FRANKIE in French cinemas

In Cinemas August 2019

In French cinemas

  • FRANKIE by Ira Sachs, co-producer: EAVE graduate and group leader Diana Elbaum. August 28.


In Belgian cinemas

  • PATRICK by Tim Mielants, co-producers: EAVE graduates Jacques-Henri Bronckart, Peter Bouckaert, Frans van Gestel. August 28.



  • TRANSIT by Christian Petzold, co-producer: EAVE graduate Antonin Dedet. August 10.

  • ANIARA by Hugo Lilja, Pella Kagerman, producer: EAVE graduate Annika Rogell. August 30.


In Dutch cinemas

  • TEL AVIV ON FIRE by Sameh Zoabi, producer: EAVE graduate Bernard Michaux. July 25.


In Swiss cinemas

  • MONOS by Alejandro Landes, producer: EAVE graduate Fernando Epstein. August 22.


In Austrian cinemas

  • THE BRA, directed and produced by EAVe graduate Veit Helmer. August 30.


In German cinemas

  • I WAS AT HOME, BUT by Angela Schanelec, line producer: EAVE graduate Jana Cisar, co-producer: EAVE graduate Natasa Damnjanovic. August 14.


In Polish cinemas

  • A TALE OF THREE SISTERS by Emin Alper, co-producers: EAVE graduates Enis Köstepen, Stienette Bosklopper, Jonas Dornbach. August 30.


In Croatian cinemas

  • BORDER by Ali Abbasi, producer: EAVE graduate Nina Bisgaard. August 29.

Page published 27 August 2019. Updated 28 August 2019.

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