THE SUNLIT NIGHT shooting now

In Production June 2018

  • THE SUNLIT NIGHT by David Wnendt, producer: EAVE graduate Ruben Thorkildsen is shooting. The script of Rebecca Dinerstein’s successful first novel of the same name, which was adapted by the writer herself for the big screen, follows the story of a bizarre pair - namely American painter and art student, Frances, and émigré Yasha - who meet in the far north of Norway. Frances is there to kick off her career while Yasha has come to bury his father in the land of the Vikings. At the northernmost pole of the planet, not too far from the Arctic Circle, they will rid themselves of their past, as well as discovering the future which lies ahead of them and a family they never knew they had. Principal photography kicked off in April in New York City, while filming in Norway is set to start this summer. Wnendt has received a contribution of 2 million Norwegian kroner from the Norwegian Film Institute. The film is being produced by Fabian Gasmia for Hamburg-based firm Detailfilm and Ruben Thorkildsen for Norwegian outfit Ape&Bjørn, in co-operation with American producers Michael B. Clark, Alex Turtletaub and one of the lead actors, Jenny Slate.


-        TEENAGE JESUS by Marie Gratho, producers: EAVE graduates Mark Lwoff and Misha Jaari is shooting. Best described as a “psychotic realistic” drama, the film follows two women on a collision course. The violent, intelligent and suicidal Jenny, a patient at a psychiatric ward for young women, which is being treated by the young perfectionist and psychologist, Viktoria. Through their intense and intimate relationship and conflict-ridden conversations, the two women will seek meaning and forgiveness in faith, sex and violence. The film is currently shooting at the former psychiatric hospital, Sankt Hans, in Roskilde, and the crew, as well as the cast, is also predominately female. Written by Grahto herself, TEENAGE JESUS is an extension of the director’s film-school graduation movie, the Robert-nominated short TEENLAND (2014), and was selected last year in Cannes’ Cinéfondation Atelier as well as being presented at IFFR’s CineMart and Torino Film Lab Script & Pitch programme in 2016. TEENAGE JESUS is a Danish-Finnish co-production by Amalie Lyngbo Quist and Julie Friis Walenciak for Beo Starling, with Mark Lwoff and Misha Jaari (Bufo Film). It has received support from the Danish Film Institute’s talent scheme, New Danish Screen, from the Finnish Film Foundation, and from the Nordisk Film & TV Fond.


  • MONSTERS by Marius Olteanu, producer: EAVE graduate and Romanian National coordinator Ada Solomon is shooting. The film is based on the idea that “maybe the biggest proof of love is letting go”. The screenplay, written by Olteanu himself, follows Dana and Arthur, two 40-year-olds who have been married for eight years. Over the course of 24 hours, the story will follow their relationship, exploring how a series of challenges and encounters with other people push them towards the end of their life as a couple. Shot over 28 days, the movie started production in April, with a short sequence shot last September, and is expected to wrap in July. Produced by Parada Film in co-production with Wearebasca and supported by the Romanian National Film Center.


  • DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE by Martin Turk, producer: EAVE graduate Ida Weiss is shooting. The coming-of-age drama is produced by an all-female Slovenian/Croatian/Italian coproduction team. The central character is fifteen-year-old Klemen, who lives with his elder brother Peter and their single mother in a remote rural town. Klemen's comfortable routine of spending time with his brother on the tennis court and at a nearby river is up-ended when by Peter begins a love affair with the beautiful Sonja, setting off conflicting emotions and reckless actions by Klemen. DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE is produced by Ida Weiss through Slovenian Bela Film in co-production with Marta Zaccaron through Quasar (Italy), Darija Kulenović Gudan and Marina Andree Å kop through Studio Dim (Croatia), RTV Slovenija and RAI Cinema (Italy). The film is supported by the Slovenian Film Center, FVG Fondo Audiovisivo, Croatian Audiovisual Center and Viba Film. Financial support came during development from the Creative Europe - Media Programme (MEDIA) and the RE-ACT development scheme, as well as from the Italian-based world sales agent Intramovies. The six-week shoot will take place in Slovenia and Croatia.  

Page published 27 June 2018. Updated 28 June 2018.

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