Interchange project NEZOUH selected for Cinefoundation Atelier

Nominations March 2019

Cinefoundation Atelier

The Cannes Film Festival has unveiled this year’s Cinefoundation Atelier selection, comprising 15 projects in development from upcoming director talent. The titles include seven films produced by EAVE graduates:

  • BROADWAY by Christos Massalas, producer: EAVE graduate Amanda Livanou
  • ODE TO JOY by Gabriel Tzafka, producer: EAVE participant Jón Hammer
  • Interchange project NEZOUH by Soudade Kaadan, producer: Interchange graduate Amira Kaadan
  • THE SETTLERS by Felipe Galvez, producer: EAVE graduate Giancarlo Nasi
  • THE WOMEN by The Maw Naing, producer: TIES THAT BIND graduate Jeremy Chua
  • THE WOODCUTTER STORY by Mikko Myllylahti, producers: EAVE graduate Jussi Rantamäki
  • VICTIM by Michal Blasko, producer: EAVE graduate Pavla Janouskova Kubeckova

La Fabrique

The following project will participate in La Fabrique des Cinémas du Monde 2019:

  • BOOTLEG by Reem Morsi, producer: EAVE graduate Rula Nasser

German Lola Film Awards 2019

The German Film Academy has announced the nominations for the German Lola Film Awards 2019:

  • STYX by Wolfgang Fischer, co-producer: EAVE+ graduate Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu is nominated for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Sound
  • TRANSIT by Christian Petzold, co-producer: EAVE graduate Antonin Dedet is nominated for Best Film, Best Sound
  • THE MOST BEAUTIFUL COUPLE by Sven Taddicken, producer: EAVE graduate Jamila Wenske is in for Best Actress
  • THE BRA, directed and produced by EAVE graduate Veit Helmer vies for Best Cinematography  
  • OF FATHERS AND SONS by Talal Derki, producer: PUENTES graduate Tobias N. Siebert is nominated for Best Documentary and Best Editing

The 69th Lola ceremony will be held on May 3 in Berlin.

Premios Platino

The Premios Platino, the Oscars of Latin American cinema, has nominated the contenders. Among them are:

  • ROMA by Alfonso Cuarón, producer: PUENTES graduate Nicolás Celis López
  • EAVE project BIRDS OF PASSAGE by Ciro Guerra, Cristina Gallego, producer: EAVE graduate Katrin Pors, co-producers: EAVE graduate Dan Wechsler, TTB graduate Mikkel Jersin, co-producer: EAVE graduate Sandino Saravia Vinay
  • PUENTES project THE HEIRESSES by Marcelo Martinessi, producer at development stage: PUENTES graduate Karen Fraenkel, co-producer: PUENTES group leader Fernando Epstein
  • LA NOCHE DE 12 ANOS by Alvaro Brechner, co-producer: EAVE graduate Marianna Secco
  • YULI by Iciar Bollain, producer: EAVE graduate Andrea Calderwood
  • THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE by Terry Gilliam, producer: EAVE graduate Sébastien Delloye

Page published 27 March 2019.

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