, executive producer: EAVE graduate Lesley McKimm
  • DUBLIN OLDSCHOOL by Dave Tynan, producer: EAVE graduate Ailish Bracken
  • FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY by Carmel Winters, producer: EAVE graduate Martina Niland
  • METAL HEART by Hugh O’Connor, producer: EAVE graduate Robert Walpole
  • THE LITTLE STRANGER by Lenny Abrahamson, producer: EAVE graduate Ed Guiney
  • VITA & VIRGINIA by Chanya Button, producer: EAVE graduate Katie Holly

Page published 27 February 2018. Updated 28 February 2018.

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