IN THE MIRROR now in production

In production July 2019

IN THE MIRROR by Laila Pakalnina, producer: EAVE graduate and Lithuanian National Coordinator Dagne Vildziunaite is shooting. According to Laila Pakalnina the film will be created using special “selfie stylistics” and will transpose the traditional Snow White fairy tale to the youth-centric present day. “We have all grown up with the fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, where the ‘bad’ character, the Evil Stepmother, is so obsessed with herself that she even talks to her own reflection in the mirror on a regular basis. Nowadays, people observe their reflections in their smartphones and talk to themselves much more often than the Evil Stepmother did. With this film, we would like to depict what and how people see, when they are looking at themselves all the time.” The innovative project secured a contribution from the National Film Centre of Latvia and received additional backing from the Lithuanian Film Centre. After a winter filming earlier this year, the summer shoot started in July in Riga’s Andrejosta area and will continue in and around the Latvian capital. Principal photography is set to wrap in mid-August.

A MOONSTRUCK LIFE by Ann Sirot and Raphael Balboni, producer: EAVE participant Julie Esparbes. The bittersweet comedy on semantic dementia follows Alex and his mother Suzanne, an elegant and charismatic lady in her sixties. But, little by little, Suzanne starts to act strange, and in quite a spectacular fashion. She has developed a fatal neurodegenerative illness which affects her behaviour. She begins to steal cars, she cuts her neighbours’ hair while they sleep and she makes her own bank notes so as to buy herself some cigarettes. Her status is transformed from that of a Mother into that of an unmanageable child. And it’s Alex and his partner Noémie who will have to take on the role of parents.
Much like in their short works, the filmmakers are looking to experiment in terms of both writing and production. The film is supported by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation Film and Audiovisual Centre.

STOWAWAY by Joe Penna, producer: EAVE+ graduate Jonas Katzenstein is in production. The story of the science-fiction thriller revolves around a mission on Mars that is placed in jeopardy and could be doomed to failure, as the titular undiscovered unintentionally wreaks irreparable damage on the spaceship. STOWAWAY is being produced by German companies augenschein Filmproduktion and Rise Pictures, in co-production with the USA’s XYZ films, RainMaker Films and Yale Productions. The shoot is taking place in Germany in the Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia regions.

LA RUCHE by Christophe Hermans, producer: EAVE+ graduate Jean-Yves Roubin is shooting. An adaption of the novel by the French writer Arthur Loustalot, the film tells the story of Marion, Claire and Louise whose lives have always been ruled by the emotional highs and lows of their mother, Alice. Now, only their love can save her from the destructive spiral in which she is caught and dragged ever further into with every passing day. By way of this female quartet and these adolescent girls who must contend with the bipolar disorder of their mother, the filmmaker is looking to question our notions of filial and maternal love, but also our ideas of psychological pain, the medical treatment of this pain, and its limits.
LA RUCHE is produced by Frakas Production and co-produced by Avenue B in France and by Polar Bear in Flanders.

LES MEILLEURES by Marion Desseigne Ravel, producer: PUENTES graduate Delphine Schmit is in production. Written by Marion Desseigne Ravel herself, the plot is summarised as follows by the main character’s inner voice: "on a wall in my street, someone has graffitied the words: 'the first one to fall in love has lost'. Personally, I think it’s true. Because afterwards, everyone talks about you. Because afterwards, you’re at the mercy of it, you think about it all the time, and the world seems upside down. I’ve lost. I’m in love with a girl and I don’t know what to do… ." Produced by Agnès Vallée and Emmanuel Barraux on behalf of 31 Juin Films and by PUENTES graduate Delphine Schmit for Tripode Productions, LES MEILLEURES is co-produced and has been pre-purchased by France 2 Cinéma. It has also been pre-purchased by Ciné+ and is supported by the film foundation Fondation Gan pour le Cinéma, as well as the Sofica companies Cinécap and Cineventure. Desseigne Ravel’s feature film will be shot in Paris over the course of seven weeks, with Lucile Mercier in charge of photography.

Page published 29 July 2019.

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