MANOR HOUSE now in Post Production

In Post Production JUNE 2018

  • MANOR HOUSE by Cristi Puiu, co-producer: EAVE graduate Milan Stojanovic, executive producer: EAVE graduate Anamaria Antoci is in post-production. It is Puiu’s first film in French and is set in 1900 on the estate of a wealthy landowner. The guests spend the time luxuriously consuming rich meals and enjoying long conversations about death and the Antichrist, progress and morality. MANOR HOUSE sees the director return to the work of the late-19th century Russian philosopher Vladimir Solovyov which he first used in his experimental acting-workshop film Three Exercises of Interpretation in 2013. The film receives support by Film Center Serbia.


  • MOTHERLAND by Tomas Vengris, producer: Film Finance Forum graduate Roberts Vinovskis is in post-production. Told through the inquisitive eyes of 12-year-old Kovas, Motherland is a lyrical drama set in the turbulence of post-Soviet Lithuania. Shortly after the fall of the USSR, Viktorija returns with her American-born son to reclaim her beloved family estate. It has been 20 years since she escaped. Still reeling from his parent’s recent divorce, Kovas is eager for the distraction of this summer vacation. Viktorija has a different plan. Consumed with nostalgia and tired from her failed marriage, she secretly hopes to start over here, with her unsuspecting son. Viktorija’s former flame, Romas, claims to have useful connections and escorts them to her family‘s land. When they find the tattered estate occupied by an impoverished family, they must consider how far they are willing to go to keep their dreams intact. The project is supported by the Lithuanian Film Centre , the National Film Centre of Latvia, Eurimages and development support from Creative Europe Programme – Media. MOTHERLAND won the Eurimages Co-Production Development Award for the Best Project and received Digital Sputnik’s Clear Light Award.


  • CERTAIN KIND OF SILENCE (formerly OUTSIDE) by Michal Hogenauer, co-producers: EAVE graduates Stienette Bosklopper and Latvian National Coordinator Aija Berzina finished post-production. The film follows Mia, a young Czech au pair who starts to work for a family abroad. She takes care of their ten-year-old son Sebastian and has to abide by a set of strange rules. As a result of manipulation by a radical family community, she begins to gradually and systematically disappear, and abandon her humanity and her relationships with the child entrusted to her. OUTSIDE has been developed with the support of Creative Europe – MEDIA Development and was presented at the Berlinale Co-Production meetings in 2016. The project received a grant during the latest batch of support decisions by Eurimages. The film is an international co-production between the Czech Republic (Negativ), the Netherlands (Circe Films) and Latvia (Tasse Film). Support comes from the Czech Film Fund, the Netherlands Film Fund, the National Film Centre of Latvia, the Riga Film Fund and HBO Europe. The international crew helmed by Hogenauer shot on location in Riga, with Gregg Tellusa behind the camera.

Page published 27 June 2018.

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